To: [email protected]

From: Brian R.

Date: December 16, 2002 5:00 PM

Subject: Cable Box

I am not a cable customer. When Roger's sent a repair man to my house to see if I was stealing cable with a illegal hookup, I was mad. I told them if they are afraid of me stealing , just remove the cable box off the side of my house. They said no as they have the right to leave it there for the next person that may buy my house. Now I'm very mad. I told them they have no rights to my house unless they want to pay my mortgage. I told them they have two weeks to remove it or I will and I'll send it to them in a box. The next day service man showed up and removed it. Comments

I hope you letter encourages other people do the same thing. Can you imagine the nerve of these mother f’ers? If it was me and they gave me that answer, "that they have the right…" well, all I can say is I’d go Paul Bunyan on that box.

To: [email protected]

From: Brian C.

Date: December 17, 2002 12:07 PM

Subject: Issues with Rogers

On July 3rd, 2002, I purchased Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Services through a telemarketer who phoned my home in the evening.  This Rogers Representative informed me that I could purchase this service for 37.40$ (tax included).  I asked him if this was a limited time offer or a promotional offer.  He confirmed that the monthly payment was not a promotional offer and that I would continue to pay 37.40$ until I decided that I no longer required Rogers' services.  He stated that the promotional offer was the free installation.  I decided to cancel my current Internet provider (Cyberus) to go with Rogers.

Unfortunately, on December 13th, 2002 I received a bill for 58.80$.  On December 16th, I phoned Roger's Billing Enquiries Department (613-725-3581).   At this point, I thought Rogers had made a mistake on my bill.  The Client Support Representative informed me that the promotional offer had come to an end and that the regular price for Rogers Hi-Speed Internet Service was in fact 58.80$ (tax included).  I then replied what promotional offer?  He stated that the promotional offer was for 3 months at 37.40$.  I then replied that I had purchased the Hi-Speed service in July.  He then said
that the promotional offer was for 5 months not 3 months.  I said that no one had told me about this limited time offer and that it was not in the verbal agreement of purchase.  He then asked details about my purchase.  I explained that a Roger Representative had phone my home in the evening in early July and offered Hi-Speed Internet for 37.40$ and that this was not a promotional offer; that the promotional offer was regarding the free installation.  The Client Support Representative explained that the Rogers Representative that phoned my home in fact worked for a third-party company that Rogers employs to conduct their telemarketing.  He said that they are
paid on a commission basis and that the number of people they sing up determines their salary.  He confirmed that they sometimes lie to increase these numbers and that I was not the first customer to complain about this. 
He then told me to write a letter to your department and inquire about
solution to this problem
.  He informed me that we should continue to pay 37.40$ until further notice.

I was wondering if you've ever received similar complaints or had any advice for me.

Brian. Comments

Back up, hold on and what you talkin’ ‘bout Willis? Notice the text above that I’ve highlighted in RED. From the way your letter reads it sounds like the ROGERS Client Support Representative told you to write a letter to to the "Rants" department. Do I have to start billing ROGERS for fielding their complaints? Can you say, "Dream Job"? I have heard every type of complaint under the sun about these Rat Bastards. Advice? Yes I have some advice:

  1. CANCEL your service with ROGERS.
  2. Click here for alternatives.

To: [email protected]

From: CorSter

Date: December 23, 2002 8:13 AM

Subject: Rant

Rogers changed the bundle packages in November. I have the "old" bundle 4. It includes Rogers Hi-Speed Lite and 10 digital specialty channels.

I sent them an Email:
I have the old Bundle 4. I also purchased the digital terminal. If I want to switch to the full Rogers Hi-Speed Internet can I still get the old Bundle 1? And why did you change the bundles?

And their response:

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for taking the time to write to Rogers Cable Inc. We Appreciate this opportunity to respond to your inquiry.

The Bundle Packages that are currently being promoted have been Rearranged as per extensive marketing research. Majority of customers only watch 5 of the 10 Digital Specialty channels included with the Bundle Packages, therefore we reduced them to 5. Also, the majority of
our customers wanted the Digital Terminal rental fee included with the Bundle Package price.

If you wish to modify your Hi-Speed Lite service to Hi-Speed Lite, you will need to subscribe to one of our new Rogers Bundles. These packages can be found at the provided web link below.

Sorry, I won’t supply any links to those RAT BASTARDS!

Thank you for your continued business with Rogers.

They completely ignored the fact that I had purchased the digital terminal for $149 as I said. So Rogers will include a useless digital terminal to me? The only thing that makes me stay with Rogers is that with satellite you need to be watching what you tape and need a recover for each TV.
I hate Rogers.

CorSter Comments

So let’s summarize…ROGERS is run by idiots. With so many reasons to dump them as your cable provider and only 1 to keep them, I would rethink your decision. With satellite you have east and west coast feeds. If 2 things are on at the same, chances are very good one of them will be aired again 3 hours later on the west coast feed. I’m a TV junkie with one receiver split through my home to every set and I don’t miss anything I really want to see.

To: [email protected]

From: Joseph and Grace Y.

