To: [email protected]

From: steven l.

Date: November 6, 2003 5:53 PM

Subject: want a damn good rant

well i haven't been a rogers customer that long, but this little story takes place over three months, i bought a cell phone from them and it never seemed to work properly but i just let it go cause of the area im in. but one day i turn on my phone and i have no serivice so i of course very angry i walk into my nearest rogers and they tell me it might be 6 weeks before i get it back. so i fliped cause i have a business to run plus i use it like a house phone. anyway they send it way for a week and when it comes back they can't fix it so i have to wait another 10 days for a cheap piece of crap that i can't stand and of course it worth like 10 bucks at the most. Not $300 that i paid for my phone. It didn't have any of the feartures that i had on my last so i call rogers and they tell me to go on this longdistance plan so i do thinking it would save me money and then they tell me that i only signed for 150 anytime minutes which my ccontract says i signed for 350 anytime minutes so they tell me that im mistanken so i pulled out my contract in rage and fucking sweared at them left and right and all they can say is fax the contract over so of course i try because they have been charging me for all the minutes i have gone over but remeber according to my contract i have 350 minutes so im gettting fucked since day one so i try to fax it over and i cant cause some bozo can't give me the right fax number and now with the other fax number i can't seem to fax it over . I really want out of my contract but i have only been with them for like 3 months so they owe me some big time cash there is no way that my bill is 120 each month, like give me a fucking break. I am so sick of rogers and they can kiss my ass.

very pissed off rogers customer Comments

You’ve got every right to be frustrated. You are definitely getting cheated. Why are you surprised though? I wish people would check sites like this before they made their decisions. It would save time, money and sanity.

A little advice — sending me an e-mail is not like chatting to me on MSN. Start your sentences with an upper case (capital) letter and take 15 seconds to use the freaking spell check.

To: [email protected]

From: Paul T.

Date: November 7, 2003 12:45 PM

Subject: INTERNET alternative / suggestion

Hey there,

I think it’s worth mentioning the Look also provides a cost-effective alternate high-speed Internet service. With Look, there’s the option of both Wireless and DSL connections. In addition, they also have "bundle" discounts for ordering Internet and TV similar to the Rogers and Bell bundles. Have a look at their bundle page here:

I’ve been with Look for TV and Internet for 6 months now after canceling my cable and Hi-speed Internet with Rogers. (I was finally fed up when they increased basic cable by a few dollars and Internet by 20% with less than 15 days notice.) I’ve been very pleased with the service so far and have experienced no outages (with the exception of the day after the big blackout.)

I figure that I’m now saving over 25% off of my monthly cable and Internet bill and am getting digital TV, more channels and more reliable Internet service with Look. (Comparing Rogers’ (Analog) Ultimate TV Pack + Hi-Speed Internet at 86.15 with Look’s DSL and Plus TV bundle at 63.95, before installation, taxes, equipment, etc. Granted, I had more equipment costs up front with Look, but I calculated that the payoff would be less than 8 months and the equipment will be fully paid for by then.)

Hope this helps…



P.S. Thanks for the entertaining site! Comments

A satisfied ROGERS customer is an Ex ROGERS customer. There you go people, another great, reliable and more cost effective alternative to ROGERS. There are so many out there. Don’t give these talking monkeys your hard earned dollars because as you’ll notice, before this submission, there are another 200 people that will tell you ROGERS just doesn’t appreciate your business.

I’m going to add Look Communications to the Internet Alternatives section A.S.A.P.


To: [email protected]

From: Melanie B.

Date: November 14, 2003 10:57 AM

Subject: I'm Lovin It and You'll Love My Rant - Watch for it in The Toronto Star

You are the BEST… I’m lovin what you have done and are doing, WAY TO GO!!!

