To: [email protected]

From: Aron Q.

Date: August 8, 2003 3:47 PM

Subject: i really, reaaallly hate rogers!

Here's my rant!

Ive been subscribing to Rogers "High" speed cable for over 7 years now... and now ever so close the the point where I want to get anything else.

The speed is just TERRIBLE. It wasnt so bad when I had first moved here into markham, however, as the area developed and more people had begun moving in I noticed a huge decrease in performance. The day came when my modem had finally gone hay-wire so after calling rogers, a technician came the next day to get it replaced.

To my amazement, after the technician had uninstalled my Motorolla Cybersurfer, he installed and even BIGGER and even OLDER Motorolla Cybersurfer. There was a larger decrease in performance again, so much so it became a struggle to send e-mails with the smallest attachments!

Being fed-up, I emailed Rogers asking them why they would give me an even older modem and why the speed was SO sluggish in the area. In response, they asked me to run some tests on my computer to check the speed of the cable. The test results were horrific, the average latency I was experiencing was around 400-500 ms, accompanied by a usual 4-5 % loss of signal. 

As of right now, I am still awaiting their response and hopefully I wont be tempted to write another rant about what they decide to do next.

thanks for listening!

-AQ Comments

Aron, forget their response. You’re completely unsatisfied and they most likely they will not satisfy you. Stop paying for their lousy service and support and get with someone who will appreciate your business and work to meet your expectations. Go directly to and check for high speed alternatives. You’ll find a company that’s cheaper, more effective and one that will really work to make you happy.


To: [email protected]

From: Felix U.

Date: August 11, 2003 12:18 AM

Subject: Why did I ever choose Rogers??


Before I start, I would also like to compliment you on this site. I was much relieved when I stumbled upon this close to one year ago. Nothing like going to and typing "I hate Rogers", pressing "I'm feeling lucky" and finding a site you never thought existed! LOL.

I'm posting this not only because I want to vent, but because I was hoping for any help! Sorry for the length of this story, and I will do my best to refrain from using profanity.

I currently have 3 cell phones, TV, and Internet with Rogers. Obviously this is a substantial financial commitment. In June, I called them and asked them what cell phone plan I was on (a simple question, I would think). The lady that answered said, "You're on the family plan sir". So I said, "Well thats great, that must mean I'm entitled to the 500 calling circle minutes on every phone" (basically free local calls between my 3 phones --> listed on their website). She said, "Yes, that's correct".

Great, all is well, I hang up and begin to use my phone under the assumption that I have these 500 minutes. SURPRISE SURPRISE! My bill shows up and they billed me for all those calls....a total of about $150 extra. I nearly beat on the Rogers van that was near my house doing some cable installation! So I call them and politely tell them they've charged me for minutes that are included in my plan. The rep then tells me that I'm NOT ON that plan, and they have no notes on my account that someone told me otherwise. What the fuck? Did I just pull that out of my ass one day? No I didn't have the name of the rep, and no I didn't have their employee number, so the rep said he can't do anything about this.

Why do I have to ask for peoples names and employee numbers? I call to ask a simple question, and expect a simple answer! If you ask someone for the time, you assume it's correct. You don't fucking question them and ask 3 different people to confirm it! It isn't my job to investigate all their answers!

Finally they offer me a compensation. They say, ok we will credit you with the amount of time you used between the phones. Perfect. He puts me on hold..."checks his computer" and says, we have credited you with 70 minutes for your account. I know for a fact I've used more than 70 minutes between my phones, so I say, "ok let me call you back, I want to verify my records". I verify my records, and turns out the number is more like 350 minutes. That some great computers they have over at Rogers...they can't even add fucking numbers? What are they using? An abacus maybe?? Not only that, 70 minutes of credit = $17.50 (@ $0.25/min). So I pay them $150 and they give me 18 bucks back?? 

So I call back, and this time my g/f talks to them. They tell her they can't do anything because I have already accepted they're "offer". And it turns out the 70 minutes had nothing to do with my account, it was a "good faith credit", or some BS like that. So the guy I was talking to before just bull shitted me...he wasn't even looking at the call logs. So my g/f begins to argue with them and GET THIS, THEY HANG UP ON HER!! Tell me what business hangs up on their customers?? Absolutely incredible. She wasn't even being rude and not once used profanity! This time, we did get the rep's number though.

I also notice one more thing, AND I URGE YOU ALL TO CHECK THIS. My free evenings start at 6pm. I check my call log and I've made about 2-3 calls starting around 5:55 or 5:57...close to 6pm anyways. All the calls went over into the 6pm hour, and I figure they would charge me for the 3 or 4 minutes BEFORE 6pm. NOT THE CASE! The monkies charged me for the whole call, even though they go 15 min. into my "free evenings" time?? How is it "free evenings" if they charge for the damn calls? "That's just how it is", said the rep. HORSE'S ASS!!

I am seriously considering taking this to the media. Someone like that dude on CityTV that helps people that are being screwed by companies.

Wish me luck!

F.U. (
you’re initials are so perfect) Comments

Should a massive company like ROGERS have so many unnecessary billing issues with their customers? Probably not…but they do. A billing issue is exactly what drove me over the edge and in to the arms of Bell, Fido, Telus and Star Choice. A billing issue was the last straw for me and inspired what is now mutated in to this web site. This is normally the cause for most to turn elsewhere for an alternative, which is obviously my suggestion to you.

