To: [email protected]

From: J.M.

Date: August 19, 2003 8:26 PM

Subject: Rogers…both good and bad

First off let me say that I get a chuckle when I read this website. I have been an employee of Rogers wireless just over a year and will soon be receiving an "I hate rogers" tshirt from someone who posted a comment on here earlier. If only my bosses knew. In fact, most people I work with have found out about this site and also find it quite funny that someone would actually make a website with their rants about a company.
I have seen Rogers treat some employees very unfairly yet I've seen them also compensate people that do their work. The same also goes for Rogers customers. I know when I go to work 5 days a week, I try to resolve as many customers issues as possible within my power. No we can't get out our wands and make customers cell phones work magically but sometimes going that extra step and exceeding the customer expectations is enough to keep them a happy customer. I have personally followed up with some customers to make sure they liked the cell phone we sent them because I knew previously that they had been treated unfairly. Of course it's not possible to do this with every customer on every call we receive or we would barely be answering all the other calls that are waiting. Sometimes the problems with Rogers lies in the management. At my center there are some managers that know less than the reps taking the calls. Some of them will not even acknowledge that we have made a mistake with a customers bill or even take the infamous
"supervisor call" when a customer requests to speak with a supervisor. Most of them sit on their lazy asses emailing back and forth on their Blackberrys all day. I am surprised some of them even managed to muster up enough intelligence to turn their computers on. I have had managers that are not my manager basically give me attitude or the cold shoulder when I've asked them how to deal with a situation a customer had.
Now onto the customers. There are some really nasty customers (some have the right to be nasty others just think they were born with a golden spoon in their mouths) and some really nice customers. Unfortunately, usually when we pick up the phone, 8 times out of 10 it is because the customer is experiencing a problem with their cell service. So I prepare myself usually to be yelled at or receive attitude. Mostly it is from pompous business men/women who nearly have a brain
aneurism because they were overcharged $1.00 or even less on their bill. Sometimes customers think because they have been a "good customer" (meanwhile they have been suspended at least a dozen times in the last year for non payment) for 5 years that they should get a free phone with free service for a couple of months. That's unreasonable. Some people want everything from us except the world, others want us to give them 100% guaranteed perfect cellphone satisfaction 24/7 in every nook and cranny in Canada. I don't think there is a company in this world able to meet those expectations.

Just one more piece of advice before I end this post:

READ THE CONTRACT! READ THE CONTRACT BEFORE YOU SIGN INTO A TERM WITH US! As a consumer you should read the contract. I know most of us don't read contracts but some Rogers policies are in the fine print. If you read it you'll save yourself a lot less hassle and regrets later on in your service. And when you are at the Rogers store ready to purchase your cellphone hassle the dealer! Ask them questions galore. Ask them about local rates, long distance rates, ask them about
roaming charges, about the warranty on your phone, ask them about our coverage, what to do if your phone craps out and you are left with nothing.will they be able to give you a loaner phone in the meantime? etc. I have yet to hear a dealer just freely offer that information to customers. Most of them are working on commission and just want to get that contract signed and get you on your merry way with a cellphone in hand.

J.M. Comments

Maybe I just interpret things the way I want to, but from your submission I read that the managers are lazy and mildly retarded and that ROGERS hides the details of how they’re going to screw consumers in the fine print of their contracts. Did I miss anything? Oh yeah, and that (as a ROGERS employee) you don’t think consumers should be upset when ROGERS tries to overcharge them. You may be on your way to a promotion my friend.

To: [email protected]

From: CorSter

Date: August 25, 2003 9:30 AM

Subject: CorSter Rants Again……

I just can't go 3 months without ranting about the company I hate the most. This time around I rant about a division of rogers that I have never ranted about before.

Rogers Video.

For some reason they wouldn't let me use my free coupon I got from Rogers VIP program because I didn't have my VIP Card with me, even though I had my Rogers Video card and my Rogers VIP account is recorded on the account. Too bad that all the other video alternatives are out of my way. Next time I go to rogers video i'll be sure to wear my t-shirt... then again, i might be kicked out of the store for doing that. That wouldn't be that bad though, considering it's rogers. Maybe blockbuster would like me to wear that shirt into their store? Who Knows?....

Done with my newest (and shortest, crappiest) rant yet.


P.S. Thanks for the Tshirt Comments

No ROGERS rant is considered "crappy" CorSter. I have worn my I HATE ROGERS T-Shirt in Blockbuster before, they loved it also in Future Shop when I picked up my latest Telus phone (right next to the ROGERS counter). Wear it to your ROGERS video store - I guarantee at least half of the staff will ask how they can get one of their own. And enjoy that super fantastic T-Shirt as much as possible.

To: [email protected]

From: William T.

Date: August 27, 2003 7:48 PM

Subject: A Whale Of a Rant

Ok I heard about this site through LOOK cable. I have to get that t-shirt that is one time I would love to be a walking billboard. Anyways I had subscribed to Rogers cable and internet package and I chose before I ordered service to be billed every 3 months. After 3 months had passed I received from them a late notice. I called Rogers and asked why I was getting this as I had not yet received a bill from them. I was told that I had in fact been sent 4 bills. 4 bills in a 3 month period seems a little wierd to me. So they say it's my fault. End result of all of this Rogers wants $2500 for the bill box and modem in the end run and I only ordered 3 free movies on PPV nothing else. Get Rogers today Claim Bankruptcy tomorrow.

A damn unsatisfied ex-Rogers customer. Comments

How retarded are these chattering monkeys when it comes to billing? Do they get anyone’s bill correct…ever?? When they put people on hold, they should play "Another One Bites The Dust" over the phone. Never look back William and if you need the name of a good bankruptcy lawyer, let me know. HA HA!

You are definitely in contention for the highly coveted, incredibly mediocre and unusually rare I HATE ROGERS T-Shirt.

To: [email protected]

From: Duff

Date: August 28, 2003 3:51 AM

Subject: refreshing

Greetings to you!

I like the website and _ALL_ that it/you stand for,I do use the services of Rogers and have had a few problems,but am really ticked off the underhanded way Rogers packaged their TV packages.

I remember when Rogers first came on the TV scene in the early 70's and part of the deal that IT had to honour and still does is that it mustgive free access to its prgming,ie channel 10 . I used their equipment to cover Mayor Crombie election ! !. Slowly Rogers took over the airwaves via cable and the rest of TV land signals just got worst to the point that you needed cable to reveive (sp) the TV stations signals that used to be free and as years go by Rogers bumps up the "quality" of its prgming(shades of Guy..... chairman of SCTV ) and up goes the price for just the repackaging of the


Duff Comments

I completely understand what you’re saying. What I don’t understand is why you spelled the word "receive" as "reveive" and then put "(sp)" next to it to indicate a spelling error. Why didn’t you just make the correction? That to me is more baffling than anything right now. Unless "(sp)" means something else. However, anyone that knows who Guy Caballero is, is alright in my boox (sp).