To: [email protected]

From: jd

Date: October 2, 2003 1:51 PM

Subject: great site

This site is awesome.

Right from the 2/12 year old designed knock off of the Rogers site, to the great replies to the letters.

Not only is there a alot of truth, but it's freakin' funny too!

As far as the Rogers employed ass kissin' keaners go, ask if they've ever noticed how the general mood of every department on every floor at 333 Bloor St. is miserable and crapy, then ask them, why is that?

I hope to hear you on one of thier morning radio shows one day (lol), or maybe your own cable show? (Shaw Cable and/or CHUM FM...try Derringer at Q107. He's a warped enough to interview you)

Anyway....keep tellin' it like it is brother

All the best


PS. Please keep me anonymous Comments

You’re damn right this site is awesome!!

Once again, not really a rant but the intelligent opinion of this person can not be ignored! I would love a little air time. People seriously need to know there are alternatives to ROGERS. More importantly though, that there are MONEY SAVING alternatives to ROGERS. Sacrifice nothing and reap the benefits…does that sound so terrible?

To: [email protected]

From: Bill Melater

Date: October 7, 2003 12:15 AM

Subject: Epilogue to the ass reaming

Just thought that I would send you and update to my earlier rant (Bill Melater June 24, 2022).

(Located through this Link — Bill Melater 1st link at the top)

After writing the rant, I still felt I needed vindication since I was still out $165.  I considered small claims court and naming some of the senior execs at Rogers as defendants.  Heck, it only costs $50 to subpoena someone and I figured that the court costs would be worth the entertainment factor. 
After some further thought, I decided to abandon the idea because I felt that Rogers would consider it a win if I had to take a day off work to attend court.  Besides, the fucks would probably send a lawyer who would only try to delay the trial, causing me to miss more days of work.

Instead, I filed a complaint to the CRTC.  It was really easy using the handy dandy on-line complaint form provided by our federal government at   Finally, my tax dollars actually working for me.  Well, I got a confirmation in the mail and someone actually called me to say that the CRTC did not have jurisdiction over wireless carriers.  "Just great", I say.  Anyways, the friendly government worker tells me she's going to forward my complaint to Rogers on behalf of the CRTC.  I figure, at least they'll have to deal with this and probably spend more time than the $165 they ripped off of me.

I wasn't holding my breath over a timely response from Rogers, so I called Bell to switch to Sympatico.  The installation was painless and I ended up saving $20 per month for three months because they had a special on high speed.  I daresay that the speed is faster than my Rogers so called "Hi Speed".  At the end of the 3 month trial, I also get my long distance calling plan for free and 120 free long distance minutes a month.  That's another $17 per month savings... forever.  Thank you for screwing me Rogers, 'cause now I end up actually saving money each month by going with Bell.

The next thing I do is cancel my Rogers Digital service and downgrade my cable package.  That's another $10 savings a month, plus I'll not spend any more money on Rogers by using their pay-per-view service.  The nice part was that they sent a guy to my condo to pick up the cable modem and the digital decoder.  Thanks Rogers, saved me a trip to the cable store.   When I phoned in my cancellation, the guy says "if you decide to come back to Rogers, you'll incur an installation charge."  Yeah, right... like I'm ever coming back... and thanks for the nice parting note, scumbag.  I guess they just don't get it.   I wonder what genius at Rogers came up with the "tell our most valuable customers that we'll screw them the second they decide to come back" marketing plan?

Now the real surprise.  Some guy from Rogers calls me to say that they received my CRTC complaint and he was personally assigned to my file to see what Rogers can do.  "Nice", I say to myself... "it takes an external complaint before someone at Rogers actually cares."  Well, the guy reviews my entire file and gets back to me and says that he'll credit my account another $80, so that I'll only end up paying about $85, which was the amount I used to pay with my unlimited service in the first place.  I'm thinking, don't look a gift horse in the mouth.  I thank the guy profusely, pay my last bill and now my account is closed forever.  The guy actually seemed to
be sad that I got rid of or downgraded all of my other services.  Felt kind of bad actually.... NOT!  If they had treated me like that in the first place, they never would have lost over $1,500 a year in services from me.   I wonder when they'll learn to do it right the first time.  Would have saved
both Rogers and me a ton of aggravation... and it ended up costing them a significant revenue stream as well. Comments

I certainly do remember your first RANT and your excellent use of expletives. Who can blame you? I also got to tell my story about my satellite dish and the ever-sucking "condo association".

For people that think I just have a chip on my shoulder, here’s proof of all the money you can save by switching from ROGERS to their competitor(s). You won’t just save money, you’ll see better service, caring company reps and your sanity will increase by at least 60%. Way to go "Bill"! Keep spreading the word and never look back.

To: [email protected]

From: Sunny L.

Date: October 7, 2003 1:59 PM

Subject: I really hate Rogers!


I feel so much better that I'm not alone on this.  

I just had to bitch about Rogers' customer service and how they are nothing but thieves.  To note, this is just one of many bad experiences I had with them.

I made a call to the Rogers customer services for the charges that was made to my father's cell phone bill. He tried to cancel the services for very long time, but for some reason they just won't let him.  So, okay. he stopped paying them, and they cancelled his service.  Then they made a call saying, if he pays whatever the balance is, then they will cancel it for him.  So he agreed and paid for the last balance to the penny, and  then they started sending bills again.  Hrmmm.. So I had to make a call to them to discuss what the charges were. 