Below you will find my Nightmare story with Rogers AT&T that I sent to Ellen Roseman at The Toronto Star Newspaper (Business Section), she just contacted me after receiving a response from Rogers AT&T and will be going with the story (hopefully in tomorrow’s edition, The Saturday Toronto Star). Rogers Communications Officer received a forwarded copy of my E-mail to Ellen Roseman to which she was asking for a comment from them. At 5:00 P.M. last night I received a call from the Vice President of Credit & Collections apologizing for all the wrong doing that had been done, she said she was, "Shocked, appalled, embarrassed and couldn’t believe that all the events had occurred in the manner they had". She advised me that she had her staff and all representatives that we spoke to involved with looking into our matter and every contact we had made from 9:00 A.M. that morning until the time she placed the call to me at 5:00 P.M. Nice to see them chasing their ass and bent over the barrel for a change <lol>.

At any rate Ellen Roseman is still going with the story and advised me she would do the article despite their resolution to my matter (which by the way was what they should have done in the first place). Ellen told me about your e-mail to her and your Web Site and told me to have and look and enjoy… well I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed your Web Site and initiative. I really want that T-Shirt!!! Actually three, one for each family member!

3 Official I HATE ROGERS T-Shirts? Consider it done Melanie!

Have a GREAT day! Keep up the good work!

P.S. Check out my business Web Site… you’ll have a laugh at the business I started in January 2003. Go to

Best regards,

Melanie B.

Melanie’s Story As Submitted To Ellen Roseman At The Toronto Star:

Dear Ellen,

I read your column often and have a story to tell you that I hope you will be able to publish and assist in it’s resolution as well as draw attention to the tactics that Rogers AT&T are pulling on their consumers. Here is my story.

I was diagnosed with a chronic health issue in May of 2002; I could have applied for disability but chose to work around my disorder instead. I am not capable of being employed full-time with a corporate company, as we all know they want healthy people they can work to death and anyone with disabilities or health issues won’t last.

Since January of 2003 I have worked hard to build a business, unfortunately with lack of help from the banks, corporations who keep the little guy out and the stress of building a business my health became worse. My financial situation has become desperate, medications that I needed to take to control my disorder were no longer affordable (partly due to utilities such as Enbridge, Rogers Cable and Rogers AT&T being completely inflexible and forcing us into what worked for them… pay, pay, pay… NOW).

I have wanted to write to you about my experiences with Enbridge and Rogers Cable before but had enough battles to fight. Well today I can’t take it anymore after going through the same unethical tactics of Rogers AT&T. My family has reduced our expenses and lifestyle wherever we could to try and survive and meet the basic necessities in life.

I had signed up for the Rogers AT&T cell phone two-year deal before I knew I wouldn’t be able to maintain a full time job and that I would be diagnosed with a serious chronic health issue. In July 2003 the finances were drying up and the spiral downward began, my bill to Rogers AT&T was in arrears and I have done my best to rob Peter, Paul and then anyone else I could find to keep all the utilities off my back and reduce the stress it was causing which was also aggravating my health situation.

On October 27th, 2003 a Rogers AT&T representative contacted me (Reps name: Rama) about my outstanding balance. I explained that I was not able to meet the payment arrangement made as Enbridge had put the hammer to us and was going to cut our gas off if we didn’t pay them, I had to choose what was most needed and that was gas supply. I explained to Rama that I had a medical condition and the plight we had been experiencing. At this point he offered me their 80/20 option, which means they would accept 80% of the outstanding amount. I took the day to think it over and contacted a Rogers AT&T representative the next day, October 28th, 2003 (Reps. Name: Ursula). I advised Ursula that I would accept the 80/20 option and requested cancellation of my service at the end of the contract (The contract I signed ended Nov. 2nd). Ursula informed me that the amount I would need to pay by November 20th, 2003 was $227.00. After this arrangement had been made I still received calls from Rogers AT&T requesting payment of the full amount and I had to inform them that arrangements had already been made. Then the other day I receive a letter from them in the mail (please see attachment of a copy of this letter) asking again to phone and make payment arrangements and informing me that my service had been reinstated!?!? Another part to this oh so frustrating story is that the phone I purchased when I signed up for the contract was only working intermittently in the summer of this year and the phone finally crapped out in August 2003. We took the phone to a Rogers AT&T authorized dealer as I had purchased the extended warranty, found out from the representative at the store that we would have to pay for servicing the phone and any replacement parts that may be required, so we needless to say did not get it repaired or even looked at.

