To: conta[email protected]

From: davs

Date: November 16, 2003 5:22 PM

Subject: Your web site

I just wanted to say thanks...

I think your website is wonderful.   I came across it by accident just browsing some forums about rogers.  I'm one of those "unfortunate" people who received a warning from them for excessive use of bandwidth...and cannot switch to dsl because its not available in my area.    So I guess that means I'm stuck with rogers for now.

Again, thanks....your website is wonderful... Comments

First off, thank you. You are a very intelligent and discerning person. This web site is wonderful. Secondly, go back to dial up. Dial up speeds have come along way to compete with DSL speeds and most importantly it’s not ROGERS. Check for your alternatives. Unless you want to continue supporting a company that could cut you off at any time.

To: [email protected]

From: CorSter

Date: November 20, 2003 12:18 PM

Subject: CorSter’s rant of the month……

Hey, my rant this time is about Rogers AT&T Wireless.... it's not my personal rant (I use FIDO) but rather a rant from one of my friends... got her phone at the end of 2002 and signed on a 2 year contract... She had a few problems with Rogers' swiss cheese... er coverage... and called them to ask when her contract was up, they said... "sometime in 2005"... so it looks like they put her on a 3year contract... but rogers doesn't even have 3 years...

No Contracts, Billing By the Second, Fido2Fido, Regretably, Only from Fido

CorSter.. Comments

I was starting to wonder where you’ve been CorSter.

Some friend you are…letting your friend sign up with ROGERS. The only decent thing to do is to entice one of the phone monkeys at ROGERS in to canceling your friend’s contract by trading him/her your official I HATE ROGERS T-Shirt. You know they’d kill for one.

To: [email protected]

From: Lana

Date: November 20, 2003 5:55 PM

Subject: Rogers is evil

Well my story might be even more fun than the rest!  I had bought a cellphone plan with rogers,  at the sametime as this other man.  Anyway,  I made my payments each month(which are ridiculously high) my balance was always low,  so I was very suprised to hear from the credit bureau last month telling me I had 4 hours to pay $400 for my unpaid rogers bills,  or it's gone to collections,  and my credit will be ruined.  I didn't know what the hell was going on,  considering I'm a 19 year old student,  with very little disposable income,  there was no way i'd be able to pay this.  I checked my balance,  and it was at its usual low,  so I call rogers,  spent 5 hours on the phone being transferred from supervisor to supervisor,  who were all rude and unable to speak english.  We discovered that my name was somehow put on this man's account,  and they put my social insurance number on it and he hadn't paid his bills.  Well,  this sure isn't my fault and I made that clear,  I then was told it was no longer in their hands,  it's somehow my fault and it's in the hands of the credit bureau now,  there was nothing they could do,  they were ruining a 19 year olds credit by no fault of her own,  and said it wasn't their problem.  So I called the lady from the credit  bureau she said that I need to find this man and have him call her with his social insurance number and the debt to be put on him.  So now,  all I have is this mans name,  have no idea who the hell he is,  called every person in the phonebook under his last name,  finally got ahold of his mother who told me he was at work,  i explained the situation,  and got his work number.  I have about 20 minutes left mind you to have this paid,  I have to call him at work,  I was fairly upset so I was talking rather sternly and he went on to say "stop being a bitch or I won't have it switched."  Finally,  I got him to call,  and the account was put in his name and the onus was on him.  That is 6hrs of my life that I will never get back over something I had nothing to do with,  that they tried to screw me for.  At least most people that have issues with rogers have issues about account that are their own. 

and P.S  I wanted to terminate my rogers service after all that had happen,  and they won't let me,  they said i'm bound to them for two years,  and I have to pay my minimum monthly fees whether I use the phone or not. Comments

Those Rat Bastards are evil, I agree. To be honest, everyone makes mistakes. But the thing that pisses me off so much with these _-brained dimwits is that they never accept responsibility for their errors. Five minutes before I reserved the domain name I was in a huge argument with ROGERS over why they were sending my bills to a house I owned and lived in years previous. Their excuse was I gave them those instructions. I couldn’t even remember the freaking address, but I gave them those instructions!?!?!

LANA: Hi ROGERS, yeah my name is Lana. I want a cell phone and I’m a millionaire student. Can you do me a favor please? Pick out any one else today that is also buying a cell phone and put my name on his bill. But can you pick a real dumb ass, so he’ll never inquire about why his name’s not on the bill? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, since I live in English speaking Canada, can you please try to ensure that if I ever call with a query I only speak to francophones with bad attitudes? I’m a millionaire student and I’ll pay extra for that service. Maybe I could like, not use the phone for 18 months and still pay for it, if that sounds fair?

ROGERS MONKEY: No problem, that’s called the number 2 plan.

To: [email protected]

From: Steve P.

Date: November 20, 2003 7:01 PM

Subject: My Rant

This is my story.

In Dec. 2002 I contacted Rogers to discuss coverage areas in Newfoundland, knowing at the time that I would be leaving Ottawa in March 2003 to return to Newfoundland. The person I spoke seemed very friendly on the phone. I asked her if there was coverage in my area of Newfoundland, the town of Conception Bay South. She assured me that there was coverage all over my area and that I would not have any problems whatsoever. I also checked the coverage maps on the Rogers website, which clearly shows my town, and the entire surrounding area as being in their Coverage Area.

I was happy with my phone while I was still living in Ottawa until March. I can honestly say I had no troubles in Ottawa with the phone at all.

Upon returning to Newfoundland in March, I noticed that the phone would not work in 95% of my town, and the majority of the surrounding area. All of which was clearly shaded on the Rogers Coverage Maps.

