To: [email protected]

From: Scott M.

Date: December 11, 2003 4:29 PM

Subject: F Rogers!

I've had an ongoing hate/hate relationship with Rogers for years now. The only time I receive a bill in the mail is after I specifically request one so that I can find out my account balance and pay it before my service is disconnected. Working with Rogers Hi Speed internet I have requested
repeatedly that they remove me from their online billing so that I can receive a bill. The problem was that they were never sending me notification that my bill was ready and I could never log in because I had never really wanted to use Rogers online billing in the first place and never requested that it be set up. However, every time someone calls me to let me know I need to pay my bill I go through the same song and dance with them. I have to ask them how much my bill is and they get rude and tell me things like that I should have already taken care of this and I shouldn't be waiting for them to call me like I am some child needing to be reprimanded for my actions. Then I go through having them take me off online billing and wait for my next bill to show up.
When the next bill doesn't show up I go through the same crap again. Why should I chase them down to get them to bill me properly? Well, ask one of the jerks that calls me each and every time. They'll tell you that it is your responsibility as a customer to ensure you pay for the service regardless of whether or not Rogers bills you for it, you still owe it. I agree to an extent except that how hard is it for these idiots to send me a bill?
I finally got that cleared up after nearly three years of problems. They tell me that it isn't possible that it's been two years because online billing hasn't been around for more than a year but they somehow had an email address that I haven't had for two years. Interesting. So then the phone calls come through now any time my bill is overdue by even 1 day. These people would talk to me like an idiot and explain to me how I had to learn to be a responsible adult and pay my bill on time. ONE FRIGGIN DAY LATE!!!!
I had them remove my telephone number from my account to prevent the harrassing phone calls.

So my modem power cable is not functioning correctly now. If you touch it at all it knocks the modem off line and you have to wiggle the cord until it sits just right to get the modem back online. I pack it up and bring it in to their head office store and they tell me that they have to have someone come to my house to work on it. I book an appointment and no one shows up even though I have taken time off work to have them show up. They claim they called and yet I received no phone call. I call and ask what number they dialed and they can't tell me because there is no phone number on my account. The still claim that I must have missed them but that they did in fact show up and I was not home.
I ask if I can bring the modem in because I work two jobs and I am only home between 12am and 8 am each day. They tell me this is not possible and that I need to book an appointment during their regular hours. I explain to them that I can't do this because I work 2 jobs and the guy actually has
the balls to tell me that "no one can possibly work that many hours, stop making this so difficult and just book an appointment so we can get this problem fixed". I freak out and ask to speak to the manager and he refuses claiming I have no reason to talk to a manager. I ask him for his name and
he hangs up the phone on me. This is constantly the kind of service I have experienced with them. Comments

I know this will bring no comfort but the way they treat you is typical of how they pretty much treat all of their customers. Have you ever heard anything so vulgar as a company that thinks they're so fucking incredible that they don't even need to bill you? You should just know what your bill is and where to send payment. A friend of mine went through the exact same on line billing fiasco as you. Finally I swayed him to go with a satellite, DSL and Telus. Guess what — he's free and clear of ROGERS now and happy as a clam...hint, hint.

To: [email protected]

From: Mike I.

Date: December 13, 2003 6:56 PM

Subject: My Rant!

Hey there;

Just so you know where I'm coming from, I was an assistant manager at a RadioShack store, and a co-manager at a Rogers AT&T Wireless store for about 3 years, combined.  As such, I got a discount on my cellular and cable services for those 3 years (and why I am still with them for both). As you can imagine, I got to deal with all sorts of interesting people, on both sides of the fence.

Well, recently, the "last straw" so to speak happened.  First, some background...Last June, I upgraded from my Nokia 3360 to a Motorola P280 GSM phone.  I live in a basement apartment, and as such wasn't able to get a GSM signal.  No big deal, since I'm never home anyway.  Things were
good, but I just got bored of the phone, so I went into a Rogers store, where the District Sales Manager assisted me, and was extremly helpful. I picked up the Siemens C56 GSM phone (because it has the 850MHz band). The girl at the counter was nice enough to let me keep the new SIM card,
so I could use it later, should mine crap out or whatever...

So, now here I am, with a phone (P280) and a new sim card.  My mother has wanted a cellphone for a long time, but could never afford one.  Having just getting a promotion at work, I figured I could pay for one.  So, I called Rogers to see about putting the P280 on the "2-in-1" plan so
she could share my price-plan.  No problem.  The CSR on the phone was very helpful, and everything was ready to go, except I forgot my SIM card. She said it's not a problem, just to call back, and they'd set me up.

