To: [email protected]

From: Sean W.

Date: January 13, 2022 10:23 PM

Subject: Rant ‚ Rogers Bandwidth Cap

I recently had a experience which illustrates beautifully the incompetence and shoddy business ethics of Rogers Hi Speed Internet and support staff.  Please give it a read, I hope it warrants a rant.  It is rather long so I have set up a url with the details and pictures of their letters.  It is informative, or so I have been told.  Sorry for the popups and whatnot, decent webhosting has become hard to find.

Sean Comments

Anyone with an opinion on this bandwidth topic and people being suspended from their Internet access with ROGERS should check out Sean's site. This has really become a major new source of irritation from ROGERS. In my opinion what they're doing is criminal. I'd like to know why there's no link to on your site Sean? I'm on your side.

To: [email protected]

From: Joel G.

Date: January 14, 2022 7:37 PM

Subject: Rogers Radio Rant


living in ottawa we have a very limited radio market as it is. When rogers decided to shut down 101.1 xfm, my favorite station, to say the least i was furious. Tho i do understand the business, the changes they made to me, prove that they have no idea what their doing. First of all, they moved the old country station from 105, to 101, to make room for a kiss fm to fill a supposed void left by kool fm for the female 25-45 market. To me this makes no sense, kool fm failed to the new hot 89.9, and voer 80% of its listeners supported the change to BOB fm, which would play music mostly from when they grew up (and ive heard the station has been doing very well for itself). so basically they ditched a very important demographic (males 18-25) who have lots of spending time and power, for a format that has already failed, and very well could again with the station that failed is doing quite well under its new format for the same demographic. Since the shutdown there has been quite an outrage in the younger demographic as basically we have no stations, cept for one, and not everyone is into rap and techno. This is a big mistake on the side of rogers, and i hope that someone can bring this format back and be sucessful, make rogers look like the idiots they are.

Another station that i like, chez 106 was bought out by rogers a few years back, and quite frankly it hasnt been the same. its still good, but its lost it a bit. some stuff that doesnt belong on it. just another fact of rogers not knowing how to run a radio station. also reading around, the switch to y101 hasnt been well accepted by the former y105 fans as the signal isnt as strong and not many people who listened to it before can't now.

my family and i ditched rogers cable years back for dish company called look. its been very reliable, and there hasnt been a price increase in years. it doesnt have any of the new stations, buts its a hell of alot better then rogers.

Joel G. Comments

Holy Andy Travis Batman, that is one hell of a lot of information on Ottawa radio! This is probably the first rant on the topic and I'm happy to post it. By the way for anyone that doesn't know who Andy Travis is, he was the Program Director for WKRP in Cincinatti. Anyways, as far as Ottawa radio goes, why should things be any better there than it is when it comes to Internet service in the GTA by ROGERS? Of course it sucks ass's ROGERS and they are nothing if not consistent.

To: [email protected]

From: Andrew M.

Date: January 14, 2022 10:11 PM

Subject: Rogers

I can't believe that this site exists.  Rogers is my most hated company, and I get myself riled up every so often just to keep myself hating them, unfortunately I'm also a customer (recently cancelled one of my two rogers accounts in a blinding fit of outrage).

So how can I get a t-shirt before the online store opens? And are there any others, perhaps with a real Rogers logo on them? Comments

A "blinding fit of outrage" and you cancelled only 1 of your 2 accounts? How mad would you have to get to cancel the other? How can someone get that mad and then stay loyal to the catalyst? What would they have to do to get you to cancel your other account? Run over your dog? Poison your beloved grand ma-ma? What if they put itching powder in your condom? Sounds to me like you enjoy the abuse. Are you a masochist Andrew?

To: [email protected]

From: Candy&Steve

Date: January 15, 2022 6:23 PM


My god Rogers has almost ruined my life!

Then 3 hours later...


To: [email protected]

From: Candy&Steve

Date: January 15, 2022 9:29 PM


Is there any lawers who speacialize in bill and contract stuff?

Rogers has me by the balls! Comments

Thank you for your 2 very detailed e-mails. Just kidding Candy&Steve. Candy& 2 sound like swingers. "Hi, I'm Candy...Steve and I were just wondering if you and your wife..."

