To: conta[email protected]

From: Arriana

Date: July 23, 2003 3:40 PM

Subject: WIRELESS alternative / suggestion


I used to use rogers ages ago and i hate them too and no longer have cable for that reason i download everything from the internet and i have found  the best and fastest internet connection through   they are great service and fast... i can download a movie in 4 hours flat .. lol there service is excellent and it is owned by an independant group .. email mr point from there service people as he is totally cool thanks arriana Comments

Thank you Arriana. I will be adding to However, I checked their site and "mr point" covers Brampton & Mississauga. They have different reps for different areas.

To: [email protected]

From: Glen W.

Date: July 26, 2003 10:56 AM

Subject: Thankyou!

Just wanted to say thanks for your advice. I contacted every Rogers management email address I could find, as well as the CRTC, and broadcast publications, and send copies of the accumulated information everywhere. The skies opened up and Rogers sent some Internet sunshine my way. My average speed is now 1.4 Meg. Up just a little from the 7k I was getting, wouldn't you say? Keep up the good fight and keep them honest.

Glen W. Comments

Glen’s original RANT is on - 3rd RANT down from the top of the page.

Only it looks like the only advice of mine you took was to visit some of the other message boards and speak to others who may have shared your experiences. Well, at least you’re happy now. That’s all that matters.

To: [email protected]

From: Chris

Date: July 27, 2003 5:09 PM

Subject: T-Shirt

Nice site... VERY well done....

I work for Cogeco Cable, and did service for Rogers Cable for 3 years.... there is enough 'ihaterogers' flowing through my viens.....  would love to walk into the office on a dress-down day  (fridays usually).  Not exactly a rant for you... but would it get me a free t-shirt????

Thanks again for the site...

 ~Name withheld for obvious reasons... Comments

Well that’s not really a RANT, although I chose to post it here anyways. If you really want a shot at that damn fine T-Shirt, let some of what flows through your veins spill in to an e-mail and do not omit one detail.

I hope that doesn’t sound like I want you to send me your blood.

To: [email protected]

From: Hooman B.

Date: July 30, 2003 4:41 PM

Subject: Urggggggggg

I was on the phone with Rogers since morning:

First I tried to cancel my sister's phone. I had posted another rant about this: They give you a "Phone + 4 month service" pack and when  you activate there are all sorts of activation and other fees. My sister asked them to cancel after 4 months they said they will (I still have their stupid email) but they never did. We checked the phone to see if it is disconnected yet so now they were saying you used it.)

Then I get off the phone and go to check my email and there's a bill from Rogers Cable for $26. Why does this make me mad? We just moved to a new house. The cable guy gave me a 2 month free cable offer 4 days ago so I paid $10 to Bell to suspend my Sattelite temporarily and got
the so called free cable and today I got the $26 bill for "free cable"!!

I've gotta tell you I've tried all cellular companies. Telus is the best but others are all better than Rogers. At least they don't keep charging you like freakin lawyers!!

And another thing so I've covered all of their supid services (oh except Rogers Video with their smaller than private stores collection) : I am a computer guy and can't find a single person who's happy with Rogers HighSpeed! Most of them are now Sympatico users.

Thanks for your great site! Fortunately I am done with Rogers and I won't be using Rogers even if they guarantee %100 free services!

Hooman B. Comments

Now this guy knows how to freakin’ RANT! I have experienced all of their stupidity and blood sucking policies. You know Ted Rogers Jr. might have a little Nosferatu in him. That could explain a thing or two.

I am elated reading e-mail from anyone promising that even if ROGERS’ services were free they’d still go elsewhere. And I happen to agree with you on Telus for Wireless service as well. Hooman, may I call you brother?

To: [email protected] (Again, NOT HATE MAIL for me)

From: Tiffany R.

Date: August 8, 2003 11:29 AM

Subject: I thought it was just me!

