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From: Alisdair H.

Date: February 13, 2003 12:09 PM


Here is a copy of a letter that I sent to Rogers about a month ago.  I fought with them over the phone for months and had no satisfaction.  So I wrote this letter - promising payment - WHEN the problem are fixed!!!

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am writing to you concerning the above account.  We have been LOYAL customers of Shaw/Rogers Cable since moving to the Barrie Area almost 25 years ago, (1978).

We are now retired.  In 2001, we moved to our current address and have had nothing but trouble with the cable service.  In previous years, we have ALWAYS enjoyed Pay TV, the Super Stations, Movie Networks and more.  When we moved to THIS building, we were told that those stations were UNAVAILABLE. Something about old cable or old wiring, I'm not sure and I honestly don't
care WHY it doesn't work, I was just assured that I would NOT be receiving the "premium channels" that I had subscribed to for years.

As if that weren't bad enough, the channels that I HAVE been receiving for the past three years are limited AND frankly - not very clear.  Any channel higher than 26 is VERY snowy and virtually useless.  In the bedroom, only 6 channels are clear. Many of our neighbours have complained and gotten nowhere, so we've kept reasonable quiet about the substandard service provided to this building.  We just learned to live with it.

In 1999, we bought a winter home in Florida, and have spent our winters there ever since.  We have always disconnected the cable AND the telephone every year.  It was cheaper for us to pay a reconnect fee than 4,5, or 6 months cable.  One year we did not disconnect, because our daughter came here from PEI and was living in the apartment while we were in Florida.  I can't remember which year - maybe 1999?

At any rate, last year was no different.  I called your office and asked for the cable to be disconnected while we were in Florida.  The gentleman who came to the house told me he could not disconnect it because it is wired in a series or something!!  That's NOT my problem, but apparently, because you were unable to disconnect my cable, (while the apartment was uninhabited),  you just kept on billing us.

On our return from Florida, we were met with a whopping cable bill !   I called your office several times, each time being told there is no record of my original call - but there MUST be a record of the serviceman who came out and explained that he couldn't disconnect my cable.  Why are you putting the onus on ME? Please check your records!

I DID call, and requested a disconnection of service from November 30 to April 30, just as I had done two of the previous three years.  A Roger's representative DID come to my home to disconnect the cable as we were leaving - but could not.  The costs incurrent over that five-month period were $37.65 x 5 months = $188.25.  I respectfully request that this amount be deducted from my balance owing.

We have received from you at BEST, three years of substandard cable reception in this building, and over the past four months have experienced SEVERAL outages as you "upgrade your systems".  Several of my friends and neighbours have called to complain about the outages and have received a credit on their cable bills.  I would request this same courtesy.

And now the good news. Over the past month, we have had several people in to "repair" the reception in my apartment and FINALLY, last Monday, someone came in and actually made a difference.  It is wonderful now!  This is the FIRST time since I moved here we have got decent reception.   I have paid for an extra outlet for 15 months and for the FIRST time we can get more
than 6 channels in the bedroom!!  I would think that almost a year and a half of poor reception would be something that could be adjusted at your end with a credit. I'm not looking for the world here, but you can talk to your representatives and they will attest, the reception, until last week has
been horrible.

We are once again preparing the leave for Florida and I will once again ask for a disconnection of my service. For my protection, please instruct me as to the MOST RELIABLE method for me to notify you of this request.

We are pleased with the limited reception we've been getting since last Monday, and I would be happy to settle this account, factoring in the above credits.  We're not expecting the slate to be wiped clean, but I think you'll agree that we do have some valid point that can be confirmed by YOUR representatives.

With that in mind, please advise us of the updated and adjusted account balance at your earliest convenience and we will settle this account before returning to Florida.

Thank you
Roberta & Alasdair H.

They have NOW cut of their noses to spite their faces because they have disconnected my cable and I am no longer a Rogers subscriber.  They just sent me a final bill.   I will pay 1/2 of it and send another copy of this letter.   BUT - because they cannot disconnect my cable unless they disconnect all others after me in the series.  So, I get full cable and I don't have to pay for it!!  HA HA to them!! Comments

Roberta & Alisdair I wish I could say I’m surprised with the treatment you have received…but alas, I am not. ROGERS has an attitude when they make errors that just makes my blood boil. I’m sure you can relate. They seldom seem to care that the customer is upset/outraged and expect their word to be law.

I lived in Pompano Beach for 2 years and miss the cable service. Never had a problem, great reception and tons of channels. Since you still get cable, enjoy it. If that changes, get yourselves a satellite dish if possible. You’ll never look back.