I called back a few days later.  I spoke to a rep, told him I wanted to add a phone on the 2-in-1 plan.  He asked me for the SIM number and IMEI of the phone, which I gave him.  He put me on hold (has anyone else noticed that their hold music *never* works??) for about 5 minutes, came back and said "Okay Mr. *****, you're all ready to go!"  I said "What do you mean, you haven't given me my new phone number or let me pick any options I want".

He paused, and said "What are you talking about?"...Anyway, turns out all he did was add that SIM card to my exsisting line (as if I wanted to use a new SIM to replace a broken one).  Well, guess what.  Now I'm down a SIM card. To boot, my phone stopped working!  He informed me that CSR's are unable to do the 2-in-1 over the phone and that I'd have to go to a dealer to get it done.  When asked why I called a few days earlier and was told it would be no problem, he had no answer.  He told me that it's their policy to not do those over the phone.  I explained to him what the other CSR told me, he told me that she was incorrect to tell me that and that "there's nothing I can do sir".  I snapped back (quite pissed at this point) and said something like "you're right - you can't do anything, can you?"  To this he just said "heh".  I asked him that if I call back in 20 minutes and speak to another CSR, is he/she going to tell me the same thing - to this he couldn't answer.

So, I called back in 20 minutes!  I spoke to a CSR that was *extremly* helpful.  He told me that the other rep didn't know what he was talking about, and that they could activate my SIM card as we speak.  He asked me for the SIM card number, within 3 or 4 minutes he told me it was ready to go...he even asked me what I'd like for a number!  He said that because the last CSR fried my new SIM card, I'd have to go buy one, but that if I faxed it to his attention, he'd make sure that I get a credit on my account for it.  I got a new SIM card, called back and had it added to the new account, and I was ready to go...or so I thought.

This has been almost a week, the new line STILL isn't working.  I'm going to call on Monday and have it cancelled - this is bullshit.

The rep that I spoke to that got this all up and running (Rob), was EXTREMLY helpful, and represents what Customer Service SHOULD be. Unfortunatly, he's the exception rather than the rule.  It's unfortunate that I'm going to have to cancel this line, but that's because Rogers is too inept to have a cell network that works.

So yeah.  I'm regretting getting a hardware upgrade, as now I'm stuck with these bastards for another year, instead of putting my money into a company that actually knows what Customer Service is supposed to be!

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

Toronto, Ontario Comments

These are the games ROGERS specializes in. Run around, double talk, misinformation and complete insanity. They twist your head around until you can't tell which way is up. They say, "We can't do it over the phone" but that just means, "I'm more retarded than the average retard working here and couldn't help you if my life depended on it". "Oh by the way, I just fried your SIM card to prove I'm more retarded than you thought".

Is there a happy ending to this story? Not till you dump ROGERS and find an alternative my friend.

To: [email protected]

From: Bonnie C.

Date: December 17, 2003 6:20 PM

Subject: agree but disagree!

Hey there,

This is the first time I've checked out your site, I must say I'm impressed.  I didn't realize how many people there are that hate Rogers.  I myself work for a third party centre who handles Rogers cable and wireless calls.  My experiences have been that for as many bad products that Rogers has, we have as many stupid customers.  They only want credit for everything. You name it they want it.   

I myself have Bell Express Vu and think that Rogers is the biggest rip off you can find right now.  I just can't believe that there are so many people out there who wonder why there bill is so high, when for example you go over minutes, any other company would charge you so why would'nt Rogers. You don't pay your bill you wonder why the service is cut. Give me a break, it's not rocket science.

Well that's my rant,

B.C. Comments

I had a tough time deciding whether to put this in to the HATE MAIL section or not. I finally figured since you think ROGERS is "the biggest rip off" and that ROGERS has as many stupid customers as they do bad products, I decided your submission belongs here.

I agree completely. If you are choosing ROGERS you are stupid. So by my tally ALL their customers are stupid (I'll exclude people who live in an area where ROGERS is THE ONLY choice you have for high speed Internet). In turn, by your assessment, and as a ROGERS employee, ALL of ROGERS products are bad.

To: [email protected]

From: Gesus Khrist

Date: December 19, 2003 9:30 PM

Subject: Finally!!

first of all i just still cant believe i came across your site, i have hated roges with a passion for years i steer clear of everything they offer regardless. second i want to say from reading your site you seem like a smart dude and know what you are talking about....they truly make me sick.
i wont bore you with a rogers horror story because i cant keep my hands cocked in the right position for that long....(many many....many men wish death upon rogers) . and last but not leaset....I WANT THAT SHIRT......WAIT NO I NEED THAT SHIRT, Seriously, dont you see my name and number on the back?.....i thought i did!

i promise i will wear it everywhere,

[email protected] Comments

You my friend are one passionate maniac. I want to make it clear here that I don't wish death on anyone...that's a little maniacal. I just hate ROGERS. If they weren't such a horrible company however, I'd like them, or at least be indifferent. It's that simple.