Date: December 31, 2002 12:56 PM

Subject: My Rogers Rant

Our cable TV reception is poor do to original Rogers cabling. I called Rogers and set up a tech appointment on Tuesday. The tech showed up and agreed with me that the reception was poor. He set up second appointment with another tech to install new a new cable line. He asked me is Thursday between 11am and 2pm ok, and I said yes. He never told me that the appointment was in two weeks. Thursday comes and no tech show's up. Call Rogers and they tell me the appointment is in two weeks. Fine. So Thursday comes and no tech shows up. Call Rogers and they say the tech has already been there. I tell Rogers that no tech called or knocked on the door. He says that Rogers is very sorry and that he will forward this off to a manager who will then call me back and reschedule an appointment. 45min later and no call from the manager, I call Rogers back and they say that a manager will call back within 2 hours and that it's only been 45min. Ok. 3 days later and no call from the manager, Rogers leaves a message on my answering machine saying that I have missed the tech appointment for today and that I have to call Rogers to reschedule an appointment. I call Rogers and give the call center guy shit, he forwards me to a manager. The manager is now rescheduling for this coming Monday.

Rogers has lost control of their service Comments

I have one word for you - SATELLITE.

They do the same thing all the time, "We’ll be there Thursday". What Thursday? This Thursday? Next Thursday? Bastards! Then they stiff you on the appointment and claim they were there??? It’s enough to drive you to drink. Cancel their sorry service and go with a dish. You’ll never look back!

To: [email protected]

From: Darcey M.

Date: December 31, 2002 3:29 PM

Subject: I hate rogers as well

Where do I start? I signed up for Rogers cellular service. I paid a deposit of $149. Now my monthly bill, $30, would be deducted from the $149 deposit and after that payments would come from my bank account. So far, so good.

Now, the phone didn't work right from the beginning. When looking through the options on the phone I discovered it had been used by someone else. I wouldn't have minded too bad, except the phone stopped working.

I went back and was told the phone had been used by someone on the pay-as-you-go plan, and returned after a week. The problem with the phone was in the battery, which they replaced, but refused to replace the entire phone.

Now, two months before the deposit ran out, I switched banks and wanted to get the bank information switched before the payments started coming out of the account. I phoned Rogers and asked them how to proceed. They told me to take a new void cheque to the store I purchased the phone from and they would take care of me.

So I did, filled out papers and watched as the new information was faxed to Rogers.

Two months after the deposit ran out, the phone service was interrupted. When I called, I was told my payments had come back NSF. When I went back and looked at my bank information, Rogers had never even bothered to try and take the money out of the account.

You guessed it, they were trying to take the money out of my old account. The fault for this, was mine. Despite doing what Rogers told me to do, I was verbally berated on the phone for taking the cheque to the Rogers store. When I protested that a Rogers rep had told me to do so, I was told there is no way a rep would tell me to do that.

Okay, so they tell me, and I stupidly believed them, that I had to pay the entire amount I owed ($110 including penalties) up front and the penalties would be credited on my account for future payments.

I was told to take my payment to the Rogers store!!!!

Well, the penalties weren't credited to my account. What's more, for some reason a payment was taken from my account late in the month (the 20th) instead of the 7th like they were suppose to.

The money wasn't there (I just paid them $110 two days earlier) so they cut off the phone again. So I end up in another fight with them, and they agree to put the penalties paid on my account as credits and the amount would cover my next two payments. I, stupidly, believed them.

By the end of the next month, I owed $129 (remember, my monthly payment was $30) and they cut the phone off. So, I said to hell with it, I went to the store and paid the amount. This was in December, the last month of the contract.

Three days after paying this amount and having the phone reconnected, it was cut off again. I owed $90 on the account. I was floor. I had just paid $129 to bring the account up. The guy on the phone noted that the payment had been made and couldn't tell me why I still owed $90. They reconnected the phone, and promised to get back to me again to explain the $90. Instead, they waited two weeks and shut off the phone.

I contacted them again and tried to get to the bottom of the problem. They got back to me, explaining that I had to pay $170 (remember, December was the last month of the contract, so there were no more payment after that month and at that point I owed $90) and they had gone
in and lowered the amount I owed to give me a break on the amount (generous of them).

I wanted to get it over with so I paid it. For kicks, I tried to have my phone reactivated and was told I would I couldn't, but I could get a new phone and it would cost me $250.

I protested and was contacted by the "tough guy." His job is apparently to be a dick when they want people to go away. He told me, point blank, everything that had happened was my fault and my fault only. Big companies like Rogers don't mess up the way I claimed and needed to stop
calling. What's more, Rogers had lost money on my account.

Now, this was news to me. The total cost of the contract (at $30 a month and I never called long distance or went over my monthly minute limit) was $360. I paid Rogers $558. If they lost money on the account, it certainly wasn't my fault.

This guy went on to tell me he didn't think Rogers would ever give me another phone (after being told they would for $250) and if they did it would cost me $1000 up front.

I went that day to my local phone company, purchased a cell phone through them and have used it ever since without a single problem.

On the cable front, from the time I had cable installed channels 2 through 7 would go fuzzy. The tech came several times and each time fussed and changed ends and it would be clear reception and he would leave. Of course the problem would arrive.

I thought it might help to get digital cable. It didn't, I still had fuzz. What's more, the movie channel's, which I had before digital through the use of a converter box, would break up and sometimes stall. Nothing like getting a hour into a movie and having it lock up for 20
minutes. Again, they tried, but could fix it. I had to live with it.

No longer, the Star Choice guy is coming today. Comments

So they lied to you, cheated you, strong-armed you and essentially blackmailed you. Not quite the image they project with their new campaign featuring that dark haired little cable kid. I think they should replace her with Tony Soprano. At least then you’ll know what to expect.

Glad to hear your cellular service is with someone else now and as a Starchoice subscriber I can tell you the service is great the reception is great and get this…if you have an issue or a problem…they fix it!! ROGERS can’t wrap their head around that concept. They’d rather deny liability and blame the consumer. Just RIDICULOUS!