To: [email protected]

From: Jeff T.

Date: October 31, 2003 1:21 PM

Subject: Rogers rant

First off this site is hilarious and truthful at the same time.  I recently moved and Rogers, had a great deal on for cell phones.  I called up the number and gave them my information, they verified it and told me they were sending me an email version of the contract.  Day 1-7 no email, day 8 called to remind, day 9-15 no email, I called again. "Sure well get that out to you by the end of the day".  Day 16-20 no email.  Stupidly I figured because it was a good deal it was worth the frustration.  Called again, "Oh I'm sorry we don't seem to have any record of you", so I played along gave them my info again.  "The contract will be mailed out to you by the end of the day"  Sure it will be, and soon enough day 21-23 no email.  Well I stumble upon this site, and found alternatives to the bumbling idiots working at rogers.  Picked up a nice phone from bell, no problems.  Sure enough 2 weeks after I get the phone, Rogers calls me,  "Hi is Jason there", well
first off my name isn't Jason. We have your two phones ready to send you as soon as you fax back the contract.

At this point I pretty much told them off, I told them to cancel all the orders (which originally was only to be one), because I'm not signing the invisible contract and faxing it back.  "Oh I see, well I put a cancellation on your order, it should be done by the end of the day".

Well valuble lesson learned, I just wish I ran into your website earlier.
Keep up the good work


(P.S. God it felt good to rant about this, thanks). Comments

Well Jason, there you have it. Just kidding, I know you’re name’s Jeff. Hey ROGERS, I just helped another consumer find an alternative to you! They make it so easy. It’s like they don’t want your business. They were probably waiting till their offer expired to send you an agreement with all the small print explaining how they are about to rip you a new one. You did the right thing Jeff. Good Luck!

To: [email protected]

From: Assist-2-Sell

Date: November 2, 2003 4:43 PM

Subject: rogers

Customer support rude..must be white trailer trash.

Atlantic Canada GSM sucks.

High invoices. Comments

From the files of, "In 15 words or less — Bash ROGERS". Concise, to the point and I’d like all white trailer trash to accept my apology for this submitter who compared you to ROGERS employees.

To: [email protected]

From: John M.

Date: November 3, 2003 7:23 AM

Subject: I despise Rogers

So I had just moved into my new house and had scheduled for Rogers to install cable on that same day.  The installer was here at 4:00 p.m. I wasn't, needless to say he left.  Later that same day I called Rogers and they told me they couldn't send another installer for 3 weeks!  I figure I had to wait since I was told by Bell that there was no internet service available in my area yet.  I have 5 kids, and no cable access for 3 weeks, that was hell in itself!  Well a few days later, the cable installer shows up at my door, I was just ready to kiss him thinking that he was here to install.  The moron then says to me "When I was here last time I left my drill on the phone box outside, do you have my drill?"  I told him I didn't but since he was here already why not install my cable.  He said he needed his drill to do that????  So even though I knew this wasn't true, I told him he could use ours, he said that he couldn't do that, but let him know if I came across it. (Yeah, right I'll do just that).  A few weeks later the cable finally gets installed.  Only problem is, no internet.

So this is when my real problem with Rogers starts.  Endless calls to CSR and speaking to technicians, them telling me it would be fixed in a few hours, days that later turns into weeks (yeah, you heard me WEEKS).  For 2 weeks after finally getting cable, I had no internet.  I would call them daily, sometimes several times daily, they would tell me the tech dept is working on it and it should be resolved very shortly, they offer me 2 weeks credit like they're doing me a favour, but that only stands to reason since I didn't have service for at least 2 weeks! 

One day I call them, its been 2 weeks without service, its 1 a.m. and tech support had told me earlier that day that the service would be up and running by this time.  I get tech support again and they tell me the same old and that it should be running in a couple of hours.  I ask to speak to the supervisor.  I'm on hold for about 10 minutes, finally guy gets on the phone (and swear to God this is what he says): "What do YOU want?!"  I say "Excuse me?  I've had no service .........."  He tells me "the guy you were just talking to you told you it will be fixed by later today, so what more do you want me to tell you?"  I advise him that I've been told that same song and dance for 2 weeks now, so I just want to know what exactly is going to be done by later today that cannot be done right now?  And while I've got him on the phone and he was being such a miserable prick, what is his name and title and operator # and who is his supervisor.  Guy tells me that he doesn't have a supervisor and that he works for himself and gives me a bogus operator #.  I kept on repeating myself and simply asking for name and supervisor.  Finally, guy says his name is Ardense or something like that and his supervisor is Pat.  Then he hangs up on me!  The next day I'm on the phone with CSR repeating my dealings with this asshole, they're being all apologetic and they tell me there is no operator by that # but they did manage to figure out who I was talking to and it was a tech supervisor in Ottawa.  I tell them I want to speak to his supervisor and they tell me that his supervisor will call me later today and that he will be reprimanded.  Well, the supervisor didn't call me later that day or the next and the one after that I called again, and again I was told that the supervisor got busy and they would call me later.  Well you know the rest of this story, it's been almost 2 months and no supervisor ever called.  I am just in process and making a formal complaint to the big wigs at Rogers but have no idea who that would be since no one from Rogers is telling me.  Do you know who I should forward my complaint to?