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From: chris j.

Date: February 13, 2003 12:32 PM

Subject: Call this an Editorial Response

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From: Tad M.

Date: February 14, 2003 1:22 AM

Subject: The Other side

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From: Radium

Date: February 15, 2003 12:55 PM

Subject: A rogers employee

When i got my job at Rogers Video, I realy didn't have it out for them, even after working for some time and seeing how the company treats they're customers admittidly as walking dollar amounts i didn't. But after I decided to try buying a cell phone, that all changed. I had no idea what I was doing, I simply pointed at the phone I wanted and my co-worked whipped up a 2 year contract for me to sign (before I knew it was a 2-year contract) I had no idea I'd be tied down to it with a service cancelation fee of 200$ if I wanted out of it. I used the phone for a month before I found this out once I stopped using it. Now it sits without a battery somewhere in my basment, while I pay 25$ a month for a contract I'm not even using. Whats more is that I asked them to obtain a new battery charger for me so i could actually USE my phone, but after many attempts, and the ussuall pattened 'Rogers Run-Around' I still am without one.. and I fucking WORK for these people. I think rogers is an absurd, tyrnt of a company, even as I get ready to leave for another 8hr shift there. No cable employee gives a shit about anything, unless they can sell a phone and make some commission. Anyway, be well, this site of yours really hit the spot.

-raid. Comments

I’ve heard it all before and it still pisses me off. You being happy is not important. You paying your bill is the only thing that matters. It sucks and I hope you spread the word cause I’m only one person.

One other comment dude. Bill Gates spent a lot of money creating "spell check". It’s only one icon to click on. Try it next time you write a letter.

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From: Michelle G.

Date: February 16, 2003 10:26 PM

Subject: I really hate Rogers!

Hi, I am sending in my story on why I really hate Rogers. I wasn't receiving my bills for 2 months when all of a sudden I got a phone call from some dork in there company saying that they keep getting return mail from me and that my account is now 2 months over due. I asked her what address they had and sure enough it wasn't even my address. I proceeded to give her my address and again when she repeated it back to me she said the wrong address again. I said, " No that is the wrong one" I repeated myself again and then she repeated the right address finally. She told me my bill would be in the mail again and that I could pay it. I said okay.

A couple days later I go to use my cell and I get a message saying that my phone has been cut off and to phone this number. I phoned the number only to get some pea brain on the other line. I said " Why is my phone cut off?" The pea brain proceeds to tell me because I didn't pay my bill in 2 months. I replied " You got to be kidding me? ". Then I told him that they were the ones that screwed up my mailing address and that I haven't even got a bill yet. He told me that I should have paid it regardless because I should know what my bill is each month. I told him, uh no I don't because my bill varies from month to month. He said my phone would be connected again when I paid my bill. I told him to fax me my bill and that I would pay it and then they could shove their so called service up their a**.

Finally I got my bill and paid it but then... I get a collection agency after me for not paying my bill. So I go through the process of paying a fee to the bank to get my check back from them to prove that I paid it. When I got my check back I sent it to the collection agency to prove I paid it and then I contacted the collection agency to ask them if Rogers was still going to take me to court. They said it was all taken care of and it was all said and done. I said good.

Now here I am 2 years later and I receive a phone call one afternoon from a collection agency AGAIN saying I owe Rogers the same amount from the same damn bill from 2 years ago. Now I am mad. So I go through the process of phoning my bank again and tracking the check from 2 years ago. Thank god the bank still had it. Now I have the check to prove again that this damn bill was paid but I thought, why should I have to go through all the work to prove myself right just so they don't take me to court.

I phoned the collection agency back and told the guy that I have the check again to prove I paid this stupid bill but I said if Rogers wants the proof they can take me to court for it and that in return I am going to counter sue them for harassment and I want them to pay me back for the checks that I had to pay for.

Needless to say now I am anxiously waiting to see what is going to happen.

Michelle G. Comments

Michelle, I had a similar billing issue which drove me near insanity. I also experienced the ROGERS collection agency. It was some two bit agency probably owned by ROGERS. I did owe them money but refused to pay it. Based on the quality of service I felt I deserved a credit. So I took it myself. I told their collection agency to go FU** themselves (my actual words!). I told them I wouldn’t pay a dime of what they wanted and if they phoned me again they’d hear from my attorney.

I never heard from them again. I never paid them a dime.

I can’t say for you to do what I did. I made my choice and was ready for any consequences. I can only share my experience. I hope you can get your situation resolved without it costing you any more time, work or expense.