To: [email protected]

From: only me

Date: December 10, 2003 12:53 PM

Subject: How to deal with Rogers AT&T and get free cell phones and enhanced services.

I have been a customer service representative with Rogers for many years and I believe an informed customer is a happy customer. My intention is to give you extra information and make you aware of "value options" that will help you get the best deal for your hard earned buck.

1. If you are a brand new customer, do not buy from a Rogers AT&T dealer, Rogers video store or Radio Shack store. Instead, buy your phone from a Future Shop or Best Buy location. Why? Because if you don't like your phone, or it is broken within the first year, Future Shop/Best Buy will allow you to either; exchange your phone for an exact model; pay the difference on a more expensive phone; or you can be reimbursed on the price of a cheaper phone. No exceptions! Future Shop/Best Buy demanded this of Rogers in April of 2003 and it is far better for you than the feeble manufacturers
repair warranty. You as a consumer will have a terrible time if you buy from Rogers and your phone
needs to go in for repair. You will either be without a phone for several weeks, or have to pay a dealer $25 for a loaner phone, which Rogers does not want to and will not willingly credit to your account.  If you are a Telus, Fido or Bell customer, I am sure Future Shop demanded the same swap program from them too.

2.If you are an existing customer with Rogers and need a second phone for a family member. Again, buy from Future Shop or Best Buy. Also, don't buy through the call centre unless you really need a free car adaptor and headset. Rogers customer service reps are being trained, monitored and expected to sell phones to customer on a day to day basis. As the directors' say/suggest/demand of us, "Sales is part of good service." Gee, that sounds like such a wonderful,
thoughtful caring concept by the owners of Rogers doesn't it? If this sounds to you like corporate spin doctoring then you'd be right! This "Sales is just great service" philosophy is a goldmine for Rogers. Why? Because they pay $10 commission to the customer service representative each time they sell you a cell phone, whereas Rogers will pay the dealer around $150+ for the sale. Dealers are losing a lot of money with the call centre undermining them. No wonder they're not happy when you ask them to send off the broken phone that the call centre sold you! For that, dealers, you get my sympathy.

3. Don't you just hate having to pay for a phone when you've been a loyal customer? Well, now you don't have to! The last thing Rogers wants to hear you say to their customer service department is, "I'm going to cancel." Those are probably the most powerful words you can say. Why? Canceling, or "churn" as we call it is Rogers worst nightmare. They do not want you to go to the competitor. If you've signed a two year contract, Rogers only starts to make money on you after 18 months or so. Each new activation, costs them over $400 to set you up. If you want a new phone and don't want to pay for one, or it is broken, lost etc. Do not opt for the Rogers Lost, stolen, broken program. Why? Because they will add an extra one year to your contract and the choice on phones is limited. Plus, if you get a re-furbished phone, you will most likely have problems with that phone also. Remember, it was sent back to Rogers for a reason. Instead, call in and say "My phone is broken, and I want to cancel" (Even if it isn't broken, we don't know that!) It does not matter if you are on month to month or have one year left to go on your contract. The customer service representative will immediately tell you how sorry he/she is and that they will transfer your through to our "customer relations department" a.k.a. "Save Department" - and there the fun begins! If you are on month to month, you will be asked to re-commit to 2 years (big deal) and the rep will send
you something like a Nokia 3595, 3590, Motorola T720, V60, V66, C370 free and with no shipping charge. If you are on a contract with either 1 month, 6 months, or even with a year to go, tell the "customer relations" department that you want them to switch you to the lowest price plan and cancel your account at the end of your contract because you're going to another company. You'll be getting yourself a free phone with the two year renewal couriered to your home very quickly! By the way, don't forget to tell them to add 3 months of unlimited local calling for you continued loyalty. - New accounts get it. So should you.

4. Finally, you've got your shiny new phone, and it can do so many wonderful things, but do you really have to pay for call display, enhanced voicemail, text messaging packs or internet access? No you don't. Each time you try out these features, you get the first two months free. What you need to do is to call Rogers after the first two months and cancel the feature.  Five minutes later, call right back in again and reactivate the service and you will get another 2 months free! Why? Because the billing system has a glitch that it will automatically credit you for the same service. Even if the representative notices that you've just cancelled the feature, he/she cannot overwrite the system. And even if they refuse to re-add the service to your account, because they know what you're doing, just threaten to cancel and bingo! Watch customer relations weave their "anti-churn
magic." You might wonder if the head honcho's at Rogers knows this particular flaw? In fact, they do, but I guess it costs them too much to fix it, or they're hoping that you won't notice.

Well, I hope that you've found this to be of help. Good luck with dealing with Rogers and remember the customer service representative is a human being just like you. Please excuse me, I have a call to take! Comments

There you have it folks, and direct from the inside. Whether you’re stuck in one of ROGERS’ clad iron, suck you dry contracts or maybe you’ve actually decided to deal with the devil himself, these tips will certainly help you get more bang for the buck.

I would of course like to go on the record that I really can’t confirm or deny if this information is accurate. Since I don’t have any wireless services through you know who, I’m leaving the final decision to your own discretion.