To: [email protected]

From: Alan F.

Date: February 20, 2003 12:23 PM

Subject: Rogers Rants

After deciding that I needed a pager for my work, I read through this site and thought to myself, "Naah, this couldn’t happen to me."

How wrong was I.

I ordered a pager from Rogers on Jan 4, a Saturday. Within sixty seconds, they’ve taken the money away from me (remember that sixty seconds), and I’m told that shipping confirmation will be given to me in three days.

So I wait. After a week, nothing. After two weeks, nothing. So, by Jan 20, I’m understandably nervous, and seeing as how I needed this pager yesterday, I contacted Rogers to cancel my order. They say, "Sorry, this isn’t usually the way that Rogers does business (remember that phrase, too)" and tell me that my order is cancelled. After inquiring as to how long it will take to get my money back, they tell me seven to ten business days. Lovely. Sixty seconds to take my money, more than a week to give it back to me.

A day later, you guessed it, I received shipping confirmation for my cancelled pager. I couldn’t believe it. After calling their "Customer Care" centre, I was informed that yes, the order was cancelled, and no, the pager should not have been sent to me. When inquiring about getting my money back, they tell me, "Oh, well, you’ll have to wait until our warehouse gets the pager back."

I started to seriously consider charging back the cost of the pager from my VISA card.

The pager took one day to get out to Saskatchewan, and two days to get back to the warehouse. I was able to confirm this via the online tracking number by UPS. So I called them, said that they had the freaking pager back, and why was it taking so long to get back my money? "Seven to ten business days."

Seven business days later, Feb 4, I receive my money back. Amazing, I thought. Sixty seconds to take my money, two weeks to give it back.

But wait, that’s not all! Last week I received a bill from Rogers, charging me for services used since Jan 20. I just couldn’t believe it. A quick call to Rogers "Customer Care" confirmed that I was erroneously billed for a service that I never received.

The moral of the story: if you’re reading these rants, thinking that they could never happen to you: trust me, it *will* happen to you. You will get screwed over somehow by these clowns. Take your money elsewhere!


Alan F. Comments

Thank you Alan. I want to apologize in advance however to any clowns who may take offense to being compared to ROGERS.

To: [email protected]

From: Asa S.

Date: February 20, 2003 7:17 PM

Subject: Here is a connection story for ya

Called Rogers about a week before Christmas as I knew we were finally getting the new computer from Santa and a cable connection would be worthwhile. To my kids dismay, the person says we would have to wait 2 months as they were SO busy. So much for the Merry Christmas present. So the appointment for the cable install comes around, someone phones saying they will be in the vacinity on a specified day. The guy installs the cable from the overhead poles into the basement and hooks up the modem which flashes green and he says all that is necessary now is to have a tech come by to install the software package we purchased. He just has to make a final adjustment at the pole, and I see him disappear in my neighbours backyard. Cool. Next day they say a tech is coming. We stay around all day, and after dinner I give up hope. Some guy in a leather jacket knocks on our door in the dark around 7PM and since I don't recognize him, I don't even open the
door. Turns out, after I call the next day, a guy phones saying he came around about 7PM but no one was home. This guy had no Rogers truck and had no credentials he was a Rogers employee so how was I to think he was there to install anything at that time of night. When he sits down at the
computer, my kids are holding there breath as he asks all the preferences for browser, email app etc. but then he says, "Whoa, how long has the modem been flashing red?" I told him I noticed it just after the cable installer left but thought that was normal. After calls to Rogers he comes off the
phone and says that the wiring is not working and they will send another person back to check on it. I say, "okay, it's still early, we've waited two months already, what's another hour or so?". He say " Sorry, they can't get anyone back here until next week" I freak! The tech is really apologetic and
actually very good at his portion of the job, but leaves sheepishly. As soon as he goes out the door, my kids are mumbling in the background and I am literally seething, I say, " there's something that guy must have done at the last minute  in the neighbours backyard that has screwed this up because everything was "green for go" when he left the basement. It is thundering down buckets of rain as I gather up my 14' step ladder & head for the other backyard and find a white filter or something stuck on my cable up on the wiring. I reach up and try screwing it in and back out not really knowing what the heck it is, just then, my son comes running out the back door yelling over "it's on! it's on!" The modem finally  had a connection. I come back soaked to the bone with the ladder but somewhat calmed down from all the exertion I had just gone through. Finally we had the cable connection up and running and who did we have to thank for it? Not the guy supposedly
showing up next week to find nothing other that a loose connector. Dad was the hero that night. (and Christmas arrived 2 months and 10 days after Dec. 25th) Comments