In summary, after discussing the fact that he wants to cancel the service, and made the last payment, they REINSTATED him on the service, charging another $30 for REACTIVATION, and regular monthly fees.  They had the notes saying "He called in to cancel and agree to make final payment"  Then it says, "he didn't call back to cancel" ...##%&**#..  Are they stupid?  or are they just plain theives?  If he agree to pay the final payment for CANCELLATION, and THEY KNOW THIS, why would they reinstate him back on the service after the FINAL payment?  It should've been marked as "Cancel service at receiving the final payment", not "When he pays the money, reinstate him and start robbing him again! teehee"

After 2 hours of "conversation" with the customer service, well.. mostly holding, the guy gives me lousy $32 credit on over $160 bill (services which he didn't use at all).  When I asked him to wave the reconnection fee, his response was, "I'm only giving one of them, I can do that instead, then you will be losing money.  I can do that too."  I don't know, I think he was threatening me with $3 discount. WOOOOO~~ I'm really scared. 

At this point, I hung up and looked for others who are not satisfied with Rogers' services.  This is a great site!!

So, in short, I really really REALLY hate ROGERS!

Thank you for listening. 
S.L. Comments

This company ROGERS is just sickening! They lie to their customers, gouge them whenever the opportunity presents itself and no one does anything about it! They are too big for the Better Business Bureau and they run the freaking CRTC!! On top of that, their head monkey, John Tory now has political aspirations. Gee…I wonder if he has some agenda with running an entire city???

Can you imagine if Toronto’s police, fire and other emergency and social services are controlled by this lunatic? What can be expected? Will 9-1-1 will only be accessible through the ROGERS network?? Will the fire dept. will make you sign a contract before they extinguish your house…and if they use more than the agreed amount of water, will it cost extra? Will ambulance drivers yield their vehicles to ROGERS installers?? Stop the insanity! Cancel your ROGERS’ services and vote for anyone but John Tory!

To: [email protected]

From: Chloe D.

Date: October 9, 2003 11:08 AM

Subject: I hate Rogers too…

About two years ago I was working for a Rogers radio station in Alberta...I worked there for a little over a year when word got out of cut backs and layoff' our great relief however, our larger sister station set up a big party for us at the small station, as reassurance that our jobs were safe...after being wined and dined, we were assured by our boss that our jobs were safe and they would do whatever it took to keep us within the company should something happen...We left the party feeling drunk, full, and quite satisfied and confident that we would be ok...You can imagine my shock when I received a phone call from my boss saying that my position had been terminated as a result of the cut backs...when asked if I would be getting my old position back (the one I had before I was promoted) I was told that yes I would...i waited and waited and never heard back, after a series of traced calls and dozens of messages to my boss, still nothing...I tried for month's to get a hold of him and he never ONCE returned one of my calls...perhaps he was still suffering the consequences of coming out of the closet, none the less, that wasn't my problem and I never understood what I did to be treated the way I was. It turns out they never gave me my old position back because the new and very inexperienced girl who replaced me was cheaper than I was...(they figured because she was less experienced and did not hold proper credentials for the position, they would not be obligated to give her a raise nor promote her...they figured she would be perfectly happy working the same job for the same awful pay for years to come) there you have it...a classic tale of being "fucked over" to the best of a company's abilities...To this day my boss has never provided me with the reference he said he would give me to help me get another job...the last I heard he was still wavering back and forth with his sexuality, and the station has gone down hill...from a well respected station run by 8 credible individuals, so being run by 2 co-hosts and a high school student.  Way to go Rogers...and THANKS by the way for turning me off from the industry all saved my life... Comments

I think you’re vague enough about where you worked that I don’t have to worry about outing your boss, which by the way I certainly can’t confirm or deny. I also don’t think it was worth mentioning, but people say the strangest things when they're upset.

We have seen in the past that ROGERS cares as much for their "cogs in the wheel" as they do for their customer base. That by the way is very little. However, it seems that you’re mad at one person, specifically your boss. But what the hell…it’s close enough to a "ROGERS" rant for my liking. Good luck with your future employment.

To: [email protected]

From: Carole or Dan

Date: October 11, 2003 6:09 PM

Subject: x-box and crappy reception Victoria

One year ago we made a major mistake.  We dropped our telus account because my 16 year old daughter wanted one of those x-boxes that she saw on tv.  First of all there was a major drop in reception quality here in Victoria,B.C. making the phone useless in most places, but worst of all the x-box has broken down 4 times and is currently away again.  Is there anyway to get out of these contracts as we have one year to go.  Thanks for your help. Comments

This rant is a real puzzler. It seems to be missing some key information. Like, for example, stating somewhere that your cell phone service is currently through ROGERS. See, that would make it a "ROGERS Rant". I’m taking a leap of faith and assuming that is the situation here.

I really can’t advise you on how to get out of your contract. If you check the following link you may find someone to answer your question. It’s a forum for mobile phones. Simply scroll down the page after clicking on the link and look for "Provider Discussion" and you’ll find a link for ROGERS. Post your question there and someone may be able to help you out. Good Luck.