Today (November 12th, 2003, eight days prior to the deadline) I went to a Rogers Video store and honored the 80/20-payment arrangement, agreement and commitment. I came home and phoned Rogers AT&T to report the payment and ensure that my request for the service to be cancelled as of the November 2nd, 2003 contract was done as asked for when I spoke to their Rep. Ursula on October 28th, 2003. The representative informed me that the 80/20 option would not apply if I were canceling my service!!!!! You can only imagine my reaction to this information. Long story short after trying to tell the representative my thoughts on the matter I was given the "it’s our policy", "I’m sorry you were misinformed by the two other representatives, but there is nothing that can be done" etc., I asked to speak to a Supervisor, by this point my Husband had to handle the talking from there on. Bottom line from the Supervisor is that we now still have an outstanding balance of $117.42 and will go to collections if it is not paid, reason for this amount is that I don’t qualify for the 80/20 option due to cancellation of a service my family cannot afford. Even after my Husband provided her with the time, date, location that the payment was made as well as the payment authorization number from the receipt he was told that no decision could be made for 48 hours until the payment was posted on their system and she would get back to him then with a decision in regards to our outstanding balance. She also advised him that we would have to call back after the payment had been posted to cancel the service (I guess so they can make some more money off of our backs for a few more days, just lovely) We can’t afford to pay this new amount and it is beyond me how I incurred such a high amount when my service has been suspended since September. My Husband did his very best to explain the entire situation to which they don’t seem to care if my Son is going without food and I without the medications I need to keep my disorder somewhat in control. . After mulling it over for a few minutes my Husband called back and told them to log the following in their computer system under our account "As far as we are concerned our account is paid in full and that any further balance should be sent directly to collections and we’ll take it up in court".

My Husband assured Rogers AT&T that we would be contacting you and that they should watch for this story if they think they can just steam roll over people without any consequences. This is so unjust that when they do send it to collections we are going to fight it in court no matter what it takes. Where is the accountability with these corporations… do I really still live in Canada? Can you trust anything a company representative tells you? Is it our fault the Representatives knew I was canceling and still accepted the 80/20 rule. I can’t sit on their end and ensure that what I am telling them is being logged correctly in the computer and from my experiences with all the utilities this year there is a high error rate in communications occurring. Much of this due to the outsourcing they have implemented, just look at the phone calls I received after making payment arrangements? The proof is in the pudding as the old saying goes.

I hope you find this story as disgusting as I do and would be willing to write an article about it. Please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail for any further details or information you may require. Thank you for your time and assistance.

Best regards,

Melanie B. Comments

Melanie, I don’t even know where to start with this one. You were treated horribly…beyond horribly. ROGERS looks at their entire customer base as a dollar sign, nothing more significant than that. The way they try to ‘nickel and dime’ people is shameful. What’s worse is the length that you had to go to, to resolve your issue.

To see Ellen Roseman’s article on line CLICK HERE

Melanie B. has over 20 years experience in Customer Service, Marketing, Production Planning and Sales. Check her website here -

Good Luck Melanie.

To: [email protected]

From: SpongeBob SquarePants

Date: November 14, 2003 11:07 AM

Subject: Same old crap

First some info... I have both StarChoice and ExpressVu satellite TV. I have worked for contractors both companies as a technical manager - in charge of network design for MDU's (multiple dwelling units - ie apartments, condos, townhomes). I also have C band (big dish) as well as free-to-air digital satellite and maybe even a couple of other services. There isn't a satellite service in North America that I am not fully familiar with, pros and cons.

I know a good product when I see it, and I know when customers are not happy with a product. I know how the products work.

So one day .....

Where I live (apartment building) Rogers re-wires the whole building so we "enjoy" high speed internet and (semi) digital television. Woohoo am I excited! NOT.

