To: [email protected]

From: Andrew R.

Date: November 30, 2003 10:28 AM

Subject: [email protected] Rogers!

We’re three guys in a dorm and Rogers suspended our service for 7 days because of "abnormal bandwidth patterns" ! They shamelessly advertise ‘unlimited bandwidth’ but when we tried to argue they just didn’t budge, saying ‘its company policy’. Wtf ? They even charged us for that one week !!! I think its sick and such companies should be sued for deceiving their customers. We’re now looking for another provided.


A.R Comments

No question that this service suspension topic is getting very controversial. In my opinion, ROGERS just can’t handle the load. So how do they respond? Cut off anyone doing a ton of downloading. They claim you’re impeding other users, which is just another way of saying, "We’re not equipped". And as usual they don’t take the responsibility for their mistakes. They turn it around and blame their customer base.

Of course you should find another ISP. Everyone should! If you don’t have one yet, check here and start shopping around. Good luck and never look back!

To: [email protected]

From: Paul

Date: December 1, 2003 1:15 PM

Subject: Great Site


I just looked at your site after seeing a link in a fido newsgroup ..

Great Work ..

Although I have no use for Rogers there is one other monopoly that I have even less use for and that is Bell one nickel and dimes you to death like they do I truly believe they pay people to stay up nights figuring out how to squeeze another penny out of you ...

Oh while I'm here ..I at one time used Canquest there pay as you go service is good in Canada and the US


P N . Comments

Couldn’t decide whether or not I should post this one. The subject line was the kicker for me, "Great Site". Can you say, "shallow Adam"? Whine and complain about Bell all you like, as long as you have no use for ROGERS you’re OK in my books. I’m going to look more in to this Canquest…thanks for the link.

To: [email protected]

From: shannon t.

Date: December 2, 2003 2:10 AM

Subject: I got one for ya

hey hows it going checked out your site the other night and i gotta say good job man its great i have to say i really enjoyed it , the sad part is i work for rogers wireless well thrid party call centre i do the customer service and if ya wanna here some bad cx stories man i got em i say the add for the win a free shirt and i had to apply as per the fact that it would be so funny to wear it to work my roomie works with me and he dared me to try and win it so i could bring it to work my supervisors would have a field day, well what can i say its casual friday and they can't say shit lol so if ya wants hit me back with a reply and i'll get ya some rogers info and if ya like the shit for your site hook me up with the ultimate way to piss rogers off me wearing that shirt to work and if there is other people who win and i don't who cares i'll still talk dirt on rogers with ya because you letting
people know thier options and thats what everyone deserves!!!!and its about time they got it

anyways have a good one and consider me
for the shirt .......peace
rogers wireless csr shannon, Comments

There’s no rant here dude (although I should thank you for the nice things you said). Just one long sentence and the promise you’ll piss off your employer who happens to be ROGERS. Sounds good to me. You’re entered to win a T-shirt!

To: [email protected]

From: L T

Date: December 2, 2003 6:37 AM

Subject: Rogers sucks (as if everybody in Scarborough didn’t know that)

Date: December 2nd 2003

Let me start by first of all saying that I have the misfortune of being a Rogers "high speed" internet customer for the past three freakin years. And like just about everyone in Scarborough with cable internet, Rogers had decided to give me the bandwidth screw job while charging ever increasing
and outrageous prices. As if their service wasn't bad enough when I first subscribed, my stupid connection has slowed even more during the past few months (I've gone from 130 ping to 210 ping at 3 o'clock IN THE FREAKIN MORNING ON ANY GIVEN WEEKDAY). This is not just outrageous, it is

It is unfortunate for us that Bell sympatico has not yet had the balls to expand into our area. If the morons at Bell had half a brain, theyd realize that they can wipe Rogers off the map in carborough. Rogers' "caring" customer support staff do nothing more but issue endless amounts of trouble
tickets, which never result in anything more than "they're working on the problem in your neighborhood sir, just be patient and it (the speed problem) will be fixed." Personally in a recent email I've given Rogers less than 4 weeks to boost my internet speed before I go to consumer's affairs.