You totally lost me though with the, "...don't you see my name and number on the back" comment. Actually your whole rant was kind of confusing, but a rant is a rant.

To: [email protected]

From: Astro Boy

Date: December 20, 2003 10:53 PM

Subject: Dealers are pimps

First off, my grammar will not be the greatest, but if you can understand what I'm saying then thats all that really lay off would you...please) ROGERS are the biggest scammers in canada....They fuck you without you even knowing it and when you find out that the're fucken you ...they blame YOU!!!!...anyway, my rant!!! Two years ago I went into a radio shack here in Newfoundland to buy a cell phone and I got the nokia 5165 digital phone. The dealer told me that with the phone I would have all these features, ya know dealer bullshit...anyway the only thing that I wanted was the text messageing and of course the dealer assured me that it works great. So like the stupid bastard that I was, I got the in other words, I jest took it in the ASS. As soon as I got home I charged up that sucker and started sending messages and of course nobody got the messages. I called rogers and of course told them what was going on, so the rep assured me that he will fix it....after a 20 minute wait, The rep came back and told me that the feature was not on the account and he will add it and to wait a day and it will work. So I waited a day...still nothing...I called back in, this time the idiot rep told me that the feature was not on the account and he will add of course I told him that I heard that yesterday and he assured that the feature will be on the account in tthe next few I waited another to be safe...and guess what...STILL NOT FUCKEN WORKEN...I called back in and this time the rep did a bunch of troubleshooting with me and still, no dice. So by now i'm pretty pissed but i'm not a bad guy so I keep it cool. Now the rep tells me after waiting on hold for 20 or 30 minutes that he has to fill out a network complaint and that they will be in touch in 24 to 48 again I wait....A week goes call...I call back in and they say the same thing...24 to 48 hours....Now i'm even more mad...I wait this long and nothing. So at last I call back and I get a rep that must have worked with one of the other cell phone companys because he tells me that the omplaint Still did not go through BUT he asked me what the issue was, so I told him......this is what he said and it blew my fucken mind.....(Recap: In order to send a text message, you need digital service)......THERE IS NOOOOOOO DIGITAL SERVICE AT ALL IN NEWFOUNDLAND........I WAS FUCKING LIVID!!!!!!!!....but, like I said i'm not a bad guy,Iknow that it' s not this fuckers fault, it's that bitch dealer who told me that "IT'S WORK'S GREAT" so I let the tit mouse go to fuck other ROGERS customers. I go back to radio shack, and luck has it that this dealer is working, so I go up to her and explain to her that I was miss informed and that this analog peice of shit was sold to me under false pretenceses...She tells me that she informed me of I inform her to FUCK RIGHT OFF and to ge her manager...This walking penis come's out and says that it's my word against hers and there is nothing he can do about it because I used the fucken thing for longer then 30 min, which by the way I used it for 88min and in those min at least 60 was used on the phone with those as you call them "rat bastards"...And i do beleave that the saying is that the customer is always right...not with's "lets strap one on, fuckem, and deny deny deny".... Overall this is what I think... 1.You can't be mad at the reps because there trained that way...the reason why that there so fucking stupid is because ROGERS don't inform them well enough...they may be idiots but look whos training them...ROGERS. 2. I don't give a fuck what kind of dealer it is (Fido, Bell, Aliant, ROGERS) the"re all like pimps..."they allow fucking and get paid for the more fucking that they allow. 3. I work with ROGERS customer service (did ya see that coming!!!) and I see how they fuck people everyday and I try my best to give the customer everything that I can and alot of the times what I can't because I hate to see people get fucked the way I did...the sweetest sound to my ear is "I WANNA CANCEL" and I send them away...this makes me very happy...I like to think that in a very small way im fucken rogers because the're paying me (good wages to) and all I do is give credit as much as I can to who ever I can whenever I can ONE MORE THING...FIDO RENTS ROGERS TOWERS IN BC (COULD BE IN OTHER PLACES TO!!) SO GO TO BELL OR SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your time, Astro Boy P.S- I the feedback on the hate mail... I Laughed my damm ass off..your a funny bastard. P.P.S- If you could, send me a T-Shirt and i'll wear it to work!!! co-workers would love it Comments


First off, this is the funniest rant I have ever read and I am a funny bastard and I know what's funny. Not only is this the funniest rant of all time I like the way you used the word "FUCK" one way or another 17 times. An RECORD! I know exactly how you feel and there's no other way to let it all out without using the word FUCK at least 17 times when you've been screwed so badly.

Thanks for the tip on FIDO renting from ROGERS...although I can't confirm or deny it myself. Thanks for the great rant, the laugh it gave me - and anyone that can make me laugh as hard as I did reading your e-mail gets a T-Shirt for sure!