To: [email protected]

From: Anonymous

Date: January 5, 2022 10:41 PM

Subject: another way to get rogers!


So far pretty interesting site. I would like to add to the ways to get rogers back! Lets say for instance that you're late in payments for your rogers cell bill. Call in and ask when the suspension date is. This date plays an important part since, normally when the account is suspended for late payment(s). There is a 25$ re-activation fee to pay to get the account unsuspended.

However, according to the contract that was signed initially, (the new contracts also stipulates the following), if  you call in and advise rogers that your phone is lost or stolen,  you cannot be charged with a re-activation fee. Now this goes right past most people since no-one really reads let alone memorizes the contract, furthermore 99% of CSRs don't even know this. When pointed out to a CSR that this is mentionned on the contract, the charges are then removed.

Hope this helps. Comments

I don't know if this is true, but more importantly, I disagree with this tactic. It's dishonest and devious. If you choose ROGERS for service, you should pay your bill in a timely fashion like anything else. This site isn't here to advise people on how to dick ROGERS around. It's here to provide alternatives to their products and services. But what the hell, a loophole is a loophole.

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From: X-Rogers Customer

Date: January 12, 2022 1:15 PM

Subject: Rogers' Screwups

On November 25 I let Rogers know that a line that had sagged to about 5 feet above my roadway had been identified as a TV cable.  Seeing as I am the only house on the road I assumed this was the cable that supplied my home and therefore has to be Rogers.  When I called a got the usual argument that it may be a phone line or a hydro line and I should check it out for them.  When I explained that Bell had already identified the line as a TV cable  line they said they would send someone out the following day.  

On November 27 I received a voicemail saying that someone had been out to check the line and it would need 2 men and a bucket truck to make the repair/replacement and  further that they would take the replacement back to the main line and terminate at the outside of my house but no one had to be home.  This would be done on November 28 between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.  I thought this would finally be the answer to all my problems with cable.  Service has been lousy to say the least for the past two years and of course every time I called in I was given an argument that it must be my VCR, alother set in the house, whatever and of course they threatened to charge me if it was an inside  problem..  I even have Rogers on my speed dial to save time.  Because my property is gated I did have to be home for them to gain access to my property and I was home at 2:00 p.m. to wait for them.  Of course they did not show up and when I phoned Rogers at 4:45 p.m. to find out what the status was I was told that no one would speak to me until after 5:00 p.m.  I phoned back at 5:30 and was told that the worker who had been scheduled to do the job was not scheduled to work that day but of course no one had called to let me know and wasted the day for me.

 When I explained that I had to be home for the work to be performed it was rescheduled for Sunday, November 30 between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m.  Of course a technician showed up at exactly 11:00 a.m. and then said he didn't know why he was there because his order said 2 men and a bucket truck and he was one man and a ladder.  I told him to find out what was going on and before he got back to me I received another phone call from a technician demanding that I open the door for him.  When I said he was not outside my house he gave me an argument and then after some discussion finally agreed that he was on the wrong street.  He showed up shortly, along with someone who said he was a supervisor.

When I asked where the bucket truck was he asked who had told me that the work would require a bucket truck, etc. When I told him it was a Rogers technician he laughed and asked how he could have made such a decision from looking at the cable from the ground.  I had no answer but told him it was his problem.  He left and I assumed he would fix the sagging line.

Instead he was back at my door demanding entrance to my home to check the signal.  What for?  The call was not about lack of signal but a sagging line.  I told him there was no need to enter my home and he went away.  A half hour later he was back again demanding entrance to my home.  This time I just told him to get off my property if he wasn't going to replace the cable.

