To: [email protected]

From: Jeremy B.

Date: December 4, 2002 1:20 AM

Subject: …from the inside…

*warning, it's a big one*

I am a former Rogers Video employee.  I know, I was employed by the company that represents Evil in its entirety, but we all make mistakes.  At any rate, here's why I detest the entire Rogers "empire".

I had worked at the video store for three years and a month or two.  It was a pretty good job, flexible, and I had a great store manager who liked to go against the rules and fight upper management so we never really felt the
true evil that is Rogers.  For the majority of the time
I worked there, I held the position of store supervisor.  In those three years I had been a pretty damn good employee.  I didn't receive a single negative remark on my personal file, not one instance of being written up, etc.  Beyond that, I had recently attended a new training session
that every employee was required to take when they began the program.  I recieved a 100% assessment from the trainer.  On my last performance review, I had also received a 100% assessment from my manager, and the highest raise possible (which no one is supposed to really get, according to upper management).  Not that hard of a job so it was easy enough for someone with at least some intelligence to score high.  Anyway, this is all to show that I was in no way someone the company should have been screwing over.  Rogers eventually found a way to force
my good manager's resignation though and from then on, things went down hill.

The manager we eventually ended up with was the kind of person who sucked up to her bosses (literally "sucked up" one as far as we could tell, if you know what I mean...) and bent over for whatever they asked her to do.  This manager brought her best friend with her as her assistant manager.

Not long after the arrival of these two new store managers, perhaps a month, things started to get fishy.  Beyond the crappiness of working for these incompetent people, the bank started noticing that the amount of money in the deposit bag didn't always match the amount written on
the slip.  None of us knew why this was occuring, especially since we were the ones who counted it at the end of the night and there's no way we suck that much at counting.  Eventually, after some investigations, the assistant manager was let go.  As far as we could tell, someone had been borrowing from the deposit and not putting it all back.

About a month later, things really began to get screwy.  The manager had been working on a Friday night.  Part of the night responsibilities was to count up all of the cash at the end of the day, write up a slip and put the money in a deposit bag in the store safe.  I was working the opening shift that Saturday morning.  Part of the morning duties is to make sure to take the deposit up to the bank.  Now, this Saturday morning, there was no deposit bag in the safe.  When I checked the safe in the morning and there was nothing there, I assumed my manager had just taken it to the night drop off at the bank and thought nothing more of it.

A few days later, we received a phone call from the bank stating that they hadn't received a deposit for said Friday night.  Things began to whirl.  Everybody started asking where the deposit was.  Many upper management types were informed of this fiasco (it involved approx. $4500) and the police were brought in.  I was one of the prime suspects for this incident and man did I feel the pressure.  It actually came to the point where I had to go to the police station.  I was brought in to
a room that was completely bare.  Concrete floor, walls and ceiling.  Two stools attached to the floor with a table between them (also attached) and a camera in one of the corners.  I was interogated for more than an hour, all of which was unproductive because I didn't know a thing about the money.  I did tell the cops who I believed was the culprit because of the previous missing money.  I don't know if they believed me or not.  A few other people had to talk the cops, including the manager.

About a week later, I went in for one of my regular shifts and our zone manager (one level above store manager, responsible for a number of stores in the city, man Rogers grotesque amount of "managers" is a whole other rant) was in the store.  She took me to the back, handed me an
envelope and informed me that I needn't work my shift that night, or any future shifts.  They were letting me go because when I had noticed the deposit was not there in the morning, I didn't immediately inform someone.  *BULLSHIT*

To this day, I don't know why I was chosen as the scapegoat.  I've come up with a number of conspiracy theories to explain it but I don't think I'll ever know the whole truth.  All I know is that I, an exemplary employee of three years, was being fired for an honest mistake because I believed my manager had taken in the deposit.  There was a small amount of retribution after this.  Both of the stores two other supervisors immediately quit, as did all of the staff minus maybe 3 people after
they heard I had been fired and why.  That made me feel good.

What makes things even worse is, maybe two weeks after I had left, even more money went missing.  Rogers tried to blame another employee who immediately quit after seeing what had happened to me.  The only person who was never blamed was my manager. The only common factor in all three incidences.  I know that the people who run this company are absolute
but they can't be that dumb.  There had to have been more behind their refusal to blame her than meets the eye but I'm not one to sling mud and any explanations are merely speculation.