HOORAY FOR DAD! On a ladder - in the winter - in the rain and mucking around with cable. I hope you sent ROGERS a bill as a freelance installer. I do believe as reward for your heroics you deserve an I HATE ROGERS T-Shirt! I’ll contact you for your details and get it out to you A.S.A.P.

To: [email protected]

From: ADAM E. D.

Date: February 20, 2003 10:40 PM

Subject: Never knew

I never really hated Rogers, I never had any reason to becuase I never really used it in my life, still don't till this day, but my story starts almost 2 yrs ago I was in Highschool and doing my Cooperative education at a computer store that happend to be a supplier or seller of Rogers highspeed, they advertised it in the windows for everyone to see, it's all good to me... untill the worst happend, My Co-op supervisor(boss) went out to get something from across the place across the street and told me to watch the store, he'd be right back.  Sure enough with my luck, while he was out a little old lady came in with her Rogers cell phone, more mad than I cared to deal with. She saw the "Rogers" sign in the window and immediately came to the conclusion that we knew EVERYTHING about Rogers, for some reason her phone couldn't get service and when she
called Rogers she kept getting jerked around, well after about a _ hour of her ranting about how we're all wrong and Rogers was out to get her we had to ask her nicely to leave the store, and for that little irate woman making my life a living hell, I loath rogers.

Adam D., 19/Canada

"Odd how love can be so painful
yet no soul can live happily without it"
A.E.D. Comments

That little irate woman was my grandmother. Nah, just kidding. O.K., I understand why you loath ROGERS…but what’s with the little adage at the end of your letter? Do you include that in all correspondence to total strangers? Are you a poet in training? Are you in love with me? Regardless, thanks for taking the time to submit your rant. I am afraid though, our love can never be.

To: [email protected]

From: Darren

Date: February 25, 2003 11:21 AM

Subject: MY thoughts

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To: [email protected]

From: andrew b

Date: March 6, 2003 9:10 PM

Subject: Tech Support sucks!

Don't ever speak to a guy named, "Jamie"! If you ever have a problem with your connection, and a Rogers rep answers the phone and says, "Hi, you're speaking to Jamie." Immediately ask to speak to someone else.

This guy is not only an idiot, but a complete loser. I tried being as polite as possible. He didn't have a clue as to how to fix my connection troubles. Not only that, he was incredibly rude.

I tried explaining to him that I am getting 10-30 second timeouts, where I cannot connect, or the connection stalls.

You know what he told me? Clear out your History! Delete your cookies!!

What do cookies have to do with server time-outs?

He then got mad at me, because I did not clarify that I have encountered the problem in different browsers. He thought I was having trouble with just Internet Explorer.

Like, did he even ask? He goes on to assume something, and then gets mad when he is wrong.

After a lot of repitition on my part, he informed me that he cannot file a report or contact tech support, because he has no proof of the server time outs.

Why am I speaking to you? Do you think I call Customer Service, just for the hell of it. You think I'm bored, and I thought, "Hey, let me annoy someone at Rogers."

Why can you not type in a little note,  "Customer A in location B has experienced problem C," and email that to Tech Support. No... it has to be some catastrophic connection error that is affecting the Eastern GTA, before I can get some help.

You know what really irritaed me about this guy? His tone. He had the audacity to ask me, "What do I expect him to do?"

Like am I in your position. Do I get paid to handle Rogers High Speed Internet Connection errors? No, you moron, I don't. I expect him to do his job. Comments

First off let me say, I can not confirm or deny that "Jamie" is an idiot. That is your opinion. Secondly, let me say…I believe you 100%. You have a legitimate beef. The question is what can you do about it? Hmmm, if only there was a place you could go to find alternatives to ROGERS services, like Internet for example???

Did someone say alternatives?