For HIGH SPEED Internet, did you really think that access via (ROGERS’) cable connection was the best way to go? Why? Because they told you it was? What else are they supposed to tell you? I’ll tell you what I have assessed as simply and untechnically (is that a real word?) as possible.

At home or business, the majority surfs the Internet via a computer as opposed to, let’s say, a wireless medium. Again, using the majority or what is most popular, the top two ways of accessing the Internet via your computer are by cable connection or by phone line. At home I used to use ROGERS cable connection and at my office I use a high speed phone connection provided by my local phone company.

My opinion – bottom line – I saw no radical difference between the two. That’s it. I can’t say anymore. I really saw no difference. You can buy in to the hype about why one is better than the other, but the proof is in the pudding – and I’ve tasted from both bowls.

What’s my point you ask? There are alternatives to ROGERS’ cable connection to the Internet.

That’s right fellow consumers; there are alternatives for the services and products ROGERS offers when it comes to your HIGH SPEED INTERNET needs. The reason was created was so that people would become more aware of these alternatives. And let’s not forget the other reason, ihateROGERS.

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