Anyways, to answer your question, there are lawyers that specialize in contract stuff. They're called contract lawyers oddly enough.

To: [email protected]

From: B.C.

Date: January 15, 2022 6:26 PM

Subject: T-Shirt


    I am a former Rogers customer service consultant. I worked three long years for Rogers. I quite Rogers in October, 2003. I can honestly say I hate Rogers. I have visited your site and read most of the hate mail and the letter from one of the consultants whom wrote you about Felix. For those who doubt it, there is a Felix and the brains in Toronto put every possible scenario together and developed a script to respond to the situation. Every situation neatly mapped out. Every "t" crossed and every "i" dotted. There is no room for creativity or real customer service. I tried to be the exception to the rule by providing world class customer service. My customers were happy and praised my work. Some took the time to speak to my manage other took the time to write. At first it made me happy and energized me to go on to the next Rogers customer. Unfortunately Rogers didn't share their enthusiasm. Rogers monitors their customer calls for quality. This simply means that they monitor the representative to see if the followed the best practice (script) found in Felix. Responded to the customers concerns and attempted to upsell the customer on every call. All of this being timed of course. Seconds are counted at Rogers. The less time a customer is on the line with you the lower the cost per call. Since stats on call performance and quality are the measure of your worth as a person at Rogers most times customers get the rush treatment. If your problem for calling requires creativity this all has to be approved by management because all freedom of thought and control has been removed from the representative. Forcing the representative to stick to the script in Felix. Because most representatives are students or out sourced call centres ( call centre whom are not Rogers owned and paid to answer your calls) most of them never care to complete their work. The following month the customer would call about the same problem that should have been resolved the first time. Sometimes the same problem just doesn't get fixed and customers are forced to call month after month for the same problem. Most times the billing system known as vision 21 would have glitches in it making it impossible to fix. Reps just smile tell you its fix and hope they don't speak to you next month. We'd have to start all over and rehash the problem then try to fix their bumbling. Some of the idiots I worked with couldn't screw in a light bulb with instructions with pictures. Most of them just didn't care till pay day because they were there temporarily while they completed school or found a real job. Ted and Bob are trying to stream line things for greater profitability. This may be good for them and the investors but ultimately we all know who suffers. The customer!

    The management tries very hard to paint this place as a rosy place to work where everyone is happy and content. They paint the picture of unlimited possibilities for future advancement and flash the almighty dollar to keep their people around for the longest time possible. Employees of Rogers usually last about 2 to 3 years then realise like myself that they have been sold a fairy tail.  The management uses smoke and mirrors to fool their employees in to being productive little drones regurgitating the Rogers scripts.  Employees who want advancement must bust their ass and kiss ass to advance. Each rep is encouraged to live Rogers vision and values and are praised for being mindless little Ted drones. Management tries very hard to paint a picture of the perfect job with wonderful benefits and promises of advancement. This my friends is about as reliable as pillow talk from a $10 hooker!