And if you have any luck with one of those TV do-gooders please let me know.

[email protected]

From: Heatdisk

Date: August 15, 2003 10:29 AM

Subject: RIPOFF: Rogers scaling back on services to promote their new 3.5 Meg bandwidth offering


Hi There,

I've noticed that Rogers in Ontario is starting to scale back their bandwidth to customers, based on bandwidth test I've captured in the past.  I think more important is that they have reduced the number of threads from 5 to 3 (sometimes it drops to 2 even) when accessing their newsgroups.  Also, they don't keep posted articles very long anymore either... really is a bummer if you trying to download a friend's homemade private movie...

The main reason people get Rogers HiSpeed is to download files from the newsgroups....

There you have it... high price is continually charged with reduction in service, which leads nicely into their new offering coming out soon... 3.5Meg bandwidth for home users.... what a scam.   Wonder if the CRTC would be interested in this... I'm sure the general news media would be...

Best thing to do is have the Executives fired because this really tarnishes their brand image....

Just my 2 cents ! Comments

That’s all a little too technical for my little brain. Personally I think the CRTC let’s ROGERS do whatever the hell they want and the media would rather concentrate on something more bloody or life threatening. However, I encourage everyone reading this to write the media and the CRTC about your beefs with ROGERS. Lord knows, I’ve tried getting their attention but to no avail. Seems everyone has a problem with the word "hate". We’re not allowed to hate something. It’s not politically correct to hate. Don’t you just hate that?

To: [email protected]

From: "Ted Rogers"

Date: August 16, 2003 3:14 PM

Subject: quit or be fired


Now I can't say I completely hated working for rogers, cause I didn't. 
Rogers did have it's ups, but I must say it has more downs.  I mean they had great benifits, and really hot girls working for them.  I didn't hate my fellow employees, what I did hate was the politics of rogers, the obvious favortism, and the fact that their favorite saying is "set expectations" but when it comes to employees they never seem to meet expectatons.  I wish I could find the words to discribe rogers, but I'm just so angry with them that any words I write could not be harsh enough.  The fact that I was good at what I do (CSR) and I tried to help the customers as much as I could was just not good enough for them.  Countless times I tried to help customers and do what's right for both the company and the customer only to get written up because we lost revenu for us, knowing full well that it was the right thing to do.
Now I must admit this letter really is not thought out or spell checked but I just wanted everyone to know that Rogers as a whole sucks, weather your an employee or a customer.
Rogers thinks more about money then the customer, which is wrong.  Customers and employees make a company, threat them right and they will treat your company right.  But it seems like they worry more about what's in that old farts pockets, whom by the way they treat like a god, I remember one time when Ted Rogers came to the call center, all the TM's all the brain washed
employees were in aww to his presents, I thought he smelt like old cheese, kind of looked like it too.
I guess what it comes down to is..... I fucken hate rogers and everything it stands for, I wish only the worst for that company and when Teds Empire falls to the ground, my laugh will the the loudest in the millions of people who hate Rogers. Comments

A lot of the hate mail I receive harps on the fact that I don’t lay in to the ranters about their spelling the way I do with the hate mailers. So first off let me say…Bill Gates spent a lot of money creating that spell check feature. Money that was clearly wasted on you.

This submitter, who refers to himself as "Ted Rogers" (which made me laugh out loud) does make a good point, albeit one we’ve heard over and over from ROGERS’ employees. Essentially, "SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!" should really be ROGERS’ slogan.

Did you ever see that episode of ‘Seinfeld’ where George Costanza is at a kid’s birthday party and a tiny little fire starts in the oven? The apartment begins to fill with smoke and George tramples over a bunch of kids and an old woman with a walker to safely be the first one out of the apartment. George would make an excellent ROGERS executive don’t you think?

[email protected]

From: roland s.

Date: August 18, 2003 10:01 AM

Subject: ihatebellcogeco

Besides a couple of minor problems with rogers cell phone service,(accidentally charged me 300$ on my bill then couldn"t tell me why they did,but later removed it and the fact that you can"t pay your bill at the rogers at&t stores that are all over the place,the store says rogers at&t on the damn sign why can"t i pay my bill here).i found bell much worse as for cable we have cogeco cable which is as bad or worse but thanks to your site i found out about look,i"m gonna sign with them today for both internet and tv,i recently got rid of bell as my home phone provider,i hate bell and everything connected with it.Iswitched to thanks to your site i saw i had a choice i was thinking about star-choice but i"d still need to keep my internet with  cogeco but thanks to you i finally found an alternative.i hoipe this doesn"t blow up in my face but i"m sure it couldn"t be the way is there a ihatebell site?

thanks rollin Comments

I couldn’t really decide if this was a ROGERS rant or what?? But since you thanked me and chose alternatives that were not ROGERS, I guess your submission belongs here. I couldn’t tell you if there’s an "ihatebell" site, since my corporate disdain is pretty concentrated for the past year and a bit. If you don’t like Bell, don’t use them. Like I said, you chose alternatives that were not ROGERS and I like hearing that, specifically.