To: [email protected]

From: Andre

Date: August 6, 2002 5:50 PM

Subject: Internet alternative / suggestion

Love your site. 

I just got out of my unhappy relationship with Rogers and switched over to Magma (DSL) at  They're great -- I suggest you add this to your internet alternatives list.

Andre. Comments

Andre, thanks for your support and I am back to work on the alternatives for INTERNET services offered by ROGERS. Magma (DSL) will definitely be added. Thanks again.

To: [email protected]

From: Laurie P.

Date: August 6, 2002 10:03 PM

Subject: NFL Ticket

We have had a number of horrible experiences with Rogers and have made many attempts to leave - but we're stuck with them because we want the NFL ticket program offered only by Roger's Digital Cable Package.

If anyone can tell me of an alternative provider that offers NFL ticket we can finally rid ourselves of rogers!

This is a novel idea - I hope they don't shut you down! Way to go!

Laurie & Bob Comments

To the best of my knowledge, the only other way to go for unlimited NFL is a grey market satellite dish. I’ll look in to it though and see if there is an alternative I’m missing. Now, if you want to avoid the expense of a grey market dish, just do what I did…move next door to a guy with a grey market dish and watch football at his house.

I would also like to say, those rat bastards will not shut me down.

To: [email protected]

From: HIV/AIDS Online

Date: August 7, 2002 7:47 AM

Subject: I love your site, I was cut off my rogers, but I hate now (DSL Provider)

Here's my equivalent to your hate rogers page for my hate of , my page is . I only started this site last night as that is when they cut me off, please link to it if you ever start a LINKS section.

I had all domains listed on that I had originally been running a web server from a Rogers Cable account, but it was terminated as they caught on to my harmless HIV/AIDS support and prevention network. I did get away with running my own web and chat server for about a year. Once cut off from Rogers I moved to, the worst experience of my life. ISTOP are HIV/AIDS bashers and cut me off, breaching our contract last night.

I am now going to try as they have a 3MBS DSL (3000down/640up) residential line (PPPEO) for only $49 bucks (just 10 dollars more than ISTOP's 6 times slower and unstable service) Comments

Although you’re rant sounds more anti-istop than anti-ROGERS, I have to say I am disgusted, if your claim is true pertaining to HIV/AIDS bashing. Why would a sane human being take the time to bash something so serious? If you want to bash…bash ROGERS. And tell them I sent you.

To: [email protected]

From: Jason C.

Date: August 8, 2002 12:34 PM


Love your site. 

okay, i'm lying,
i hate rogers. just thought i would put a different subject line than everybody else. but i HATE rogers and try to avoid them like the plague.

i have experienced EVERY possible grievance with rogers possible. i guess i'll start off with my grievance with rogers video. 

one day sometime last summer, i lost my wallet. as soon as i noticed that my wallet was lost, i called up visa, cibc, everybody i had a card with and i cancelled them and told them that i lost my wallet. i figure that my rogers video card would be the least of my problems. so i called them last to report my lost rogers video card. boy was i wrong. so i called them up and i cancelled my card. or so i thought. about a week later, i get a call from rogers video in HAMILTON (i am from toronto), and they tell me that i have 7 videos and a playstation2 that were overdue. I immediately say, "wtf? that's not possible". the customer service or whoever was like, "yes it is." at first, i thought that it isn't possible because you need to sign up for a new card at each rogers video, but i guess not. but maybe they just used my licence info and credit card info. at any rate, i tell them that i called a week ago to cancel my card already. they check the records and it showed that my card was still active. immediately, i get angry at them. i start bitching and moaning to no avail. i finally am able to get the person's supervisor on the phone and i try to calmly explain the situation to them. obviously,
they are idiots, so they put me on hold for 30 minutes. eventually, i'm able to get it thru their thick skulls that i cancelled my card and that they must have screwed up when cancelling the card and that why would i go to hamilton, rent a ps2 and seven movies (shitty movies i might add) and then not return them? so dumb. anyway, after about 2 hours of calls, i get them to clear my account and i close all my rogers video accounts with them. i will NEVER rent with them again. for two reasons: blockbuster is a better alternative and i have directv satallite (and get ppv for free) so i don't need to rent anymore.

