To: conta[email protected]

From: Dario A.

Date: October 12, 2003 10:33 PM

Subject: True Story


Pertaining to lousy customer service...

I work for a large retailer that sells Rogers phones. A while back, a lady came in and was very interested in a Rogers phone + plan (something like a phone... which was crap... and 4 months of service for 100$ or something...) she asked if there were any activation fees. Wanting to give her the correct info, being the good salesman/CSR that I am, I called the Rogers activation number to ask them. After what seemed to be a long time on the phone, I finally spoke to someone.Their response to the lady's question: No activation fee. Great. I passed the info on to my customer. She was surprised, then happy, then skeptical, then highly doubtful. She kindly asked if I could call Rogers again, just to be certain. I did, spoke to a different person, and they said the same thing. My customer was very happy, and bought the phone. Another satisfied customer.

But lo and behold, the saga did not end there...

The very next day, the woman came back to me to return the phone. The reason: It seems that when the woman called Rogers to activate her phone, she was very surprised to hear that there actually was a 50$ activation fee, and then another fee to pay at the end of the 4 months of so called "free" service to keep the line either in pay-as-you-go or monthly plan.

I've heard similar stories from my co-workers.

BTW: I've been with Bell, Telus, and Rogers for my cellular services (all of which sucked  when it comes to customer service). I was recently hired at Fido (and still in training) and I can honestly say that from what training I've had and calls that I've heard in training (live calls, no recordings) Fido has the best customer service, hands down. Friendly, knowlegdable, empathetic and highly trained CSRs and managers, not to mention a great set of software applications to manage customer accounts. My friends who have been with Fido for cellular service have been telling me this since the begining. Comments

Just another example of how confused everyone at ROGERS is. I totally agree with you on Fido’s CSRs. Currently I also use Telus, but thankfully in over a year I have not had one reason to contact them after activating the phone. Bottom line is any of these alternatives are more viable than stinking ROGERS.

To: [email protected]

From: Roxanne D.

Date: October 15, 2003 11:54 PM

Subject: note to you and a rant

Rogers has horrible customer service.. Why?
1. I had ROGERS CABLE  in my residence and I was doing a post-grad course in College, and one day ROGERS had a table set up at the school they were offering extra channels and a discounted month of service. As I walked by a woman jumped out and asked me if I wanted to take advantage of this "great deat" I told her I already had their cable and she replied: "Turn it off and turn it on under your roomates name. It's easy." I said ok then filled out the form to turn my cable off and then a form to turn it on again under my boyfriend's name. They set up a date/time and said it is easy to do, you just need someone at home. So the day came and I had to leave for a couple of hours, a student who I was renting a room to was home to let the "trained professional" in, he came and turned off the cable, but didn't turn it on again.

2. I called Rogers when I got home and they said the same guy that turned the service off couldn't turn it on again. I argued that it was supposed to be done at the same time, but obviously I couldn't win. So the new guy was coming on Thursday (2days away) some time in the afternoon, but I only
needed to have someone home. I had class that day so the same student was home to let him in. The new Rogers guy for some reason, decided to run a whole new line! So I get home and there's a new hole in my house new cable down my wall - (the old cable hanging next to it.) I called Rogers to complain and they had nothing to say at one point the operator even said "He wouldn't have done that."  It was extremly frustrating situation.

3. The next month they sent me a bill with an extra $30.00 charge I called them and was told it was an "extra line charge" I lost it and the best they could do was take $13 off the charge that I shouldn't have had in the first place!

4. During this whole bill discussion I hadn't actually paid my bill because I was unsure of the amount I was going to end up having to pay. Since I did not pay the bill, they came out and posted a note on my door saying that I haven't paid the bill (1 1/2 month late), and that because someone came to my house there is another $25 charge!

I had enough so I went to your site for an alternative. Just wanted to thank you again for offering a way for customers to find companies, and companies a chance to be seen. Comments

ROGERS really is the most incompetent bunch of retards you can deal with. What caught my attention about your rant first off was how their sales person talked you in to a bit of deception, "Turn it off and turn it on under your roommates name. It's easy." Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. BASTARDS!

The good news is you found a new provider. May I suggest for Internet if you’re ever in the market, check out (wink).

To: [email protected]

From: cherie g.

