To: [email protected]

From: Anonymous

Date: September 23, 2003 4:31 PM

Subject: I told you about hooking up your own cable


I just finished all of the hate mail; these people have no sense of irony.  I'd like to tell you as much as I can about the way Rogers operates in response to the 'anonymous' email from Kerry D. 

(Located through this Link — ANONYMOUS 1st link at the top)

Please post this.  I was told as a field rep for a company contracted to Rogers (who quit because she was not paid a living wage) that the earliest a tech can be scheduled depends on whether there is one in the area who is free.  Generally there is not and we are told this in training so as not to get customer's hopes up which would just make them more angry.  Usually, they are able to respond within 24hours.  This is what the reps tell irate custies.  You may already be thinking 'Hey, Rogers isn't open 24hrs' and you're right.  So this becomes more than 24hrs most of the time.

For the people who keep saying that Rogers just make mistakes, it is not the mistakes they make that are the issue.  Everyone makes mistakes.  It is their corporate culture that makes them so repugnant and that's stuff they do on purpose!!  They, like all companies, exist to make money true; but as a consumer who works hard for her money and incidentally, works in customer service overseeing a whole department, I prefer to give my money to companies I feel deserve it, if I spend it at all.  FYI some people think that companies exist as a part of society and thus have an ethical, social obligation to provide good service, quality products, living wages for their employees including benefits, and other forms of community support.  Have you ever seen a Rogers little league team?  I haven't.

Again, please withhold my email and my name because the people who write you hate mail are insufferable boobs and I don't want any of them contacting me.

You can post that dis if you want to though, I rather like it.  Cheers, Anonymous

P.S. I want a T-shirt but am poor.  Please pick me as the winner, I'll wear it every day under my other clothes so I can change into AntiRogersGirl whenever I am needed. Comments

You are tough to disagree with AntiROGERS Girl. So I won’t bother. You are also definitely in the running for a Super Fine I HATE ROGERS T-Shirt.

To: [email protected]

From: Dominick B.

Date: September 23, 2003 8:17 PM

Subject: Wow

I just popped on over to your page…saw your link on

I haven’t even looked at any of the content yet, but just by seeing the first page I know I’m gonna be in for a good read. 

What an INCREDIBLY well-done, well-put together site.

Dom Comments

Although that may not be a "Rant", how can I ignore this well thought out individual’s submission. This is really an intelligent person who needs to be heard. Thanks Dom.

To: [email protected]

From: David

Date: September 24, 2003 10:30 AM

Subject: My Rogers Frustrations.


Rogers is great.

Other than the 2 hour waits for tech support, The dimwitted tech support guys, the uninformed customer service reps, the slow download speeds, the slow upload speeds, the unreliable cable modems, the fluctuating network speeds because of neighbours, customer service reps don't know what is happening, tech support doesn't understand the words "RELEASE MY IP ADDRESS", their highspeed internet service is $16 a month more than an ADSL service that is twice as fast offered by another company, they make partnerships with unreliable companies like @home, they have a monopoly on the highspeed internet in many areas, there cell phones are unreliable, there cell phones are overpriced, the cable technicians that come to your house don' t know what they are doing, when I was with them I couldn't seem to keep an IP address, they don't let me run FTP servers.

Other than that they are a great comany.

David Comments

If that’s your argument for ROGERS being a great company, I have to agree. They are a great company, except for their services, products, employees, methods, billing, etc. I see your point. Maybe I’m too hard on them…LOL.

To: [email protected]

From: Mike B.

Date: September 24, 2003 8:08 PM

Subject: Rogers sucks!

I bought a used cell phone from Rogers, ordered it online.  This is our 2nd phone with them, had 1st one for 2 years, no problems.