The following day I e-mailed Rogers and asked them why I was given false information about coverage areas. They told me that there was 'fringe' coverage in my area, and that there was no plan to upgrade services around, or in my area in the near future.  I replied again, asking them why they gave me false information. I received nothing back from Rogers.

A week or two went on, I wrote Rogers again with the same questions, this time I was told that they are "always upgrading their services". Still, this doesn't help me. So I replied again, asking why I had been lied to and why I was being told two completely different things. No reply.

I wrote again a few days later. No Reply.

Again, No Reply.

They were ignoring me.

Time went on, I continued to pay my Rogers monthly bills for months!

I tried contacting them once again, and I was told the same thing as above. So again, I e-mailed them back asking what they could do for me since I was given false information by their staff and website. I was told that the only thing I can do is find someone to take over my contract. How Obsurd!!! They said it was MY responsibility to find someone to take it over. Of course I replied with an angry e-mail. And Again, No Reply! Ignored!

After this point I said enough is enough, I stopped payments on my account.

A few months later I get a call from Rogers Collections wondering why I havn't been paying my bill. I told the man I was speaking with my situation, he was very friendly, and very understanding. He was actually trying to help me. He contacted the Wireless Network Techs who informed him that there was indeed very poor service in and around my area. The collections clerk then forwarded me to Customer Support in hopes of helping me get my problem sorted out.

This is where the story gets even more insane.

I start speaking with their Customer Service Agent, named Christine(the woman from hell). I asked her why Rogers would give me false information. She told me it was not the responsibility of Rogers to insure their customers receive correct information. She actually said exactly that!! So I said what can you do to help me? She told me that she could either cancel my account, and charge me the disconnection fee and charges for remaining months, or I could agree to an ADDITIONAL 2 year contract, and she would give me a better phone with a better antenna. I asked her if there was a guaruntee this phone was going to work in my area. She said no, but theres a 30min/day return policy.

I said fine. That sounds ok. I asked her if I was still responsible for all the charges for the months I never used my phone. She said Yes I am. I asked her why I should be charged for my phone if I was given false information by Rogers. She told me again that it wasn't the responsibility of Rogers to insure their customers get correct info from Rogers Staff or the Website.

At this point I became very upset at this woman from hell, and she refused to speak with me about the false information I was given. We went on to argue for several minutes, and she became very obnoxious, rude and just down right ignorant and started threatening my credit rating, I became very upset with this she-beast and slammed my phone down.

This is the last time I spoke with Rogers. And I will continue to not Pay them and I will continue to discourage all my friends, family and whomever else I speak with to AVOID ROGERS AT ALL COSTS!

This is my rant, it may not be well written, but every word is true.

Steve P. Comments

Your rant is absolutely well written and infuriated me. They openly acknowledge that they lied to you.

Do whatever you have to, to get them to sign. Once they sign, they’re screwed. That is essentially the sales course ROGERS gives their new sales people. Coverage, shmoverage, get them to sign!

I can’t disagree with you. I wouldn’t pay them a dime either. I faced their collections dept. and told them "Go f*** yourselves! Call me again and you’ll hear from my lawyer!" I don’t know if it affected my credit rating and I don’t care. If someone is threatening to screw me, the last thing I’m going to do is bend over and say, "Is that good? Can you screw me like this, or shall I reposition myself?"

To: [email protected]

From: Teabag

Date: November 21, 2003 8:25 PM

Subject: collection agency

My son had Rogers Cable for four months last winter.  At the end of the four months his bill came to over $4,000 dollars yes that is right.  You see my son was mentally sick last winter and Rogers was so kind as to allow him to charge 20 movies an hour on the digital box.  These movies were often entered at 2 minute intervals.  But wait, did they notice that the first bill went unpaid, of course not.  Did they notice the second bill went unpaid?  No they just automatically kept sending these ridiculous bills every month until the service was cancelled.  My son was put under doctors care and received welfare.  When I called and asked them to look into the billing as it was impossible for any one human to watch all these shows at once they said sorry but it was computerized billing and there was nothing they could do about it.  The order was keyed in.  Well I figure it this way had there been a real loss of revenue like real hardware product you bet they would have turned off the cable.  But since it was simply signal it wasn't costing them a dime and the bills would just keep escalating higher and higher.  Well I have been sending them payments on my sons behalf because he has no assets or funds.  At one point when he won some money we sent them $2,000.  Well there were no calls from credit collection or letters simply and invoice from Roger received monthly.  The other day we get a letter from a lawyer who has had the account turned over to him from Contact Resource Services.  He is threatening lawsuit if the account is not paid in full within 10 days.  I made the mistake of calling Contact Resource Services and asked why they had turned it over to a lawyer when we had been sending money to the account.  A hang up in my ear is what I got.  The lawyers suit is for an amount larger than owed since they didn't even have the uptodate balance.  All that I was calling for was to ask them to allow my son to keep making monthly payments until the bill was paid.  For this they hang up in my ear.  Roger's is hopeless to deal with nobody knows what anybody else is doing.  Well I have been the one sending them money and my son has no resources to send them anything.  So guess what they don't want my money they would rather pursue getting blood from a stone.  So I say go to it guys.  Good Luck on that one.  Any advice will be appreciated as I will be going to court with the bills showing the reduced balance.   We have not received notice of the lawsuit only the threat to do so in 10 days.  I am wondering what it matters since my son doesn't have anything to give not even a bank account.  Thanks for listening. 

CC Comments

Stories like this boil my blood. My first suggestion would be to contact one of those consumer advocates like Ellen Roseman at the Toronto Star, her e-mail address is ero[email protected]. She has a history of getting involved with cases like this. I really can’t give legal advice, since I’m not a lawyer, but I can certainly empathize with you. Lord knows I understand the anger you’re feeling. If you can get someone interested in your cause, great…otherwise pay the balance in pennies.