To: [email protected]

From: Wickens

Date: November 26, 2002 11:03 AM

Subject: WIRELESS alternative / suggestion


Love your site. I am not a Rogers customer but I am a Cogeco customer. The bottom line is Cogeco are every bit as bad as Rogers. I could tell you some horror stories about the abominable service out of Cogeco but you have likely heard it all before.

Thanks for the chuckle...

P. Wickens Comments

I’m glad you got a chuckle out of the site. Do you know what I got a chuckle out of? The subject in your e-mail says, "WIRELESS alternative / suggestion" and has absolutely nothing to do with the e-mail you sent.

To: [email protected]

From: Richard

Date: November 27, 2002 12:28 AM



Hi there just wanted to say that your site is great my girlfriend & I love it & we enjoy reading it weekly LOL you know whats really funny she does work for rogers but I can not say where & yes you are right ROGERS DOES SUCK LOL we don't even have cable we have heres the inside scoop althought you are right ROGERS knows exactly what they are doing wrong but nobody there in higher management has the BALLS to actaully take initiative to solve there problems without getting fired I can tell you this that ROGERS employee turn over rate is astronomical outrageous & there call center drones following there robotic trained managers trying to save ther
own asses & treating there call droans like dirt so there own asses look clean its the blind leading the blind reading bad scripts, miss managed managers & marketing scripts that no one has a clue what is going on in other depts or divisions all over the country over payments, double billing
I hear it everyday LOL. you know whats even worse than that in there call centres would you beleive the managers even play physcological games with its employess by rewarding them with impossible goals playing petty little useless games to try to actually save,sell & gain confidence with cleints & with outrages goals to reach LOL my g/f was promised a raise 8 months ago $7500.00 to switch from one division to another did she get her promised raise LOL NOT A CHANCE IN HELL once she was there she never got it her manager then said there were implementing goals you have to reach in order to get it I forgot to tell you that every 3 months that goes by & you don't reach those goals till Christmas you lose $1500 off your bonus after Dec your SCREWED no bonuses for anyone LOL what a JOKE & yes its all based on your scoring YES rogers actully screens every call that goes thru there centres LOL DRONE CHECKERS I call them totally usless & by no means have any idea how to grade someone on there performance oh yes they have KEY words in a script that they have to hear on a call to get the grade LOL talk about usless screening what a friggin conspirecy in the mangement depts. all ROGERS want to do is PISS people off to SAVE MONEY mmmmmmm its like the lottery everyday there but no-one actaully wins cause its fixed managers
trying to save there own asses again to conspire with each dept. daaahhh lets fail Billy this week so he does not get his scores high enough to get his raise HA HA HA HA next is ...... lets see whos the lucky idiot today Duh.... GET WITH THE PRORGRAM ROGERS you pay your employees good & a great employee packages but TREAT YOUR EMPLOYEES BETTER & YOU WILL GET MORE FROM
THEM & YOUR 500,000 subscribers will treat your call reps & other people better now that you have billing service outlets at your VIDEO outlets do you not think that is a wrong move as well KIDS are there to rent movies kids should not be subjected to an outrageous customers in a video store
CLEAN UP YOUR ACT we are your bread & butter we pay your saleries PEOPLE would you not like to get a call from a customer to have them just say I AM HAPPY WITH THERE SERVICE for a change guess not oh by the way would you belive that rogers employees actaully have to pay for ther own Christmas party this year LOL send me a I HATE ROGERS T SHIRT I will wear it to the party LOL anyways theres some of the inside scoop at rogers....... will love to share more with you take care GREAT SITE


Well there you have it — THE INSIDE SCOOP! Although I can not personally purport any of this information to be true, I would like to thank you for submitting it. Out of curiosity, does your computer have spell check? But seriously, if I send you an official I HATE ROGERS T-Shirt, I want a picture of you wearing it at the party. I’ll block out your face and post it. Do we have a deal?

To: [email protected]

From: R. T.

Date: November 29, 2002 1:24 AM

Subject: WIRELESS alternative / suggestion

I work for a company called PageNet Canada, and there are few people who have a hate on for Rogers more than I do. I was surprised not to find PageNet on your sight as an alternative for Paging and RIM wireless e-mail coverage. check out to see what we have (unless of course you have a "I hate PageNet," sight I don't know about.

Good sight though...
R. T.
Major Accounts Manager
PageNet Canada Comments

See Wickens?? That is a "WIRELESS alternative / suggestion".

No, R. T., my hate is pure and undiluted. I have no hate for PageNet. As a matter of fact, I have never heard of the company. However, the link is now available at as part of the alternatives section for Wireless Alternatives

To: [email protected]

From: Mike B.

Date: December 2, 2002 12:30 PM

Subject: First Priority: Rogers...Last Priority: Customers

I'm happy to say that I am now an ecstatic customer of Star Choice. But in the bad old days, when I was still enslaved by the dark overlords at Rogers Cable, the following event took place which elimated any doubt I may have had that Rogers didn't give a damn about their customers.

About 4:00 PM on a Wednesday, the cable suddenly went off. Since I was used to having the cable go off for a few minutes all the time, I didn't bother trying to call Rogers right away. But after about 15 minutes I decided to risk entering the gates of hell by calling Rogers. For about 1/2 an hour I just got a busy signal every time I dialed. When I finally got through, I was put on hold, and after an hour I finally quit and hung up the phone. The cable finally came back on around 9:00 PM, about 5 hours later. The next day, on "must see Thursday", the cable again went off around 4:00 PM. Fearing that I would miss "Friends", (which I did end up missing), I got on the phone and stayed on hold until I got through, almost 2 hours later. I told the woman about the cable going off the day before for 5 hours, and that it had gone off again today at about the same time. She checked and then advised me that the loss of reception was due to a Rogers crew doing scheduled work to upgrade the system in our area. I suggested to her, as politely as I could manage with steam shooting out of my ears, that perhaps doing scheduled repairs during primetime viewing hours was not such a good idea, and that perhaps they should do this work after midnight in order to minimize inconvenience to their customers. Her response, and I swear to God this is true, was that Rogers would have to pay overtime if they did the work that light at night!!! The fact that she would come right out and tell me this, shows the callous disregard for customers that totally permeates the entire Rogers organization.

If you are currently using Rogers for cable TV, Internet, cell phone, or anything else, I strongly urge you to quit them as soon as possible. These idiots will not see the light until they have absolutely no customers left, so lets try to achieve that goal as quickly as possible.

Mike B. Comments

Mike, may I call you brother?