So now I have FULL cable package, which I do not pay for. After 6 months I get a letter - If I don't pay up my services will be cut off. BOOHOO I'm devastated - NOT. After a week I get the phone call....

RSD (Rogers Sales Droid): Hello Mr. XXXXX, this is... (blah blah blahblah).

Me: I don't want your service even if it was my only choice available.

RSD: Well we are the only provider in your building.

Me: We have Look TV (blech) as an alternative in the building, Personally I have gone to StarChoice, which is a much better product than your crap (I'm so eloquent).

RSD: Well with satellite you can't get local channels.

Me: Really. That's why I have every local Toronto channel plus locals from every other major city in Canada, which your service doesn't offer.

RSD: No, you can't get locals on satellite.

Me: Give me your email address and I'll send you a screen capture of my on screen TV guide. (Plus I'll spam the shit out of you and post your address all over the net)

RSD: No, I can't do that

Me: Then don't tell me I'm wrong when I'm looking right at the guide - you obviously don't know what your talking about except what your poorly written script tells you.

RSD: Well with Rogers you can watch on more than one TV at no extra charge, and you won't lose your signal when it rains.

Me: Not if I want similar programming - I have to rent your partially digital box and pay more than I would with satellite. And I never lose signal when it rains. (.. because I know how to properly install it and I went to larger than normal dishes, except on Bell, which I rarely watch. They made the mistake of advertising the shit out of having the smallest dish, which means the quickest to experience rain fade - plus their technology sucks the worst of any satellite tv company - but it's still better than Ted's (Rogers) product)

RSD: You would not pay more.

Me: You are so full of shit, would you like me to email you a price comparison on SIMILAR packages, not your Rogers nazi propaganda which instead of comparing apples to apples compares apples to rocks. (Plus I'll spam the shit out of you and post your address all over the net)

RSD: Mr. XXXXX there is no reason to use language like that.

Me: Yes there is , you're a fuckin moron who is reading lies from a script, trying to rip me off on a shit service.

RSD: Mr. XXXXX we offer the best product at the best price.

Me: You offer the shittiest product at the worst price.


Lo and behold, my cable was cut off the following week. Now every month I get a letter in my mail with the latest scam offer from Ted's droids. Up yours Ted, you suck.

Carry on Rogers haters !!! Comments

I like this SpongeBob SquarePants.

To: [email protected]

From: Jeff P.

Date: November 14, 2003 11:26 PM

Subject: Sick CRTC on rogers ... hurt them in the pocket book !

Hi There,

Rogers is starting to send nasty emails to users who download over their standards.  They are threatening to cut off service for 7 days.  They are doing this because they plan to offer a new service (at a significantly higher price) with higher download thresholds.  That is true greediness.  If you started a "Rogers Petition list" and contacted the CTRC, this would foil their plans big time...  Brand image is very important to Rogers...   You would be seen as a true a consumer advocate, a watch dog that keeps Rogers in check... suggest you start a new web site and call it

This would piss them off more than anything... to be able to ruin their greedy little plans...  Of course they will have lobbyist in Provincial and Federal Government that influence the CRTC to approve this ... but that is easy to overcome, just find out which politician they support(via political contributions) and advertise it on the website(that is legal)...  Think about it, that crook John Tory has gone into politics... I'm sure he will still have connections at Rogers....

You hurt them with the truth...

Jeff Comments

This is really a controversial topic as of late. Too controversial for me. I like to keep things relatively light. There are endless message boards and chat forums discussing it to death. If people don’t like the policy, then it’s just another reason to drop ROGERS as your ISP. With that said, I’m done.

Oh…one other thing, I’m not a crusader and I don’t want to keep ROGERS in check and I don’t care what the CRTC does either. I’m a lazy guy with a chip on my shoulder from being dicked around by ROGERS. I have no interest in being David to ROGERS’ Goliath. I’m just going to find someone better to deal with. ROGERS is too big to fight the way you suggest. So my advice is plain and simple, if you don’t like the service or the product or the treatment you receive, FIND AN ALTERNATIVE.