I attempted to pursue a wrongful dismissal suit but it was just too damn expenisive to pay a lawyer plus court fees.  I posted a page on my website about
how much Rogers blows and I soon received a letter from them threatening so sue me for slander.  I changed the content so that it stated that the things I was saying were my opinion and they lost the grounds of their law suit.

I absolutely cannot stand anything to do with the Rogers group of companies now and avoid them at all costs.  If they're willing to shit on their own employees (the ones who actually work hard), imagine what they're willing to do to Joe Public.

It's unbelievable that our country is so proud of such a corrupt, ruthless and disgusting example of corporate business.

There, an insider's point of view.  Makes me sick.

J.B. Comments

Nice long rant…let it all out my friend. That is one helluva story. Of course I can’t verify one way or the other if any of it happened but I’m more than happy to post it. I’ve checked out Jeremy’s site and the URL again to read about his opinion of these rat bastards is

Maybe I’m psychic, but something tells me getting you to wear an I HATE ROGERS T-Shirt would not be that difficult.

To: [email protected]

From: Glen S.

Date: December 4, 2002 5:50 PM

Subject: Your Site

To Whom it may concern,

I love your site.  I have been trying to get people to stay away from rogers for so long.  I worked Rogers video and with Rogers high speed internet so I know how the inner working are and they treat their employees as bad as their customers.  I know that the Highspped reps are not trained very well and most of them don’t have a clue what they are talking about and are only using what ever info they have been trainned.  This is why they need to ask someone else for an answer, put you on hold or spend an hour trying to fix a problem.

When I was working at rogers video, I was amazed at how little the employees cared about the giving good service. (me being one of them since they pay very little).  To show you how little they care about the employees. I was running a store for 2 years, I had to take a leave of absence due to an operation and recover period and when  I came back, my boss demotted me and lowered my pay for no reason.

To make a long story short.
I hate ROGERS Comments

Glen I hope you read the rant above yours. It was submitted by another EX ROGERS VIDEO employee. I like that you can all confide in me. I won’t judge you…tell me your ROGERS secrets and let me tell any one who will listen. I’m guessing you’d also be a shoe in for an I HATE ROGERS T-Shirt.

To: [email protected]

From: Jeff F.

Date: December 8, 2002 3:09 PM

Subject: A New Rant for you

First off - I LOVE your site!!

Awesome work!  Keep it up!

I was looking for a new ISP (as I have had enough of Rogers).  Oddly enough for the last year and a half my service has been fairly good.  Partly due to the fact that I have a LAN CITY modem (uncappable downloads he he), how ever I want faster uploads, 48k/sec just doesn't cut it with me.

Okay, Cable story for you:

In October of 2000 I went to Mexico for a week... I come home, internet is down and has been for 5 days.  2+ weeks later... still down.... well 20 calls to tech support later, hold for 25-45 minutes EACH call... plus a few I hung up on when I heard "estimated time till your call is answered 1.5 - 1.5 hours" I finally get internet working again.... magically odd huh?  I received a 1 week credit... the reason "Well we know it was down for a week, and that's all it should have been down for so that's all we can credit you" oh great thanks!  I'm trying to remember all the details but not wanting to get all worked up again I am leaving some of it out!

Cell Phone Story:

Having had Rogers AT&T Cell phone for 2 years and being at a new job where I was using 2000+ minutes a month on the phone, I decided I should get a phone I can actually hear!  I call customer support and ask them if I can have a hardware upgrade... I was told yes, but it would cost me $100 to go from a Nokia 6100 to a Motorola TimePort, I didn't want to pay it seeing as I already pay $150 - $250 a month for service... I was told... well I can give you a $75 credit for something and a $50 credit for switching to a new plan.  I say "Okay great!  sounds good to me!"  I take the ladies name (who was actually very nice) and reference ## and hope for the best.  A few weeks later I get my bill.... $459!!!!!!  My usual $200 bill, plus $225 for a phone plus $25 for some upgrade charge!??! and NO CREDITS!!!

I call customer service back and of the lady I talked to doesn't exist... nor does my reference ##  So I got stuck paying a $459 bill.  Oh it gets better.