BTW, I cancelled my Rogers service the day after dealing with this moron, and it turned out that Bell ended up having internet service to my area after all.  The funny thing is, my last call to Rogers CSR that I advise them I was cancelling my service, the CSR was all apologetic and literally begging me not to cancel and I said to her "You have that asshole's supervisor call me and I won't cancel my service today" (I would cancel it tomorrow).  She promised me that the supervisor would call me right away.  I'm still waiting for that call, it's only been 2 months, I'm sure it will be later today.


Pissed off in Cambridge Comments

Why do people who have an alternative stay with these monkeys? I have heard time and time again that their CSRs are rude and uninformed. They lie about what they’re doing and who they are and mistreat their client base right up until you want to cancel your service.

You want to complain to someone else? I feel your frustration, but why bother? Do you like run around that much? It’s really pointless. Believe me, I was fuming before I told them to cancel but I realized the higher you go up ladder, the bigger the weasels are. The best satisfaction you can get is to give someone else your business. If you get that guy fired, how do you know he won’t end up working for Bell? Aaaaaaahhhh…you see my point. Let that miserable prick you spoke to stay where he is and rot. He can only help drive people from ROGERS to the competition.

To: [email protected]

From: Fabian B.

Date: November 5, 2003 6:14 PM

Subject: Help me screw rogers

Hello fellow roger haters

I am so happy to have found this site. I have had nothing but bullshit from Rogers Wireless.

They would not address my complaints and their constant over billing, and at that time I owed them $300.00. I tried many times to come to an agreement and they would not budge. So I said stick it, and I demanded to be disconnected and never used the phone again and immediately switched to Bell. Because I was on a contract they kept billing me. I now owe them, according to Rogers $1,219.00.

My question is. Is there a way out of this? How can I screw Rogers??

Please forward this e-mail to someone with possible legal knowledge or Rogers inside information. Thanks!


Help me screw rogers Comments

First off I have to point out this site is not here to screw ROGERS. It’s here to provide a venue for people to find alternatives for their services and air grievances, complaints etc. If you have a legal matter that needs attention I’d suggest a lawyer. If you want to find someone who may have had a similar experience I’d suggest checking Residential Broadband Users Association – or Broadband Reports — for advice on the matter or find another forum for wireless users or contract law.

I guess the next feature for me to add to this site is a chat forum so I don’t have to keep sending people elsewhere.

To: [email protected]

From: E P

Date: November 5, 2003 10:22 PM

Subject: rogers internet / service rant


I had ("internet lite" $28/month) from rogers & asked to sample high speed($48/month) for free for 1 month, they said ok; we'll credit your account ($20) and call back if you don't want to continue w/high speed.

So, the month came and went and I called in and said switch me back to ("internet lite" $28/month)

Do you know what she said to me: "SURE, that will be a $25 reversion (aka BULLSHIT) fee".  She never mentioned this fee to me when i asked to try high speed for free, all they said was they will credit my account $20 and call back if you don't want to stay w/high speed.

Then I  said "they never mentioned this fee to me" and they responded; there is nothing we can do that is the charge for going back from high speed to internet light.

A long story short, I cancelled my Internet + cable b/c of the bullshit service charge/service and told them this is how they loose customers b/c of BULL SHIT service like this.

Currently, I am enjoying AEI internet and I have satellite tv.

AEI($32/[email protected] 1.2 mps connection)
- only if you buy your own modem otherwise it's $42/month which is still $6/month cheaper than rogers high speed)

I would recommend AEI to anyone i've had it like 4 months now and i've never had a problem.

EP Comments

You have every right to be pissed off EP. That is a blatant rip off! A "FREE" trial upgrade with a surcharge for not keeping the "FREE" trial upgrade. What a bunch of motherf***ers! These rat bastards just don’t care about their client base. They’ll squeeze you until there’s nothing left to squeeze.

You switched and now you’re happy. See how easy it is people? Never look back.