To: [email protected]

From: Walt

Date: January 29, 2003 11:25 PM

Subject: Whinning Bitches

After reading all the bitching on this site I must ASSume that everyone here must be perfect at what they do. It looks like almost everyone would do a better job then the people that are out there. Come on people, get real , tell us where you work. I`m sure that some one can shit on your company also. How many of you work in customer service and have to listen to people cry about this and that all day. Having worked in both the cable and phone industry for various companies I can say that most of the subscribers I have  dealt with that are having these problems are real, but the majority are full of it . They screw around with the system then wonder why it no longer works, ie add more sets with high quality FLEA market components and $2 phones that were thrown out by the manufacturer. I would love to hear how all the know it alls out there would solve the problem. I`m sure that most of you can deal with a customer base in excess of 5 million in a timely an accurate manner.  By the way I`d like the name of your hairdresser, he deserves to be ranted at for the cut he gave you, or did you get that sticking your fingers where they don`t belong. I guess I should whine that my computer is to slow as a result of rogers also , nothing to do with the computer I suppose. Bye the way I am neither on rogers or bell. If you people are so unhappy get some rabbit ears and a friggin envelope and go back to the dark ages. Remember , IF YOUR`E NOT PART OF THE SOLUTION, YOU MUST BE PART OF THE PROBLEM . WC Comments

Walt, you my friend are a jackass. Your response is typical for someone employed by a company like ROGERS. What ever the consumer’s problem is, your job is to deal with it! You don’t get to pick and choose who you help when you work in customer service. You are the whining bitch Walt! By the way, boy genius, the people pictures on the site are clip art.


To: [email protected]

From: Lydia G.

Date: January 31, 2003 2:38 PM

Subject: Rogers problems???

Let me tell you something about Express VU.  If you want to use an unorganized system which bills you a month in advance and doesn't charge you for movies until 6 months down the road and then you receive a massive bill then be my guest and join Bell Express Vu.  I have had so many problems with them and I have only been with them for 2 years.  I will most definalty  switch back to Rogers again.  The reason I switched in the first place was because the internet service was too slow or always down, so I didn't want the cable with one company and my internet with another.  Even when I downloaded the software for Sympatico and hooked up the modem line it burnt my tower completely!!  I should have switched back then.

Lydia Goodfellow Comments

I have never used Bell’s Express Vu system. My sister has it and loves it. Personally I swear by Star Choice. I do however have extensive experience with Bell’s high speed internet service and found it to be problem free. I am not a "tech" kind of person, but will go out on a limb and say that your claim of hooking up a modem which in turn "burnt your tower completely" is tough to swallow.

To: [email protected]

From: che b.

Date: February 2, 2003 2:43 AM

Subject: UMMM how bout noooooooo

nice wesite lol ....if you know you have cable...then you know you have to if you neglect paying your bills because you are dissorganized...who's fault is maybe you should have spent the time it took you to make this site to call rogers on the phone and ask how much you owe..and then pay it and wait for them to sort out their billing...which they always do...just a pointer for ya sport. Comments

You my friend are completely retarded. Actually that is an insult to real retarded people. You’re referring to my billing fiasco (sorry I’ll try to use only 3-4 letter words for you) with ROGERS. Does your head hurt from thinking? You’re e-mail is so well written, so well put together, I envy you. Is your keyboard missing the "Shift" button for making capital letters? Are you familiar with the custom of using ONE period? Have you ever heard of "spell check"?

Without going in to too much detail, ROGERS couldn’t sort their billing out in 9 months. So I seriously doubt they ever would have accomplished that little task…just a pointer for you sport.

To: [email protected]

From: CXammond

Date: February 7, 2003 9:40 PM

Subject: Hatred is destructive for everyone.

I have read many of the complaints and rants over the past hour, I must say there certainly seems to be a lot of angry people around.  But I've worked for Rogers, I've worked for Bell, I've worked for UPS, I've also worked for Worldcom (formerly UUNET).  And even some smaller companies too.  I have found that it really doesn't matter where you (or I) go, there is always going to be some one or some few that either don't know their job very well, or just don't care enough to hold themselves accountable for their own incompetancies.  If a person doesn't do the job they're hired to do, either they don't know or they don't care.  But this isn't something that appears in a certain group, or affiliation, or any company in particular.  Its everywhere.  And yes, even in big companies.  That is where management comes in, the purpose of management is to hold employees accountable.  And from a customer's point of view, the customer holds the company accountable.  Attacking people on a personal level is counter-productive.  Many of the rants posted on this sight are really just personal attacks on people.  You (the webmaster of this sight), and many other rants, seem to be just venting emotions and insulting people.  "IDIOTS" was a word that came up a lot.  Well, when someone calls in irate 'cause thay have no cable reception, and the tech on the phone asks the customer to check some cables to make sure nothing came loose, and the customer says, "I can't, the hydro is out too, and there is no light in the house..."  Well who's being idiotic now???  People are not idiots.  People make poor decisions some times, some more than others.  But that's human.  Being prejudiced against people just because they work for a particular company, is not much different than being prejudiced against people for race, religion or anything else like that.  Its hate based.  And I have found that people who carry this kind of hatred, will never be happy.  There will always be something or someone to piss these people off enough to put up sights such as this.  Its an effort to promote hatred towards people, rather than an effort to hold a company accountable.  Or try to accomplish something productive.  All these companies I have had the priviledge to work with, receive complaints and rants just the same.  And so do all the alternatives suggested on your site.  On the flip side, all these companies receive compliments too.  Compliments that are in high praise, and satisfaction. 