At last...a site dedicated to the complete fuk up of a company we all know as Rogers.  
  Its really nice to see that Im not the only one with an issue when it comes to rogers and their services.  Just over a year ago I connected with Rogers cable residential internet services.  I work from home so I rely on a stable internet connection. 3 weeks into having them connected I started to get bumped off line, when I called and explained it to the tech they had me do the usual "un-plug the modem, reboot ur system" routine.  The connection would come back for a few hours then drop off again.  3 months of this happening  up and down and loosing over 5000.00 worth of business I bitched them out and was re imbursed for the entire 3 months of service. They saw that my connection went from dropping every few hours to every 15 minutes...they told me I was the only one in the building having problems and that it had something to do with my computer. They tested all the wiring *or they claim to have tested it*... finally I said Fuk it and disconnected from them, vowing never to use them again.
   I moved shortly after and purchased 2 new computer a laptop and one a desktop.  I connected with sympatico highspeed cause I used them b4 I ever used Rogers and I never really had a problem.  I registered my business in January of 2003 and needed a connection with a faster upload speed to stream video and access my servers.  I decided to call rogers to see what other services besides residental they could offer me.  they told me if my business was registered to my residing address they could connect me with a residential business connection which is suppose to b a 3 meg 80.00 a month.  the connection was stable for 3 weeks and then it began to knock me off line while I was working.  when I called them they claimed it was computer or my *aura*.  I kept my sympatico connected just in case....and with this I proved to them it had nothing to do with either system...both r brand new computers and that sympatico never drops off.  I was told since its a business connection my problem would b delt with within 24 hours. 24 hours responce from them I called back and was told the ticket was still one had even looked yet.  Once again they walked me through the same old fukin song and dance "unplug the modem, reboot, check this and that*...of course nothing worked. it took the 7 days to send a technician out to replace my U think that made any difference? of courseee not.  I called and called till I ended up getting rather rude with the techs and explained that Im trying to run a business...that was the point of paying 80.00 a month for this connection.  they then said they r having issues with the modems and that a tech would b back out to swicth the modem to a different brand.  fine....I waited and the tech arrived with this new modem which I wasnt allowed to plug in till mid day to see if it made any difference.
  5 hours later I called to ask if it was okay to plug it in...they said yes so I plugged in in and for once things seemed like they just may work.  I logged into to work that evening....once again it began to drop off, all the lights were flickering on the modem and it just wouldnt stay connected for more then 5 minutes.  I got on the phone with support again....frustrated to the point that I was almost in tears as I spent 10 days waiting on was the end of the month...bills r due and over the 10 day period I lost another 2000.00 worth of business.I told him if it dropped off once more I would b disconnecting their services and letting others know about the issues they seem to have on a consistant basis.   sure enuff right after hanging up the phone the connection dropped...I called back and said enough is enough...disconnect my service and get a manager on the phone right now.   they put me through to a woman who was very but ur apologies dont cover my loss of  income or pay my bills.  she put me on hold then came back and said the my account would be de activated and the balance of the bill was 40.85.  I had to what? ur charging me for a service I was unable to use...u guys cost me to losse 2000.00 of business and now U think u can bill me for it?  I mentioned getting the better business bereau involved in this...I guess thats the key word...I was put on hold again and when she came back they deleted my bill balance and kept saying how sorry they were.
  soooo In total...Rogers has caused me to loose more then 7 grand worth of had the nerve to try to charge me...and never once took the fault for the issues I was computers and my aura....of course...I should have
  so there U have my wonderful experience with rogers.  Its unfortunate that they cant b held liable .  I run a small business myself and if I ever pulled that kinda shit on my clients Id have no business at all...I dont think they should offer a service they cannot provide...and the techs r a fuking joke. I know alot about computers....half the stuff they were telling me to do made no sense at all...and of course did nothing but cause me to have to do a system restore on numerous ocassions.
  I HATE ROGERS!   sorry this mail is so long! someone showed me the site and I just haddd to send in a mail about my experience with them. 
   I'll b sure to pass this link along to EVERYONE lol.  xo Comments

This is about as T-Shirt worthy as a RANT can get…we may have a winner.

The reason I started this web site without a question was that on one specific occasion ROGERS pissed me off beyond belief. And you encapsulated exactly what it was that pissed me off. They made a huge mistake 6 months in a row. The same mistake over and over and over 6 months in a row. I tried to correct it a couple of times and finally when I was at the end of my rope, they tried to BLAME ME for their stupidity!

They were sending my bills to the 1st home I ever bought when I was currently living in my 3rd home. Somehow after sending me bills for 2 years in my 2nd home, they reverted to my 1st home address when I was in my 3rd home. They kept trying to charge me late fees for unpaid bills (which I never received because they were going somewhere I lived 2 years ago). I tried numerous times to find out why I wasn’t getting my bills. I screamed and yelled so they would get rid of the late fees and then finally after 6 months of this they told me what was going on. And they told me I instructed them to send the bills there! To a house I didn’t live in anymore! ME! I told them to do it! It wasn’t a mistake on their part…it was somehow my mistake! They are such RAT BASTARDS!!

Thank you in advance for anyone you pass the link on to. And if you do win the highly coveted, incredibly mediocre and unusually rare I HATE ROGERS T-Shirt, I’ll notify you by e-mail.