On December 27 the line was finally pulled down by a truck.  I called and was told I would have service restored between 11 and 2 on December 28.  Of course it didn't happen.  When I called on December 28 I was told the repair date was December 29.  When that didn't happen I called again and was told that the repair date was now December 30.  On December 30 the cable is still down and when I called to find out why I was told I my service call had been "escalated" and someone would call me on December 31.  Of course by now I don't believe anything they tell me so I called myself on the morning of December 31.  Now they are telling me how hard it is to find two men to do the job - they only have one man available.  Is this really coming from a multi-million dollar corporation?  When I arrived home that afternoon, there was a voicemail to tell me that because I was so upset with lack of ser vice there would definitely be someone to fix the cable that day and guess what?  two men and a ladder showed up and fixed the problem in less than an hour.

Needless to say I have told all my co-workers and was surprised to hear their horror stories and how they solved their dilemmas - they changed supplier and were eager to give me all the information I needed to do the same.  Rogers has heard from me for the last time.

I am proud to say I  survived Rogers and I am now an

X-Rogers Customer Comments

That is a true "ROGERS HORROR STORY". You really have to wonder if 100 monkeys from the zoo of your choice could do a worse job running that company. How in the world can it take more than a month to fix something so simple? Why can these bananas not be normal? Getting satisfaction from this company is seriously like pulling teeth. It's frustration to the tenth power. The relief fortunately comes from saying; bye-bye cable guy and finding an alternative.

We all know the happy ROGERS Customer is the X-ROGERS Customer!

To: [email protected]

From: Brian

Date: January 12, 2022 7:46 PM

Subject: Rogers = Crooks

I'd like to talk about my experience with Rogers which has been nothing but crap ever since they replaced Shaw in Scarborough. It all started back in 2002 when I first cancelled Rogers Internet. I was with Shaw Hi Speed for 3 yrs and they provided me a great service. I've had nothing but slow speeds ever since Rogers took over. So anyways, that was that.

In the summer of 2002, my neighbours and I had a huge problem with our TV and was getting little to no reception. The problem continued for over a month. My neighbour advised me to call Rogers and ask for a credit so I did. Guess what they said to me? They told me they werent giving me a credit because I did not notify them of the problem as soon as it started. I was furious! They dam well knew the problem in my area and they try to push the blame back on me! I told them my neighbours got credit and the customer service rep then checked on her computer to see if it was true.
What the hell is wrong with her?!?! Then she goes and says "Oh house #2 and #3 didnt get a credit, blah blah". I told her "I dont talk to ALL my neighbours you know! What you guys are doing is nothing but a SCAM! My neighbour has the exact problem as me and you wont even give him a full credit!". After yelling at her, I told her to forward me to the supervisor and after waiting for about a minute, she comes back and says she'll give me the credit. I called back every 2 weeks and finally they opened a ticket to send a technician out to fix the problem. It was a bad amplifier so they replaced it and everything was fine.

I think people need to unite together to fight rogers. When you have a neighbourhood problem, talk to your neighbours and have them talk to their neighbours....tell them to call rogers and complain. And I really mean complain! Keep calling them until you get what you want (eventually you will). As I saw in another rant, dont be like average canadians who dont say a thing (this is why rogers is making big $$$, because ppl are quiet and dont complain). Oh, and #1 rule: DONT RECOMMEND YOUR FRIENDS TO ROGERS. Comments

The #1 rule (if you have ROGERS) is actually to find an alternative to ROGERS.

I mentioned once before on here, a friend of mine that kept having internet connectivity problems and would phone ROGERS only to hear a recording that said, "We know there's an outage in your area and we can't tell you when it will be repaired. If you still wish to talk to a CSR, push '0'". He wouldn't push '0' because they acknowledged there's a problem and he (foolishly) assumed he'd be credited. When he received his bill and saw no credit, he called to complain and they gave him the same song and dance about not filing a report to receive the credit. Why should you have to tell them your service is kapoot when they already have a recording with that information specifically??? He got his credit and then he got Sympatico. Adios ROGERS, you shady motherf'ers!

To: [email protected]

From: 240 Bliss

Date: January 12, 2022 10:05 PM

Subject: Rogers info please!

