To: [email protected]

From: Tad M.

Date: February 14, 2003 1:22 AM

Subject: The Other side

Good Day,
Im going to be honest up front and tell you that I work at Rogers.  I am a customer service representative, and trainer, in the Wireless division of the Ontario region.  I heard about your web site today and have to tell you that I am impressed.  I have read several of them mention about how 'lost' customers were treated and I feel sorry for them.  Being an employee of a large company in a very competitive market (bearing in mind I'm speaking from the Wireless side of things only here), I see how people can feel treated unfairly.  I hear, on a daily basis, from customers on how they are upset about they way they have been treated and so on.  I can only tell you from my first hand knowledge that I take it upon myself  each and every day put my best foot forward to help that customer resolve their issues.  Of course this can't always be done, but I certainly try.  I not only work at ROGER's  but I am a customer of theirs also.  I can't persuade anyone on here to change their minds about their past with us, but I can tell you that I represent a company that is trying hard to fix things.  This I know, and it can't be disputed because like I said, I also train people and I ensure they know all the information they need.

A lot of the situations you have posted are VERY legit, but let's be fair here, anyone can have these issues with any company.  Any company can have issues, and when you have so many customer service representatives to train and keep up to date, it can be challenging.  The Wireless industry is still rather new and changes each and every day.  Information must be absorbed by humans and anyone reading this can't say that they are flawless.

I don't know who you are or what exactly your beef is, perhaps you are employed by the people you are trying to sell us all on.but you mention that you haven't had any issues with FIDO, and that's great.  But I have been a customer of FIDO's and although their customer service was fantastic, the
bare reality is that they don't have the expansive coverage that ROGER's can offer.  You must understand that in order for a cell phone to work, you need a tower.  That device you hold in your hand is not a magical instrument that instantly connects you to the person you are looking to reach.  It must send a radio wave to a permanent fixture then transmit it to a device that will
search for the person you are looking to talk to.  If you have a concrete wall in the way, or are moving at high rates of speed, or you are beside a body of water, you are greatly reducing the ability of that phone.  Let's face it here, it would be absolutely impossible to have flawless service. 
When you purchase a phone from a store (which are all independently owned and operated may I add), you are purchasing a product from Nokia, Motorolla or Seimens for instance and NOT ROGER's.    This is why a warranty from the manufacturer is given with the phone.  We as a company rely on the manufacturers (as do the other carriers in Canada) to supply the customer
with the means to utilize the service that we offer.  When a phone doesn't work, or is lost, ROGER's can not be held responsible.  Anyone with a business sense can understand this.  I mean, if your television breaks you don't call ROGER's because you have their cable service, you call the store
you purchased the tv from or the manufacturer of the tv itself.  If you don't turn the tv on for days because you were away on holidays, you don't call the cable company and tell them you weren't home so don't charge you.  The same thing applies with wireless.  If you lose the phone or its broke, you cant expect us to credit that time back of service just because you cant use it.
I'm sorry that some people on here have had issues with the wireless side of things.I really am.  I'm sure you can see from this email that I care not only for ROGER's but I care for the customer also.  I want to be treated fairly if I have an issue with a company.  I put myself in that customers situation and try to come to some sort of resolution.  I really do try this.

And coming from the 'inside' of the company you hate so very much, I can tell you how hard I am trying to ensure that every customer is a happy one.  After all we need customers to be a business.  I need customers in order for me to have a job.  I understand this and I promise you that ROGER's
understands this also.  Every day there is enhancement training, every day there are emails sent out about how to improve ourselves.  If you take a look at yourself right now, a good hard look, you can't say you are flawless.  You may do something wrong today that you will learn from and
make it better for down the road.  That's what will help make you a better person.  Well ROGER's is the same thing.  We are not mistake free, we DO make mistakes.  We are only human at the root of it all, and we are all improving daily.  I give you my word on that.

You said that you won't hear a customer service representative say 'we made a mistake', well you just did!  We do, BUT we try to fix it.  When a mistake is made, the biggest part of that mistake isn't always the admittance that you made it, it's the way you correct it so it won't happen again.  No one wants to say 'I made a mistake', it's embarrassing.

I know you are reading this now and thinking of something mean to say, some way to distort my words and make me sounds foolish and that's fine.  Maybe that's the person you are, but I look at it differently.  I think you are a good customer that was treated poorly, you gave that company a chance and we failed.  For that I'm sorry.  I'm not going to say that whatever it was, wasn't important or anything of the like.  We all have busy lives and when something like this disrupts it, we tend to hold grudges.  I apologize that I haven't had the time to read your exact reasoning behind putting so much effort into this web site page (by the way its is VERY well done), but you
do deserve feedback from the party you are upset with.  I know that every article in here is legit, and I'm certain everyone's claim is VERY important to them.  I wish I could take the opportunity to speak to everyone directly and see if I could possibly change their thoughts on us.  I'm not saying I'd try to get them back, but I am saying I'd try to have them understand it was a mistake.  It was a mistake we lost their business for whatever reason we did.  I take each scenario I had the opportunity to read tonight and take it personally.  It truly hurts me to see so many people upset at the job I do my very best at.

So now I ask you this, after all I have tried to explain, tried to convey, and tried to put my personal thoughts to, are you going to find things to twist, attempt to embarrass me over and make fun of, or are you going to try to see it from my point of view as you have done with all the other write-ins?  I am leaving my personal email address here for anyone to write to me, I would give you my word, that I will look into every case that I am presented and see what can be done to help you out.  Of course there are NO promises here other then ill look into it.  And to the person that wrote
this page, same goes for you, I'm all ears.  Write away..and thanks!

