Some time ago I made a promise that if I received a sufficient amount of Hate Mail I would create a special section on this web site dedicated to those peculiar enough to rag on me for not celebrating ROGERS. As I am a man of my word, I am keeping that promise.

You will find on the following pages an array of e-mails from adoring ROGERS fans who for one reason or another (employed by ROGERS) are upset with my proclamation, I HATE ROGERS!

They include:

  • People who don’t think providing alternatives to ROGERS services is a nice thing to do.
  • People who feel I’m being unfair to ROGERS…boo-hoo.
  • People who essentially are disturbed with the concept of taking a stand against someone who screwed you.

Also, I have classified e-mails from anyone who simply likes ROGERS as "Hate Mail" although they may not express any disdain for me or this web site. That may be a stretch, but what the hell.

I know these sickos need an outlet for their insanity, and to be completely honest with you, I get quite a kick out of receiving and reading Hate Mail. So I have taken the liberty of setting up a brand new e-mail address just for them.

Please direct your lunacy to: [email protected]

Anyhoo…I present for your reading enjoyment Hate Mail

Click Here for Submitted Hate Mail