The stupid part is, there are a few exceptional people who get extremely fast internet via Rogers in Scarborough. I've known people with excessively slow Rogers connections that have neighbors with download speeds of up to 1.3 mb/s. Condo residents also have the advantage in being subscribers to Rogers, but for the rest of us, we just have to wait until sympatico arrives.

What I've heard from friends who are fortunate enough to have up to 2 mb/s downloads with rogers is that the cause of the speed problems is due to the motorola cybersurfer cable modem. People with fast speeds are generally issued another model (a model which stands upright). Unfortunately when I requested a modem exchange for the faster model Rogers made up so cock and bull story about having a shortage of the more efficient, faster cable modem model.

In conclusion I would like to say that somebody should sue the crap out of Roger's high speed internet for their neglect of customers. This speed problem has gone way to far and has to end now. Comments

I have to agree with what you say regarding BELL wiping ROGERS of the map when it comes to Internet service if only they covered the same regions exactly. I’d love to hear what happens with your threat to ROGERS to fix everything in 4 weeks, so keep me posted. They absolutely seem to neglect their customer base, but that’s not a reason to sue them…it’s a reason to dump them. I know if you live in an area that can only experience highspeed internet through cable, you’re stuck…but maybe dial up wouldn’t be so bad if you had a company that stood behind their promises, products and service.

To: [email protected]

From: Estelle B.

Date: December 2, 2003 1:46 PM

Subject: Monkeys Could Give Better Customer Service at Rogers!! I’m Pissed!!!!

Firstly, I saw an article in our local newspaper (the Kanata Kourier-Standard) this weekend about this site and I'm so glad to have found you!!!

Our trouble with Rogers started in August 2003.  I made an inquiry about their bundles package (for our T.V, Internet and Cell phones).  I was told the amount to start this "package" would be over $300!  I told her NO THANKS, I was just inquiring!  Before I ended the call, I  told her we were not interested and I didn't want a thing changed!  "Oh, yes, Mrs. B., everything is as it was!  I've deleted the "bundles package!"  So, my next bill arrives and imagine my shock when the amount is over $300.00 and it states that we had signed up for the "bundles package!"  I immediately got on the phone and told them that I had not signed up for the bundles package and I wanted it changed back to the way it was.  I got the oh yes, crap again and again I fell for it!  The next bill arrives and it still had not been taken off!  This time my husband called them and spoke to a Supervisor.  She told him that she would make sure that it was corrected but that we needed to pay the "consolidation" amount off first.  We paid them over $400.00!  Then I get a statement yesterday and we have a credit on our account of $14.40.  End of the story?  Hell no!  I received another statement today and guess what, they want over $300.00 because, yup you guessed it, the ACCOUNT WAS CONSOLODATED!  On the phone we go again but this time we went right to the Supervisor that was suppose to fix this in the first place and we are awaiting her call!  We are fed up and I can't tell you how much I appreciate someone like you giving us a place to rant!  We are definitely going to be changing over to one of the companies that you recommend, but first, we're going to make sure that the mess they've created, gets cleared up.

Thanks again for listening.


Estelle B. Comments

I’d like to first thank a journalist named Nevil Hunt who wrote the article on this web site in the Kanata Kourier-Standard. I have been told by a number of different mediums (not the psychic kind) about their intention to write up or mention this web site and quite simply, they are really all a bunch of suck ass powder puffs. Nevil Hunt is a journalist that can be trusted. He says something and he does it. Thank you Nevil.

Now Estelle, I’d like to point out that I do not "recommend" any of the companies listed anywhere on this site except the ones found in the Links section. My own personal experiences are noted throughout this site and I want the consumer to make their own comparisons and their own choices.

Regarding your problem with ROGERS, it’s a battle worth fighting obviously and once it’s all said and done, you can put this behind you and know that they’ll never get another nickel from you if you don’t choose to give them one.