In an attempt to lighten things up a little I decided to post some links that may or may not be relative to the theme of Alternatives to ROGERS (actually none of them are). I also realized there is another company I really hate and since I already have this forum, I figured why not say something here? I am including links to companies I have done business with in the past and highly recommend, websites I can't get enough of and anything else that may fall under a category other than those I just mentioned. Oh yeah...and that other company I hate.

Just CLICK the text link or the screenshot and enjoy!

Let’s start with the other company I HATE (surprised?):

Data Centurion — No link for them cuz they ripped me off!!!

Synopsis; I had a history with one of their sales people when he worked for another company. He brought me over to these guys for some hosting and reselling services. They made promises, DID NOT keep them and ripped me off for about $500. Would have been at least 3X’s that if VISA didn’t get most of the charges reversed.

If you’re reading this, please do me a favor…forward the sales guy I dealt with an e-mail.

His name is Avi Shomer and he is responsible for screwing me! I’ll make it real simple. All you have to do is click the e-mail address here — SLICK WEASEL cut and paste the following statement (and click SEND):

Shame on you for cheating Adam out of $500. We know you’re not to be trusted and we will spread the word.

Can you believe this guy sent me an e-mail just a little while ago, trying to make up…like I’m going to forget about the $$ he cheated me out of?!?!?! This guy had a lot of nerve…but NO BALLS!

Let’s move on to companies and services I would highly recommend:


Nicole Kay Site Design –

Nicole Kay has ‘game’! I don’t know how else to put it. She is creative, artistic, precise, talented at what she does and is an absolute pleasure to work with…fast, reliable, full of suggestions and helpful. She knows her stuff and will create a total work of art and will exceed your expectations. Now the kicker…she’s also very affordable! Check her online portfolio.



International Business Solutions is another great company for web design. Everything I said above about Nicole Kay Web Design applies here as well and everything I say here applies above! So is it any wonder that I was introduced to one through the other? Owner Gil Aizic is capable of anything…I think that’s the best way to phrase it. No job too big, no job too small and all challenges met with confidence and effective results.

Baskits –

I wish I received as many of these as I’ve sent. This online gift site is the best I’ve ever come across, and lately I buy all my gifts online. The site is amazingly well laid out, easy to navigate through and secure. I have used them at least 6 times and all their products are super high quality and their customer service is amazing. Birthdays, babies, toddlers, corporate, gourmet gifts and more. Prices in all ranges and you have to check this site to see their products & presentations…TOTALLY UNIQUE!

Looking to waste a little time? I may have what you’re looking for:

(WARNING — Some of these sites may contain adult and/or explicit materials and may not be suitable for all ages…I’m 36 and was shocked at some of the stuff I saw.)



Interesting forum worth checking out:


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