Finally I had enough of that crap and in July or August of 2001 I decided to get rid of the cell phone all together (I had gone through another hardware upgrade as well.... don't start on that) so I decide to cancel.  I call in and say I want to terminate my service.  Well it seems that now they know that reference ## and person... apparently I had signed up for a 2 year add on contract and that is how I got my $75 credit (that I never received) and I would have to pay $200 to cancel early.  I had enough.  I told them to go to hell.  The sent me a $200 bill that I decided I wasn't going to pay.  in January I still hadn't paid it and they called to offer me a deal.  They said, I could pay $100 not the $200.  I said they still owed me a credit, they said no.  I called again and got a really nice girl in Montreal and somehow (I don't remember how) we worked it out and I only had to pay $22 to finish everything off.  Oh yes, I remember.  They had still billed my credit card (which I had unauthorized them to do) for $78.

Needless to say... I went to Telus... don't get me started on them either!!!!

Gets better.....

Cable Story:

Rogers charges way too much for crappy service.  Yep, that's the story.  Cancelled cable and now internet is up another $10 a month....

So here is my status now.....

Cell Phone - Telus Mobility

TV - Direct TV

Internet - Rogers till I get signed up with AEI DSL

Thanks for listening to my rant and again, I LOVE YOUR SITE!!!

I shall be linking to it from one of my sites @

-- Jeff -- Comments

I know what you mean when you say, "I'm trying to remember all the details but not wanting to get all worked up again". When I think about the fiasco I went through with them over my cable bill situation my head starts to pound and I reach for squeezy stress ball thing.

To: [email protected]

From: Calvin

Date: December 10, 2002 1:56 AM

Subject: "High Speed Internet" my ass

Subject: Rogers employees are full of total bullshit

Mon Dec 09 22:56:26 2002

Hi, I've been with Rogers Hi-Speed Internet for a few years (living in an apartment) even before when it was [email protected]. Rogers tookover the Scarborough area and well my internet started decreasing a bit, I'm a patient man who tolerated their constant 15kpb/s download and 5kbps upload speed for about 6-7 years. During the middle of July my internet started to slow down even more, I would have a response ping of 900+ on game servers and from everyone else. It was almost impossible to load a web page within 7 seconds, much less connect to any type of server. However, a friend of mine who has the new Ericsson Cable Modem that lives in about 5 mins away, walk had always a constant ping of 50. I called Rogers and asked if it was my modem, they said, "Well, we can't exchange your modem unless there is something wrong with it, but don't go purposely breaking the modem, or else you'll have to pay for the replacement." Later on we discussed this intensive traffic problem, he concluded that there were over 250 Rogers Cable customers sharing with me in my area. He also said that the problem should be fixed within 36-48 hours. So, being the patient man I am, I waited and waited. So far, 5 months have passed and I'm wondering what the hell they are doing. So I called up the technitian again, this time it was somebody else, they said, "No, there is no problem in your area", I said, "Lady, could you please ping this IP." She pinged it and told me that it was in the 1200 range, and she continued on with, "there's no problem in your area." So, I just hung up on her and called again hoping this time I would talk to somebody with at least some knowledge. A man picked up we discussed the problem and he agreed that there IS a problem in my area and also told me that it would be fixed within 36-48 hours. I told him I've been waiting 5 months and he said Rogers technitians are on the way. So basically being the patient man I am, again, I waited and waited. Weeks passed and I was fedup and was tempted to walk over to some Rogers technitians and break their faces and yell at them. I was left with the decision to switch to DSL, technically DSL is slower than cable, but in this case, a 33.6 would be faster than what I'm getting. Literally speaking, I hate rogers, I mean, how can a person who's 5 minutes away from me, walking duration, have such perfect stable speed and download speeds above 150kbps?? While I'm sitting here waiting about 30 seconds to load up I think their technical support phone line people are full of shit, and they don't even plan on fixing this problem. I'm still with Rogers and being the patient man I am, again, going to wait till the end of December, by then I'll switch to DSL with Bell. Pissed off as I am, I don't even bother calling them because I know they would be absolutely NO HELP at all. Rogers "Hi-Speed Internet" my ass, they're full of shit and are no help at all, stupidest people I've ever met and talked to on the phone.

Calvin Comments

Calvin, seriously what do you think of ROGERS? Just kidding. When I was with them I used to get the feeling that they had an incentive plan to earn extra money. Frustrate a customer to slamming the phone down +$10, frustrate a customer to use foul language and slam the phone down +$25, frustrate a customer in to canceling +$40 and frustrate a customer in to jumping out of a window +$50. It always seemed like frustrating me was the real objective, not solving the problem.