To: [email protected]

From: Alexandra F.

Date: November 16, 2002 1:04 PM

Subject: I want a Fido phone so here is my Rogers story !

Hi. I was with Rogers for a year. The only reason why I stayed with them for that long was because of the year contract I had to sign when I activated my phone with them.

The most ridiculous story had to be when I went to deposit a check in the payment box they had in their Place Ville Marie store. At that time they where not accepting payment in cash or by credit card. Just that it itself was stupid. Anyways a month after my payment my phone gets cut and they tell me it would cost me 40 $ to reactivated after that hotline. After arguing that I had make my payment at that store they called the clerk at the store and they found out that my check was stuck at the botom of the box in a crack ! How incompetent can you be ! But of corse this problem was not solve inside a 5 min call but more like 5 or 6 different calls that lasted 30 min each !

Then there is the time when they decided on their own to activated a second account under my name for a PAGER ! Oh and was it a pain to explain to them that I had no pager and never asked to activate an account for that kind of service. It was even longer for them to bring back that account balance at 0$.

But the worst during that year was having to call their customer service. Each time I would wait about 20 or 30 minutes with the same old boring song before talking to someone. And all through that year each time I would call I was always getting a newbie representant. I would be put on hold 5 minutes for each question I had. "I would like to change my address" = 5 min on hold, "I would like to activate Call Display" = 5 min on hold, "Can I have my balance" = 5 min on hold. They have no training or knowledge on what a good custumer services is.

On top of all that I was getting abnormal 200$ to 350$ bills witch I never got with Fido or Telus before and after switching to Rogers.

I would not recommand this company to my worst enemy ! They will take all you money and your spare time and offer you not mucth in return !  

I personnaly recommand Telus & Fido for their prices. Bell is the best but the most expensive. And Bell is the best but the most expensive. Comments

Let me start with 2 words…spell check. Let me start with 2 words…spell check. Geez, I hope you have a sense of humor. Now in response to your complaints about ROGERS, you’re absolutely right. I hear these complaints over and over again. ROGERS really does not seem to have any interest in improving their customer service. That’s why I’m here, to provide alternatives to their services…and I’m pleased you use one already.

To: [email protected]

From: Joel G.

Date: November 19, 2002 9:23 AM

Subject: Brilliant!

Just wanted to send a note that your site is brilliant, Roger's customer service department is atrocious, and there seems to be no recourse. Thanks for creating this outlet for my frustration. Comments

First off all, let me say, "You have an eye for talent Joel". But seriously, I just got so sick of those straight spined talking monkeys (ROGERS) this web site was the result. Isn’t it funny how 75% of the complaints seem to be customer service related? A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

To: [email protected]

From: Robert C.

Date: November 22, 2002 11:19 PM

Subject: installers

I notice you hate installers

I dont install for Roger but I can tell you this.

Every year the installers are being ask to do more and more and are having benifits and pay cut back.

At Shaw coomunications its also happening. We face Dogs attacks at customers that insist we pet their groulling dog because he is a real sweet heart. We go through house that make you want to gaghe and throw up.

We still do are jobs.

Head Office say their losing money so there is no raise this year but they work real hard to illiminate another pay cut. Cheak the 2001 profit for the rogers company.

Share holders like Ted or getting a thirty percent profit over last year. This years profit is $130,000,000.00 last year was only $100 milllion. But if you work for them that say their losing money.

We use to get $ 25.00 per hour. Now their offering $ 16.00.

Tell Mr Roger you get what you pay for.

Robert C. Comments

If spelling only counted... I’m not sure if you are an employee of Shaw or what your story is, but to clarify I don’t hate installers, I hate ROGERS…you know - like the web site says. And if you are an installer I can’t help you with being underpaid. Then again with some of the stories I have heard, maybe $16 per hour for a ROGERS installer could be seen as overpaid.

To: [email protected]

From: gary

Date: November 24, 2002 8:15 AM

Subject: Rants

Rogers has been undertaking a "service upgrade" in our area for weeks now. Every day the internet goes off-line, and most times the cable TV goes with it. Frustration has caused me to call and report the outages every day.

And every single time I report the dreadfully slow internet service, the morons on the "customer servie" line REFUSE to admit they are working on the lines, instead, prompting me to

a) reboot the modem,

b) do ping and traceroute tests and e-mail them the results, or

c) continue to tell me they can't do anything to troubleshoot my system because I'm using a router in my network, even when I disconnect the router and reboot, releasing and reconnecting the ISP.

Why can't they just say "Sorry, sir, we are in the process of improving the cable system in your area, and hope to have it finished by.............  And we're sorry for the inconvenience."

O, and don't laugh, but a reduction on my bill for the lack of service over the last 6 weeks would be appreciated, too.

Time to stop waiting, and find a new ISP.

GAry K. Comments

You’re starting to see the light Gary. If you’re unhappy or unsatisfied with something, don’t sit there and take it like a yutz. Why be unhappy? Eliminate the source of the problem and find a solution. I would suggest you start by clicking here for ISP alternatives.

To: [email protected]

From: kv kv

Date: November 25, 2002 8:27 PM

Subject: hmmm…

i know you hate rogers, and they drive me nuts too, but i'm wondering why there are only 4 complaints about them on your website. i must admit the thing i like about rogers digital cable is they carry more digital channels than the alternatives and rather than paying for the type of programming you like (such as with bell), with the rogers digital channels (above channel 76
downtown, above channel 86 in pickering) you can specifically pick which individual channels you would like or make your own packages. unfortunately, it would appear that someone at rogers hits the technical service reps with a
stupid stick before allowing them to talk to customers. i had a cel phone with them (analog), and i could tell whomever i was talking to that i was about to drop the call whenever i hit certain areas. i complained & complained and after not fixing anything for 6 months i cancelled. they told me i would have to pay a $200 cancellation fee and i told them it was worth it. then they patched me through to someone else who i informed of my cellular troubles and they said i didn't need to pay the $200 cancellation fee because i was still keeping my cable tv. i thanked them. i can't cancel my cable tv. my building pays for it. if i were the gambling type i would
hazard to guess that rogers still hasn't fixed those dead zones. now for those who want to stay with rogers digital cable, it is nice to know that instead of paying $8.95 a month per box rental, the digital boxes are now finally for sale. Comments

Look closer my friend, there are more than 60 complaints posted on this site.

I had the digital cable from ROGERS, black market satellite dishes and now 100% legal satellite service from Star Choice. In my opinion nothing compares to the DSS (black market) choice when it comes to selection, not to mention price. However I don’t condone or advise anyone to go that route since it’s illegal. I also got so sick of the stupid card going down all the time I ripped the freakin’ dish off my roof and danced on it until my feet hurt. Star Choice provides all digital channels unlike ROGERS, their packages are bundled quite economically, they offer the option to purchase any channels individually as opposed to a bundle and the customer service is excellent.

I don’t think I need to comment yet again on the incompetent customer service ROGERS provides…oops, I guess I just did.