    From time to time employees get ill or like myself burn out. I was offered a trial position with more responsibility and more pay in the future as a Management Support Representative. Here is a good one for you to know! When you aren't getting anywhere with a representative and ask for a manager you get transferred to someone like me! I was no manager!!! Just someone told to lie and say I was in order to handle customer escalations. Yes, I was told to lie! The funniest thing about this is that I had no more authority than the previous representative. When I said no to a customer request they believed they were talking to a manager and that was it and the end of the story! Next time you ask for a manager ask for a number to reach them a direct number if the person on the end of the line can't do this then they are not a real manager. Managers have direct telephone lines with no extension numbers to dial. As a management support representative it was my job to coach the representatives on how to do their jobs and handle escalations. Most of these so called escalations were calls about issues the representative had no desire to resolve even though it was within their abilities.  After a year of doing this our team of 8 individuals were getting pretty upset with the fact we hadn't seen Rogers acknowledge our advanced skill set or the raise they had promised us in the beginning. They used every excuse in the book to justify that we were not getting more money. My supervisor being the stand up guy he was went forward to the director of our call centre. Shared our thoughts and feelings with the director and supported our demands. Later that day my manager was told to clear out his desk that he was being let go. He accepted a severance package that Rogers slipped a clause in to. The clause was he couldn't sue the company for unjust dismissal. He was told he was being let go as he didn't share the same vision and values as upper management. What bunch of people! Shortly after this I fell ill. My doctor put me out with a stress disorder. Our wonderful benefits lasted a whole three weeks. My doctor suggested more time off as I was in very bad shape at the time. Unfortunately Rogers doctor whom never examined me once didn't share my doctors opinion and ended my benefits. Rogers called me up and told me to be back to work on Monday. I argued the point. This got me no where fast. Finally they offer me a unpaid leave of absence. So I spent the next 15 weeks on Unemployment insurance. I could have returned to work sooner but the abuse I endured from management and human resources made me resentful and I stayed out as long as I could. I spent the summer resting and regaining my old self. I finally returned to work to be demoted. Their excuse was that due to my absence I could no longer perform the advanced skill set because I was out of date with material. By the way this was the same advance skill set they would not acknowledge or compensate us for. So they put me back on regular customer service. A few days later I was back up to date and exceeding expectations. I wanted to be back with my friends on my old team but they made it know there was no chance of that happening any time soon. I realised there was no chances for advancement here. Six months later I hurt myself  and this time there was visible damage they could not deny it. I was able to stay off work this time and I kept my benefits. My doctor knowing Rogers bullshit kept me out for the summer. My doctor recommended a Orthopaedic chair and I was told by corporate health I was to receive a new chair upon my return to work and that all accommodations that could be made to make me comfortable was going to be done. Well I went back. Guess what? When I asked where my chair was they said they were not going to be getting me a chair and that the head of health and safety adjusted my chair to accommodate my back injury. This would be a hard thing to do since the chair had been already adjusted to the max. There was nothing to do to make it any comfortable.  I spent a few hours sitting and my back injury began to hurt terribly. I got up a left and went to see my doctor. Shared my situation with him and Rogers antics. He was really pissed at Rogers and put me back out on sick leave and told me he wasn't letting me return to Rogers without an orthopaedic chair being present at my work station. Almost two months went by and finally a chair showed up. At this point I knew my future at Rogers would be short lived. A friend in management told me that they intended to get rid of me because I cost the company too much money. Had they got me the chair in the first place they would have saved about 3 months of short term disability. I was suppose to return to work but instead of doing that I called in and told them I quit. I was so happy I think I called everyone I knew. It was like a weight of oppression was removed from me and I began to live again.

The same day I quit I handed in my notice to my land lord, left the lousy cheating girl I lived with, moved out, started a new life, moved out, and regained a piece of me they had robbed me of all these year. On that day I found myself respect and felt so much relief. I hate Rogers for the way they treat their customers. I hate Rogers for the way they mistreat and manipulate their employees. I hate Rogers for the way they manipulated their benefit program to suit themselves when it came to me and many others.

    Not only did I quit them I quit their services as well. I cancelled my cell phone and found better service which saves me about $60 a month. I also dumped their cable and internet service and went with DSL and Satellite. I would have to agree with you that Bell DSL is a faster service in most areas! I even cancelled my new girl friends cell service! Now were both happier!

    As you can see not only are Rogers customers abused, manipulated, and just straight-out lied to so are their employees. For those employees with Rogers still living within the fantasy world I say open your eyes. Watch what happens when an employee gives their notice that they are leaving because they are unhappy. Watch how fast they get escorted out the door so as to not spoil the fantasy for the others and then get paid their two weeks to stay at home. Don't be fooled in to believing good things will come your way! Unless you nose is brown from kissing ass it isn't going to happen! Don't live Ted's lie! I encourage you to look around. There are other opportunities out there.

    I hate Rogers! I hate what they stand for! I hate Ted for abusing his power! I hope he knows that I will be in line at his funeral to urinate on his grave! I would be honoured and would proudly wear one of your t-shirt!!! Can you contact me about getting a t-shirt, please.


B.C. Comments

My goodness, you have so many reasons to hate ROGERS. I have become well informed on how they treat their own staff. When your employer makes you miserable, it's impossible to not make your customers miserable. Internally, the way ROGERS operates is horrifying. Uneducated, uninformed, non-thinking CSRs are not going to satisfy customers. Is this such a hard concept to grasp?