To: [email protected]

From: Jackie E.

Date: January 21, 2022 1:29 PM

Subject: Over billing


I received my invoice from Rogers last evening and I have not stopped thinking about it.  Not realizing both services were double billed I called customer service complaining about the cable bill.  I was told because I now have a cell plan with them and agreed to have both services on the same invoice changed the billing cycle.  My billing cycle was always from the 15th of one month to the 14th of the next for the cable services.  What has changed is on this invoice I am billed for Dec 15 to Jan 14 plus Jan 15 to Feb 14.  What I see here is billing in advance.  I also see this as a license to steal.  An extra couple of hundred $ from a few million people (in one shot).  I need to know if this is allowed.  How many of us can be paid in advance for services not yet rendered?

Please get back to me.  I feel this treatment in the long run is cutting off the hand that feed you.

In Solidarity,

Jacqueline E. Comments

It sounds to me like you just found a good enough reason to dump ROGERS. Billing in advance has become pretty common, but only with companies I HATE! I feel the same way as you do. It doesn't seem fair at all to have to pay for a service you haven't even used yet. My suggestion would be to (big surprise coming up) CANCEL ROGERS and go with someone that doesn't use this billing practice.

To: [email protected]

From: Will M.

Date: January 22, 2022 1:47 PM

Subject: Rogers "free" picture messaging

Before I start my rant I must express my gratitude, your site has truly brightened my day. I plan to visit it often.

Away we go...

In November my girlfriend purchased a family plan (NEVER AGAIN) on a 2 year contract. All the freebies were nice (lulling me into a false sense of security) and I thought Jeez, I guess I should have gotten a new cell phone more recently (I was a cell phone pioneer who gave it up after trying to deal with everyones favourite company...though at that time they were still Cantel Rogers). I was fooled into think that maybe just maybe someone had finally training their CSRs. I also was enthusiastic about trying the the new promotion, free picture messaging (PM). I called a CSR to make sure I had everything setup correctly, and that when they said free they actually meant free. I specified by asking about data charges for the data being sent and was told that it was included in the promotion.

*Roll 'Jingle Bells' song*

Rogers was kind enough to send me a little xmas gift. $132.00 of data charges. I was on the phone immediately with CSR. They apologised and explained that the system hadn't been set up properly, that any data whether picture or data had been lumped into the 'Other Data'(OD) category and that I had been unfairly charged. (I should have felt the fisherman releasing the line a little more to make sure I was hooked) I was credited that money and was told that the problem had been corrected.

*Roll ' Just Once' song*

January...the first month of a brand new year ... brand new year of ripping off customers. Those bastards really gave me the screw with their latest bill. I was charged 5 cents for my PM and $73 for OD. I calle dto get it fixed...the 3 hours of bouncing back and forth between billing and tech support did not lighten my mood.

Bitchy Billing Voice:
Sir if there is a problem it is not with your bill, it says other data if it is not other data then that needs to be addressed by Tech support.

Snotty Tech Voice:
Sir the system is designed in a manner to filter data traffic to either the 'browsing server' or the 'mail server' obviously you've been using the internet. I don't need to verify it sir. This is a billing related problem since you are having a problem with your charges.

I ended up being promised a call for a manager.

*Roll 'A-team theme' song*

Along came 'Sandra':
1. Not a Manager
2. Not helpful
3. Not informed

The 'official' tune I've got from them now is that they charge people 2 times for PM. So in other words to hell with what they said on their website and to common sense. I send an email with a 10kb text attachment and get charged 5 cents/kb. yet the same email with a picture attachment would instead cost me 5 cents/kb AND 1.5 cents/kb simply because it is a picture( I was unaware that .jpgs were transmitted in a special way with the magical internet elves working their little fingers to the bone). Secondly I also enjoyed another of their creative billing practices...1 attachment multiple receivers. Instead of being charged the data sent from my phone (lets say 50kb) to their server which I assume is the part that 'costs' them more money, I was instead charged for 250kb because I multiple emailed 5 people. so the 50 kb they received was repeatedly sent 5 times over their land line.

and now I wait for a call from Sandra's manager...I'm sure I'll be waiting awhile.

thx for your site...I was going to try to use fuck more but Rogers has sucked alot of the life from me that I don't even have enough energy to be creative with profanity.

WM. Comments

Even with the profanity lacking, your message comes through loud and clear. The only things ROGERS will give for free are bad advice and empty promises. If you're paying 1 cent for something it's not free. "FREE" is the most popular word used in advertising and you always have to pay for whatever is "FREE". I really don't know what else to say...

To: [email protected]

From: Rae M.

Date: January 23, 2022 2:32 PM


Yes, I as well hate Rogers, and anything affiliated with them. I activated a mobile account with them in the beginning of October 2003, with the new Motorolla T720. In the first week of December 2003 the phone stopped functioning (never been abused, dropped.etc.) I called the appropriate
numbers and from then up until a week ago I was calling numerous stores and it seemed that no one wanted to help me they kept suggesting other stores and in the end they all suggested the direct location in Scarborough with is far out of reach for me. I spoke to the idiot customer service
representatives over and over, now I have a file in their database! A representative forwarded me onto the Motorolla hotline, of course they placed the blame back on Rogers, no one wanted to accept responsibility. No help until last week when I was sent to a location in York Mills, which was
still a 40 minute drive away from me. So after weeks of paying with a broken phone and no service I finally got to hand my near brand new phone in for repair. I insisted that there was no physical damage to the technician and asked if I could be put on priority status after I explained my long ordeal yet again.  Then they wanted to charge me $25 on top of all my distress for a loaner phone. He said that there was nothing that he could do.  I couldn't believe these people, after all the horrible treatment I received, I had to pay for something that should have been granted for me. So I called "customer service" again that night and explained my whole story for the nineth time. I spoke to a decent representative and told me that he would credit my account when I pay the loaner phone fee, but for all the horrible service and frustration I had been going through for weeks, all he said then was "sorry". So no compensation for 7 weeks of paying without a phone, but I
will be credited back for the loaner phone, which I think should have been free in the first place. They really do not value me as a customer. Just overall completely terrible customer service, I will not be renewing my contract in September 2004. Forget to take care of your customers Rogers,
because you could do fine without us right?

Rae M. Comments

Never buy a phone or product directly from ROGERS if it's available somewhere else like Future Shop for example. If you had experienced the same problem with something you bought at Future Shop, you simply take it back and they will handle everything for you. ROGERS does not stand behind anything they sell. Their excuse right away is, we're ROGERS, that phone is Motorolla - call them, not us. And you're absolutely right, ROGERS still has that monopoly mentality and you switching to an alternative is not even a little bit of a concern to them. Unless you happen to tell a CSR, "I'm switching to an alternative." Then (and only then) will you start to receive decent customer service. However, once they get you to sign up again, they forget all about you all over again. It's a vicious cycle, easy to avoid by not using them at all!

To: [email protected]

From: cossandra

Date: January 26, 2022 2:24 PM

Subject: Contracts


I was just wondering if there is anyway of getting out of a contract without any penalty fee?  I am in a contract that will be over in June, however if I were to break the contract now, my penalty fee will be $100.00

Any info will be greatly appreciated.


Cossandra Comments

You want my advice, pay the $100 and go to an alternative. Between now and June I'll bet you that same $100 you can find another provider that will save you the $100 with one of their competitors' plans.