I think its important for everyone to realize, that if you call a company for support, the person answering the phone, is probably just a person, not dissimilar from the person calling; just trying to make a living, support a family and whatever.  And they will do the best they know how to do.  And more often than not, if one starts being abusive or insulting to the other, the other will be less receptive, and less willing to assist the other party.  If we all keep it professional, then goals are reached quicker, and less chance of failure and people feeling insulted and/or offended. 

I had a call once, a complaint that their LazyBoy Chair was not working.  Well I kindly asked how this may effect the cable reception.  This was the reply, "I watch the cable in the F###!!! chair."  So I looked up the number for the manufacturer of the chair in the local listings for this very irate individual, who was quite convinced that Rogers was responsible for this chair.  So you see, everyone is capable of making poor judgements.  Companies, and clients alike.  Hating one another will not resolve this.  It will only make it worse.

Good luck and let go of your hate.  Its destructive for everyone.  Its what motivates those who go to to war, and to blow up buildings, and to fight one another.

RB Comments

Hey Jerry Garcia those flowers in your hair may have rooted themselves right in to your brain! I think all those free ranged chickens and veggie burgers have made you hyper sensitive. This site does not promote hate. It promotes alternatives to ROGERS and provides an outlet for people to complain about that same company.

You spent a considerable amount of time writing that e-mail and it’s complete drivel. No where on this web site is any one individual person singled out by name and then insulted. There may be instances referring to an "installer" for example doing something idiotic, but so what? These things should be pointed out. No one at is plotting anything. There is no recruitment for deviants to act out anything. Our hate for ROGERS is a peaceful one.

And suggesting this site in any way is similar to race or religion prejudice is so ludicrous it’s laughable. You’re completely missing the point. I seriously doubt CSIS, the FBI, the RCMP, the CIA, the FDA, the DEA, ATF or INTERPOL is monitoring this web site. Now I want you to call Greenpeace and see if there’s an extra life jacket for you on their next expedition to save the whales.

To: [email protected]

From: chris j.

Date: February 13, 2003 12:32 PM

Subject: Call this an Editorial Response

I've been reading through your website, and I have to say that I'm fairly disappointed in quality of people who submit "Rants".  I am a current Rogers employee, and have found many "omitted", garbled, or just plan false facts!  Poeple claimg to have been promised 10am appointments, or having to wait all day?  We have 3 hour time windows for almost all of our customers, and in very few, very RURAL cases--we can only narrow it down to before or after 1 pm.  People claiming we refuse to credit for service outage--if we planned it or not, as long as we can verify that there was an outage, we'll credit you for it.  And for those of you who had to wait 3 or 4 whole days to get an issue resolved--do the math!  A couple hundred technicians--a couple million customers.  So sorry!  By the way--after 4 -5-6 years of flawless service--you'd think that a few days was no big deal!

I was particularly upset with the below "rant".  It's just riddled with lies!  So...I've edited in the truth for clarity and honesty's sake.  After all--you seem to prize accountability ansd honesty above all!

SEE Comments BELOW

I admit that we make mistakes--from time to time--not all the time.  But who doesn't.  I'll also concede that our internet service sucked during the transition from @HOME to @ROGERS...but the buck stops there.  I appreciate this being posted to your rants, in the interest of fairness...but I'll understand if you don't. 

I'd also appreciate it if you witheld my name and email--just avoid being flooded with emails and calls from your loyal followers. Comments

Chris took the time to copy a rant from "Richard" sent Nov. 27, 2002 found on After each sentence, in parentheses he added his own comments and rebuttals. Quite frankly the text was so tiny it hurt my head to read it all and it was so lengthy I fell asleep twice reading it.

The bottom line — he argues that ROGERS is a good company to work for and that they are very efficient and that "Richard" distorts the truth. In my opinion, I don’t work at ROGERS, so I don’t know. Chris (the ROGERS employee) praises ROGERS and gives the same excuses (I keep hearing ONLY from ROGERS employees) for why service may seem to suck and "Richard" the ranter is not fond of ROGERS and gave his views. Hmmm…the die hard ROGERS employee likes ROGERS. Who saw that coming?

I’m the only one anyone is allowed to argue with. I’m not posting Chris’ retort because it was far too lengthy and boring. Then "Richard" would send in his response and this would never end. So the final word — Chris, we hate ROGERS! Accept it. Get over it.