It came quick, and "functional"
30 days later, my 1st out of town trip, I couldn't make any calls.  At first, I noticed this between London and Toronto, on the 401.  Thinking maybe I hit a deadspot, I don't give it any more thoughts…  Next time I try, I'm inside the SkyDome (Jays Opener) and it's not working…  Now I'm thinking it's the roof… But the girl in front me of, she's using the phone, and turns out, she's using a Rogers phone…  On the whole drive back, I keep trying every 5 minutes.  Only when I'm really close to London does the phone work again, the rest of the time, a message would tell me I'm roamin on the Bell Mobility network, call can't proceed.

I call the very next morning.  They blam this to a network glitch.

2 weeks later, another out of town trip.  And shortly out of London, phone becomes useless.  Upon returning, I call them about this.  Again, network issue.

This went on and on for 2 months.  8 out of town trips, called in to have each incident recorded.  I even carried the other phone on a trip, when mine died, I used the other to call them to tell them.  They couldn't say network issue again… I asked the guy what address I could send this to so he could see this, as apparently this has never happened to them.  That was refused.  Another ticket was opened for this incident, some other dept would look into this.  1 week later, no update, I called.  Ticket closed, they figure it's a network issue….

Eventually, I had enough… I'm on the phone, and I tell the 1st guy that answers that we're not getting off the phone until it works, or a replacement comes.  They walk me through all kinds of phone programing steps, and then eventually say "Yeap, it's a physical problem with the phone, you'll have to send it in.  Oh wait, the warranty on it expired 8 days ago, it will cost you"

90 day warranty on the phone, been calling in this problem for over 60 of those days.  Argue and argue with them that this issue is theirs to resolve.  Nothing doing.  They give me 2 choices, pay for repairs, or buy new phone.  I'll always remember this line "Rogers in not in business to hand out free phones".  But they are in business to sell you defective used ones, and not help you with warranty.

I cancelled my 2 phones on the spot.  I did manage to get "SOME" credit towards the air time I couldn't use for the 2nd cell phone.  Imagine that, you who lives out of London had the same service w/o a phone in your hands as I did.  But I had to pay for it.  I had to pay for the right to carry a phone that had no chance of sending or receiving calls while I was away from home.

I quickly proceeded to cancel high speed and cable TV with them.  And I've since told everyone to avoid at all cost!!!

Rogers lost $150/month from me because they wouldn't help me with a $80 phone… Unbelievable.

To Alcohol!  The cause, and solution, to all of life's problems! (Quote from Homer Simpson I believe) Comments

Alas, I wish it were unbelievable. ROGERS is a bunch of backward ass dipwads. Their motto should really be, "Penny wise and pound foolish, right to the bitter end, because we don’t need your stinking business!" So let everyone you know, know how you were treated by those robbers.

I have received a plethora of e-mails from people with the same complaint. They would rather lose that $1,800 a year from you than admit what they sold you was a piece of crap that belongs in the garbage. How did they know you would actually try to use the damn thing?

To: [email protected]

From: Tyler J.

Date: September 26, 2003 8:50 AM

Subject: God Forsaken Organization

Ok, I am so pzzd!  I just recently moved from one address to another one.  Well, I call Rogers to forward my final Cable bill to my new address.  Finally at the Beginning of the month I receive my Bill.  Well, Being as I moved, and the bill is for 45.00, I let it go for a couple of weeks until I get settled in.  Within 2 weeks of receiving my final invoice for a whopping 45.00, they are threatening to send me to a collection agency.  Ok, I guess that is fine.  I phone them to report my payment,  and those GDMF's already sent me to the third party collection agency with 6 days of that notice being printed.  That is not even enought time for the freaking mail to get to me.  I HATE those Fukn losers!!! We are all bending over and Rogers is holding the broomstick.  I HATE THEM!!!!!!

Tyler J., Toronto Comments

We’re not ALL bending over. I think this site has contributed to many people switching from the evil clutches of this horrible company. Please don’t tell me that you still use them. I was reading your e-mail waiting to discover who you switched to, but there’s no mention of you switching. Maybe you forgot to mention that you don’t use them any more, or maybe you like that broomstick…