Date: October 19, 2003 8:00 PM

Subject: i hate rogers

We moved to a new house in Brampton. We ordered Rogers hi-speed internet around March '03, it didn't work for 2 months and finally they said it was my computer. I told them that I had Rogers at my old house with the same computer and it work properly.  They said maybe I need a new one, so I upgraded my computer system and again it still didnt work. Until a technician came and check my system, and he said my computer was fine but the modem was not working.  They replace my modem and cahrge me the 2months there was no service.  I complain and they said they can only credit me 45 days I said that is fine better that nothing.  I would connect on low peak hours and when high peak hours come I am not able to connect so I told them this problem.  Its been 7 months and nothing has been done and they decide to charge me the full amount of $44.95 after I informed them of my issue.  I called the customer service line and spoke with a rude supervisor named AMAR and he said he cant give me any credit because the last time I called was
on Sept 12.  He meant to say I had to call everyday I cant connect.  I told him I told you guys of the issue, you choose not to do anything about it. I decided I would only use my internet on low peak also stupid me I would assume because of several phone calls and record they have that they would take it into consideration not to chage me full prize since I was only using 1/2 the service. he said no I sign an agreement and thats the end of it. I asked him what about your end of the bargain to satisfy your customer who has been loyal to them for 10 years.  He said nothing he can do about the issue with my internet and I had to pay for the bill.  I told him to go F***himself coz I am not paying and I will be taking further action for the rude customer service he gave me. Comments

They really are such rat bastards. Although, it’s near impossible to get something for nothing, it’s so easy to have to pay something for nothing with this company. Even when you do call to complain about down time you need a ridiculous amount of patience to stay on the phone for the 1 hour it takes before anyone answers your call. And then you’re just telling them something they usually already know.

I remember calling them once, hearing a recording telling me that they knew "connectivity" was down in my area and they didn’t know when the problem would be resolved. So they knew my service was down. They knew I was not getting the service they agreed to provide. Was there a credit on my bill for this lapse in service? Yeah right. That’s the kind of bullshit these pricks specialize in.

The best way to tell them to go "F*** themselves" is to cancel and find an alternative!

To: [email protected] (again, not hate mail for me)

From: David B.

Date: October 22, 2003 5:10 PM


Let me count the ways, Yeah rogers sucks.  Here's the deal, I cancelled my "VIP" digital cable service and my internet service all on the same day.   My bill left owing was about $ I figured I'd pay them $25 bucks every two weeks till it was paid.   Oh you'll never guess what they did....oh Yeah...YUP... they put it in COLLECTIONS.  Well I'll be darned!!!  No notification or nothing, just bammm off to collections.  I didn't know if you paid a bill it could go to collections,  oh, sorry I mean a rogers bill.  So I guess all you out there considering a satellite dish just remember don't bother to make any payments on your Rogers bill, the collection agency will call and remind you to do it for them.  They told me it clearly states that the unpaid balance must be paid in 30 days.  Wow, guess we all are fucked with our visa bills.  Funny part is it doesn't say anything like that on my bill, just on the one they sent me that I didn't get... but they asssured me that it was sent.  Wow if I knew getting fucked up the ass was so fun I would have found a partner of the same sex long ago.(appologies to anyone that may offened) So anywho, I must go see whats on my Bell dish tonight.... maybe a free pre VU.  Good Luck to you all!!! Comments

Collections for a bill that’s being paid? The collection agency’s job would have been to work out a payment plan with you like, $25 every 2 weeks.

I would have told the collection ageny, "Look I was going to pay $25 every 2 weeks, but since ROGERS has gone to so much trouble to find work for you, I’ll make it worth your while. Let’s work out a new plan and you can take the credit for getting me to pay. From now on, I’ll pay $2.50 a month. I’ll send you in 85 post dated cheques and by 2010 we’ll be squared up."

Enjoy your ALL DIGITAL CHANNEL selection, something ROGERS can’t offer!

To: [email protected]

From: squids--

Date: October 27, 2003 2:18 AM

Subject: i’m sorry..

..Im so very sorry, that there are people who still have to live with the horror... I have blocked much of it from memory...

My parents had it for years before I moved out, and I had it on my own for a year until I moved to montreal and switched to bell (who I am not crazy about, but the internet service has been spotless).. just a letter of condolence, to you, or whoever you know, who still has or has ever had to
deal with the monster of Rogers Cable.

a cablecaust survivor,

-squids Comments

"Cablecaust" — I like that, very funny.