EMAIL address is
NOT GETTING LISTED HERE (because my work email contains my last name, I'm sure you can understand why I would prefer to use this address until I have contacted you directly) Comments

Tad sorry I don’t post anyone’s e-mail address and there are no exceptions. Maybe you are someone who really does care. Maybe you are the reason ROGERS still has customers. There are people out there that don’t hate ROGERS (yet). I can admit that. I am only conveying my experiences and allowing others to do the same. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I can honestly say I don’t want to be a ROGERS customer again EVER! I don’t want to hear what you have to say, I couldn’t care less.

There are alternatives to ROGERS and I am using them. But much greater than that Tad, the products and the service are better than what ROGERS has to offer! Yes Tad that’s right. I didn’t have to sell my soul for StarChoice and I made no deal with the devil for a Fido. I simply called their phone numbers and said, "Sign me up."

You don’t get it Tad. For years ROGERS had a monopoly. They don’t anymore. Other companies will bend over backwards for new business. ROGERS still projects the, "We’re the only game in town" attitude. Well they’re not. How many cable, internet and cellular customers in ROGERS’ service areas are now using alternatives? MILLIONS Tad. That is a shit load of money NOT going to ROGERS. And do you know what Tad? In time ROGERS will lose more customers to alternatives because their attitude will not change. Sure they may buy out Fido, and when they do I’m going to Telus. And I won’t be alone.

I’m afraid one person with your attitude is not enough. Refreshing as it may be coming from a ROGERS employee.

To: [email protected]

From: Darren

Date: February 25, 2003 11:21 AM

Subject: MY thoughts

I will inform you guys Roger's is the best and don't blame the entire company for an error that maybe a contractor made.  Talk with them and you will see that they are a very decent firm and they will also admit that they have no where's near a monopoly.  The Satellite companies do they are EVERYWHERE

If you guys are decent you will reply Comments

Let’s clarify - ROGERS sends a contractor to do some work and he screws it up. You say we shouldn’t blame ROGERS? O.K. Who should we blame? Cable goblins? Naughty Internet pixies? DSL trolls?

I don’t even understand the sentence, "The Satellite companies do they are EVERYWHERE" Are you referring to a monopoly? Yet you used the plural, "companies". How can "companies" (plural) that are "everywhere" have a monopoly? Aside from a board game, do you know what "monopoly" means?

To: [email protected]

From: Shamil R.

Date: March 12, 2003 5:13 PM

Subject: WIRELESS alternative / suggestion

You are a fool - did you also develop or - every organization has it's problems so I dare you to not find any with the alternatives listed on your site.  You have too much time on your hands.  Stop wasting time and go find a job.  You are just one of those bitcher/whiner types who is never happy with anything no matter what the circumstance.  It's people like you who make me and 99% of the other consumers in this country sick.

Loser. Comments

I want to thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to write me.  Thanks for a good laugh.  People like yourself are an endless source of entertainment. 

Tell your boss, Ted Rogers I said hello.  You can also let him know that through (mainly the "Rants" section) more than 70 subscribers to one or more of ROGERS' poorly provided services have been persuaded to a ROGERS alternative, thus canceling their ROGERS' services.  And the "I HATE ROGERS" T-Shirt give away has been a huge success.

Keep up the fine letter writing and maybe one day you can aspire to be another Ted Kaczynski.  Please be so kind as to tell everyone you know about  I would really appreciate it.  Thanks again.  Your acknowledgement means the world to me.

To: [email protected]

From: Kris K.

Date: March 15, 2003 4:26 PM


You've got way to much time on your hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kris K.
Rep# o013

I’m convinced there are big signs posted all over ROGERS’ offices instructing their employees to send me an e-mail saying, "I have too much time on my hands" (please notice the correct spelling for the word "too" Kris).

By the way Kris, how many installations did you skip formulating your incredibly well written commentary on

To: [email protected]

From: Alex

Date: March 17, 2003 2:39 PM

Subject: Cable Techs

Spelling errors highlighted in RED

I just wanna say your a idiot, i just read that  you said a rogers cable tech getting paid 16 dollars a hour is overpaid. Let me ask you something would go out in the  middle of this February(remember how cold it was) and run a tv or modem line that could take up to 2 hours for$8.25 thats what rogers pays us, some days we make below minimun wage. Rogers just currently cut all contractors pay by about 20%. Which i am one of. We did make about 25 an hour before, now there is less work and with the pay cuts we make around 14 an hour. Let me see you do this job for one day, at any pay. I wanna see you hang a main cable feed in the middle of winter to a house and run the first line for $16.50, you say we are over paid know what your talking about before you say a word. right back  at (e-mail address omitted) if u have any questions. If your lucky ill answer you and your pathetic little site. by the way i hate rogers too. Comments

I am an idiot? You can’t spell, you have no idea what words require being capitalized or when to use punctuation like periods, question marks, etc. and you write sentences with words missing and all contractions lacking apostrophes…but I am an idiot??

So there’s less work for ROGERS’ installers huh? Gee…I wonder why? Can you say "alternatives"?

You’d like to see me hang a main cable feed in the middle of winter to a house and run the first line for $16.50? Why? I pay the kid who shovels my driveway $20 and he’s done in about 40 minutes. That works out to $30 an hour. I can’t afford to take a job that pays less than what I pay a 14 year old kid.