To: [email protected]

From: Paul D.

Date: December 10, 2002 5:11 PM

Subject: Is there any comeback?

They seem to be a monopoly and it seems the only choice I have is to take them or not (since I live in a condo), I can and will submit a rant but I'd like to get my own back in some way for the inconvenience they caused me, is there anything I can do, a regulator that I can complain to or anything like that?


Paul D Comments

Paul this site thrives on the fact there is a "comeback". I am assuming that your monopoly comment is regarding their cable services. If you’re talking about something else, check my sections on this web site for alternatives to ROGERS different services. I do also provide alternatives to their cable services (including people enjoying condo life) as well on the following page -

Concerning a complaint, I’m not really sure who you would go to, but if you want to find a bunch of people that could possibly help you try here Although that site deals with mainly Internet service related topics, there are plenty of people there with beefs about ROGERS who could probably help you. You can also check out the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) at

To: [email protected]

From: A guy who really hates ROGERS

Date: December 12, 2002 12:04 AM

Subject: Rogers — Burn in Hell

I have a good one for you - but please, dont post my name or my email address other than the one I put at the bottom, thanks (read on, and you'll understand why).  I have been a rogers cable/cellular customer in Alberta for about 4 years on and off with the phone.  I moved to Calgary last september, and being stupid, I decided to go for Rogers latest deal and switch from Telus (which I was quite happy with) to Rogers because they had what was (at the time) a really neat phone.  So I headed to my local rogers dealer, and picked me up a Nokia 3360, on a 40 dollar a month plan.  So after waiting in the store for over an hour, they FINALLY get the damn thing activated, and I am on my way with a new Calgary phone number.  Now, being new to the city, I made sure to ask "WILL THIS WORK AT MY ADDRESS, IN THIS NEIGHBOURHOOD" and the lady of course said YES.  I also asked, "In your opinion is this a pretty good phone?" and she of course replied that it was one of their best.  So no biggie, I take the thing to school, dont mind the phone, it seems to work ok.  I get home, and I'll be damned, the moment I turn into my close, the damn thing looses reception.  I have absolutley zero reception anywhere around my house.  And isnt it great, that being new to calgary, I am trying to find a job, but all my calls get dropped, and WOW, my voicemail doesnt work!  So, I am a little pissed, I call Rogers the next day and explain everything thats wrong, the guy tells me to call tech support - so I do.  I get on the phone with some arrogant asshole telling me that I am programming my voicemail wrong, and that I messed with the settings so the phone gets no reception in my area.  Well, excuse me mr. 12 dollar an hour rogers tech - I just happen to be 4 months away from finishing a degree in Wireless Engineering - I THINK I CAN PROGRAM THE FUCKING VOICEMAIL ON MY PHONE!  This is where it gets bad - I finally land a job at a local electronics store.  Its really a good place to work despite rumours - but companies like Rogers that screw people over make it damned hard for the companies distributing the phones!  Anyways, finally (this is 3 months and dozens of phone calls to Linda Patterson, the call center manager for rogers) they replace my damned phone with a Panasonic T210.  WOo Hoo.  It still doesnt work.  Now, I am thinking, alright, you guys can burn in hell I am going back to Telus.  So I phone up the call centre. "Yeah, Linda, I need to cancel my phone - its still not working, and you guys arent providing me the service I need", She says "Okay sir, there is a $200.00 fee for termination of your end of the contract", Im trying to be reasonable so I dont get mad " Well dont you guys have a quality of service that you need to provide to uphold your end of the contract?" "No" - Fuck.  So I ask to be transferred to HER boss.  I leave a voicemail, and politely explain the situation, now I admit the last part of this was a little stupid, but I had to do it, I said "Now look, I work for an electronics store, and I gotta wonder, if you guys are providing such horrible service to your customers, and employees of places like my store that sell your product are also getting this same horrible service, then how can we be expected to sell your stuff?  I mean, I am supposed to be honest with customers when they ask questions, so what do I say when I customer asks me about Rogers AT&T for a phone?  Yeah, they suck, their service is horrible, their reception is crap."  Anyways, I finish up the message politley, just using my workplace as an example.  I get to work the next saturday morning, and my manager, and the general manager call me into the office - The Rogers Lady emailed all store management and told them everything that was going on!  HELLO - FOIP???  Anyways, I didnt get fired, Im sure they knew I would sue.  I cancelled my cable, and payed the damn $200.00 to cancel my cell account, and went to Bell for TV, and Fido for cellular - WHAT A SMART CHOICE!  If you are thinking about getting a rogers cell phone, heres an idea - DONT!  If any lawyers ever read this, and there is any legal action I can take over these morons, please email me!  [email protected] Comments

You know you are the 2nd person to ask for help from a lawyer on here. This is yet another example of how ROGERS deals with their customers’ problems and of course another example of why ROGERS is NOT the company to go with for anything. The only reason these douche bags incorporate a cancellation fee of $200 is so they’ll see any money at all. All anyone needs is to get a little taste of their "customer service" and you’re ready to cancel. I know they’re pricks for charging it, but in the long run it’ll turn out to be the best $200 you ever spent.

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From: Zoran K. K.

Date: December 13, 2002 11:45 AM

Subject: (No Subject)

Twaddle originally submitted by this genius has been moved to the NEW Hate Mail Section of

To: [email protected]

From: Rob & Pat

Date: December 15, 2002 12:42 AM


You gotta love it when rogers cuts your bandwidth speeds in half and raises the price at the same time.

That happened to me in July.

My speeds went from 300k down to 150k

It took 5 phone calls before i got a straight answer.

The cable techs woudn't tell me the truth just lied saying that nothing had changed with their system.

When i called their television tech's i actually got an honest one that told me they had cut their bandwidth caps in half but were keeping it quiet to avoid a backlash by angry customers.

Nice huh?

Were gonna chrge you more for less now.

Rogers has my vote for worst run company.

They are just a bunch of greedy morons that take advantage of their customers at every chance.

I highly suggest staying clear or these robot morons and take any other high speed that may be available to you in your area.

Rob Comments

Just to remind people…in case they forgot. is here to provide those high speed alternatives. If you are looking for an alternative to ROGERS Internet services, don’t be shy and check out