Video Rentals huh? I don’t know where you live, but in Toronto you can’t swing a dead cat (I love that expression) without hitting a video store, a sushi place or a freakin’ STARBUCKS (or a facsimile foo-foo coffee joint). Please don’t get me started on the $6 coffee phenomenon.

This will probably be the most extensive section. I will try to provide as many alternatives as I can. The truth is though, just about any strip plaza or mall you pass or pull in to will offer you an alternative to ROGERS VIDEO, unless ROGERS got there first. Then my advice would be to drive to the next plaza!

If you happen to be on this page and you own a video store or favor one (over ROGERS of course), send me the information and I’ll make sure you / it gets listed here. The more alternatives – the better. Why?

Because fellow consumers; there are alternatives for the services and products ROGERS offers when it comes to your VIDEO needs. The reason was created was so that people would become more aware of these alternatives. And let’s not forget the other reason, ihateROGERS.

This section still under development

Please check back soon