my second grievance with rogers is with their cable tv branch. they are always calling my house to try to convince me to upgrade my television packages and what not. and they are trying to introduce me to digital cable and subscribe to that digital box thing. they are telling me that the reception is great and that the channels are so clear. so i decide to try it. it was some promotion for a free 4 months or something like that. anyway, after trying it for 4 months, i decide that the quality is not that much different and that the stoopid digital box takes long to load up the channel so that i can't just channel surf (i love channel surfing). so i call them up and tell them that i want to cancel the digital cable and the box thing. but they won't let me go that easily... they try to offer me another free two month trial and what not and i keep declining. finally, after about 15 minutes of declining their offers, they give up and say that they will send someone over to pick up the box. so i wait and wait on the scheduled day. they said that someone would be around at around 10am. they guy didn't show up at all. so i call them the next day and say what the hell and they "apolgize" (if you can even call it that) and they send someone over again. again, i wait and wait. the guy doesn't come over til about 5pm. at that point, i missed about 6 classes in the past two days waiting for them to come pick up a box. but i'm gald that i got rid of it. fast forward 1 month. finals time. i'm struggling thru a final econ exam and get to the two pages of the exam. i look at the questions and i just say, "fuck". because of those two days of classes i missed, i could BARELY write someone for the last two pages. in the end i passed the exam, but those last two pages i got maybe 3-5% on. damn rogers....  i am now on directv and i am nobody's bitch any longer.

my third grievance with rogers is with their wireless service. i was a customer with rogers at&t for about one year. their cellular service is great, but their customer service sucks. one time, my phone shut off and didn't turn back on (ericcson t18d). so i took it back to the store and asked them to send it in for servicing. so they fill out the paper work and they give me a phone to use in the meantime. little did i realize that it was a shitty analog phone. an ericcson shitbox. i dont' rememmber the model id, but it was analog only. so i don't get my phone back until 8 weeks later. by the end of the first month, i get my bill and i notice that they are charging me for caller id and all that other stuff. but wait, caller id and those other special features don't work on analog phones. but rogers at&t still managed to charge me for it. so i call them up and wait on the phone forever and a half. finally , i get a human voice and i bitch them out for about 30 minutes about how they were the ones that gave me a shit box analog phone when they knew i had digital features that i wanted to use. so in the end, they credited my account for the two month period for caller id and those other features. after that ordeal, i had a bad taste in my mouth, so i ended my contract with them and i switched over to cityfone and i have not had a problem since.

for my fourth grievance with rogers, i will attack their "internet provider" branch. if you can even call them an internet provider, much lessa HIGH SPEED internet provider. i must live in a neighbourhood where EVERY household uses [email protected] because my internet is disgustingly slow. the fastest transfer i've seen is about 30kb/s. wtf is that? sure it's faster than phone modem, but if i'm paying 4 times as much, it better be a hell of a lot faster than this. but i shouldn't complain... at least it is working. sometimes i get outtages too. once the cable tv goes out, the cable internet goes out too. that's so dumb. so i call them up every time my internet goes down and i complain and complain and i get my money back (3.50 a day or something like that). but you MUST call in order to get your money back. it is such a hassle because they should be crediting my account whether or not you are calling. especially when they are "planned" network outtages to "upgrade" their service for us. my big fat ass.... in the past month, they have had "service maintanance" twice. the first time it went down from 6pm-12am. the second time was from 5pm(or earlier, i got back home at 5pm and discovered my internet wasn't working) til 7am the next day. why the HELL would you plan a service maintenance during the peak times people use the internet? does that sound dumb or what???

my final grievance with rogers is concerning the blue jays. as you may or may not know, rogers owns the blue jays. ever since rogers bought the blue jays, they have been progressively getting shittier and shittier. first they hire j.p. ricardi as senior vp and gm. then he starts firing and trading people. oh well.i  used to love the jays, now i rather watch my ass hair grow.

also, on the topic of sports. rogers also owns sportsnet. why do they have to hire hazel mae? she's really ugly and shouldn't be on tv. but that's just a personal grievance. maybe some people think she's hot, but i don't.

okay,.... i think those last two topics were just trying to hard to blame rogers... but i don't care. i hate rogers. thank you. =). Comments

Jumping catfish!! Now that’s what I call a RANT. This guy has had every problem imaginable with ROGERS. I wouldn’t be surprised if ROGERS was responsible for you losing your wallet also. Were they???…I bet they were. Good use of profanity and you don’t lose any points for not using capital letters. I don’t know who Hazel Mae is, but how attractive could someone named Hazel really be?

To: [email protected]

From: Sam V.

Date: August 8, 2002 12:55 PM

Subject: (No Subject)

Rogers has easily got to have the worst customer service I have ever experienced! The staff is unknowledgeable, do not understand their own products and in my experience do not even endorse their products outside of the office. Comments

I can’t add anything to that. Oh yeah I can, I hate ROGERS. Have I mentioned that recently?