To: cont[email protected]

From: I hate Rogers.

Date: November 24, 2003 11:44 AM

Subject: Let get Rogers

I am extreemly pissed off at Rogers for treating me like garbage and refusing to provide me with the services they promised me at the price they promised. They are now treatening to come after me with collection agencies and I would like to know if their is any organized opposition to Rogers.
That will let the consumer know how bad their practices are.
Thankyou Comments

I think there’s this web site now called Your rant seems a little vague so I really have no comment…

To: [email protected] (once again…not hate mail for me)

From: Deborah D.

Date: November 24, 2003 5:25 PM




I will try to keep this brief, as I hate everything to do with this company.

Mobile- Rogers informed me that I still owed them $180.00 when I had already sent them a cheque. Mysteriously the money was not in their accounts, but had been taken out of mine. Upon talking with my bank it was determined that the money was received by Rogers from my account. This confusion went on for three months. In this time my cellular service was cut off three times without notification. Once leaving me in January/Toronto weather without a phone. The money was eventually found and I was told that there was another customer with my same name and it was applied to his account. It seems to me, that this is something they should have planned on. Two customers with the same name? Unheard of in the communications business? I was then coming to the end of my one year contract with Rogers so I went to the store to inquire about an upgrade to my existing phone. I was told Rogers doesn't have one year contracts and I was apparantly on a two year contract. I showed the retail salesman my receipt from the original purchase, with my signature beside the words "ONE YEAR CONTRACT". These words were also circled and a check mark was beside them. Although, for some reason, the Rogers computer system showed I had a two year contract. To this day I have no idea if Rogers has figured out this fiasco??? Needless to say my next stop in the mall was in the Bell Mobility store.

Customer Service- Although at most times, I must admit I have received friendly customer service. That is the only positive thing I have to say about them. I have the feeling that most of the staff in this department are operating at a grade 4 level, or their training at Rogers gives this illusion. It is clear to me that Rogers is not prepared to support any technical problems other than the very basic. Also they seem to not take records of each call. Which makes calling for a reoccuring issue very frustrating. You are forced to explain your situation to Bob, Dan, Tom, Chris, and why not....let's explain it to Joe too! Even after all of this...still, no one has a clue what to do about it anyways. THIS ALSO INCLUDES MANAGERIAL STAFF! Take my word for it, as I have logged many an hour on hold and talking to these incompetent fools, or call for yourself.

Some of you may have noticed that this web page is in Rogers webspace. Yes, I do realize the irony in this. However I do find it somewhat humerous that Rogers is forced to publicate a hate page about them. Long story short, I have zero control over what internet provider is available in my household. Comments

Two rants for the price of one - impressive. Some more irony for you — I find it humorous that you misspelled humorous. I haven’t checked your site out, but I may just have to. So you think they’re customer service staff is operating at a grade 4 level huh? I’m pretty sure kids in grade 4 would take harshly to the comparison.

To: [email protected]

From: ron.g

Date: November 25, 2003 1:14 PM

Subject: rogers ppv

i live in an apartment building which has rogers cable exclusively and does not allow  a tenant to mount a dish. my last bill included a 20.00 charge for two ppv movies,which they claim was ordered through my remote control. my wife and i live alone,and there is no way these movies were ordered through i phoned rogers and told them there is no way we did this,and asked for a credit. not a chance,they said, people complain all the time,and there is no way they can can make a mistake, therefore we have to pay.well they made a mistake in my case and i suspect in many others too,but we had too pay because thanks too the crtc we have no alternative. Comments

See here’s the problem with this rant; although it’s been a long time since I’ve had ROGERS cable I did at one time have their digital cable box thing (I’m ashamed to say). I remember twice during that time I chose a PPV feature and it just never came in. When I was billed for it, I called them told them it never came in and they just credited me no problem. I hate to say something positive about them, but that’s the truth.

However, I am not surprised that in the 2 years since I stopped using ROGERS cable, things have gotten worse and they may have found another way to screw their customers.

To: [email protected]

From: Lana B.

Date: November 27, 2003 6:29 PM


For Lana’s First submission, check It’s the 3rd one down from the top of the page.

I wrote a rant a few weeks ago about how they put my name on this guys bill and collections kept calling me.  WELL! The story continues!

This morning at 8:40am  I get a call,  once again,  from the collections agency saying how I hadn't paid this bill, this the third time this problem was supossed to have been solved.  This is ridiculous,  even the woman at the collections agency agreed that rogers isa company ran by half witted monkeys.  My name is still somehow on this bill.. why?  Well apparently it was supossed to have gone to fraud,  which I had no knowledge of,  and there was a memo that had came back from a supervisor saying "will not be investigated,  this is a case of friends and family,  contact account
holder asap."  WHAT!*!*!
First of all,  I wasn't notified by anyone,  and secondly,  how am I a friend or a family member of someone I don't know?  The only contact I have with this man is about my name being on his account.  So now this problem arises for the third time,  and I've been told each and everytime my name has been removed.. and it hasn't.  I can't afford this guys bill, emphasis on the student thing once again.  I'm about ready to take legal action,  and have their incompetency publisized!  Enough is enough!  I'm tired of being harassed by creditors about something I have nothing to do with.  When will this stop?

You'd think that after the 6 hours I spent on the phone last time having this dealt with,  it would have been dealt with.  I'm still waiting for word from the collections agency to find out exactly what is being done,  and I asked once again to have my own personal account terminated (my balance is
at $0 by the way),  and once again I was told I am bound to them for 2 years.  This is utterly ridiculous! Comments

Ohhhhh…did you think the company that makes such ridiculous mistakes can actually resolve them? See that’s what you call bad judgment Lana. Well maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, but correcting an error they made is going to be a long, arduous haul. Please don’t even get me started on their contractual policies. It’s amazing that anyone ever renews with these bananas.

All you can do is repeat freaking out on them or call a lawyer to handle it or a consumer advocate or a little prayer never hurt anyone. Eventually (like by the time you’re married with kids) this will all be behind you. I know the frustration and I feel your pain!

To: [email protected]

From: Yoni

Date: November 28, 2003 5:11 PM

Subject: RANT

welll, I have nothing to say exept for ROGERS SUCKS ASS i qoit rogers 2 months ago because it kept on FREAKIN GOING OFF i goy sick and tired and gave them shit after that i got basic cable from rogers so i opend up the box and now i have all channels I HATE ROGERS.


WOW, that is a lot of bad spelling for such a short submission. I’d like to emphasize now (again) that I don’t promote or condone any type of cable / satellite / signal stealing. If you have ROGERS and it’s problematic, why continue with the service? There are alternatives out there. Telling me you pay for basic cable and tampered with your cable box to get more channels is nothing I’m going to admire. Thanks for the good luck, but I have to say I can’t support your choice.