Hi Rogers CSR,

I don't know if you know anything about temporarily deactivating your acct, but basically i heard that i could do this and only pay $8/month for the remainder of my contract. I still have about 7 months left on my contract, but I'm sick of rogers!

Basically from the start, my line doesn't work, so they told me to go to a rogers store to get the phone fixed, so i did that...THREE rid of that phone eventually and bought a new motorola v60i. the line still messed up. people were getting a msg saying that my phone number was not assigned.

this has been going on since i got the contract with rogers. then finally the one and only CSR i talked to there who was actually helpful, decided to look into my acct and found out my line had been forwarded to some foreign number.

Anyways, I called in today and told them that I have to go overseas due to a Family emergency and asked if there was anything i could do without cancelling the account. He offered to lower me to the lowest price plan which is $25. I might as well cancel if I won't be using the account, right? So I told him that I was aware of temporarily deactivating the acct and that he was lying and he goes "i would appreciate it if you didn't call me a liar" which i thought was funny. but anyways sorry to write such a long email, but i was wondering what i could do or say, if anything, to get this done?

Bliss Comments

Off the top of my head I couldn't tell you. You may want to check where I have posted some tips from a ROGERS CSR on dealing with some ROGERS dilemmas. If someone happens to read this and can help out Bliss, send me your suggestion and I'll forward it. Just promise me after your contract expires, you're going to find an alternative.

To: [email protected]

From: <**Da Illest**>

Date: January 13, 2022 12:32 AM

Subject: Fuck ROBBERS AT&T


First off I gotta say that I'm really enjoying this site and reading the hate mail is just so fun. Its no secret that ROGERS is full of shit and are out to rob people. Not only are they bad in terms of customer service, but thier products actually do suck.

I once relied on them for wireless services. Whenever I tried to call C/S about any problems that I had, they would try to talk to me like I'm fucking stupid or something. I noticed 1 bill that I was charged for each text msg that I sent and received (I send/receive alot of msgs) seeing that I had a text messaging plan with them. When I called to complain about it, they tried to imply that I never did have a text messaging plan when I did. After complaing for a bit, they finally agreed to remove the extra costs. To no surprise when I got the next bill the charges were still there so I had to call and complain again. Every damn error that they made in my bill was always in thier favour and yes this did happen more then once. Each time I called they would try to tell me anything just to shut me up. Of course when the contract was finally up they didnt say anything about it and even when I called to confirm, it wuz the same ol shit. Even aside from this, thier internet services were just plain crap. They were always giving me problems and as usual thier crappy customer service did not help a bit. The only service that I got from them that didn't give me a problem was thier cable tv services, but quite honestly I got sick of putting more money into ROBBERS pockets so I went over to bell for that as well.

I can gladly say that I have found alternatives to all of ROGERS services and it truely was a great feeling when I closed my wireless account with them. I told them exactly how I felt about thier services and I even got in their faces more by telling them that I was going to sign up on fido.  This was the only time I got a real response from their customer service as they tried to convince me to stay and even went to as far as to try to tell me how much fido sucks and compare things about them.

ROGERS are nothing but professional ROBBERS and I will never use them for any of their services again. Fuck ROGERS cable, fuck ROGERS internet, fuck ROGERS AT&T wireless, fuck ROGERS video and Fuck ROGERS anything else I might have forgotten and of course FUCK ROGERS...period

P.S. I wouldn't mind getting ahold of one of those shirts as well. I would wear it to work and school and fully promote the theme and this site. Even if I dont get 1 for this email, I'd still pay for one. Thanks for your time, hope to see this on your site.

Da Illest (David H.) Comments

Now this guy knows how to rant! You got the picture after suffering through all their shit. Sometimes you need a wet suit and flippers to swim through all of it. But the bottom line is you did the right thing. Service sucks? Find an alternative. Customer service sucks? Find an alternative. Products suck? You guessed it...find an alternative. Good job, you're definitely in the running for a FREE I HATE ROGERS T-shirt!

PS - I love the "ROBBERS AT&T" name.