To: [email protected]

From: Misty at rogers

Date: April 3, 2003 9:38 PM

Subject: how’s that pickle up your ass?

Since this website is all about personal opinions,  I would like to share my personal opinion about you.  I have read thru every email, both rants and hate mail that you currently have listed here, and could not stop laughing my ass off.  Your reply to most rants is usually to instruct the ranter to check out the 'alternatives' you have so kindly listed on your website, with regards to cable and internet service providers.  It's great that you tell you everybody you hate Roger's and you provide us with alternate means, but I don't understand why you don't tell us how much you are getting paid by other companies to advertise on your site.  You just don't strike me as the kind of person who would do something for free.  I guess that is what you meant when you said you have a great future ahead....

I also think that it is hilarious that your response to most 'hate mail' is childish insults, usually consisting of making fun of someone's spelling and grammer  (which you  never do for your ranters.... maybe you correct their spelling for them before you post their emails, so they don't look so stupid).  Your other predictable replies include accusing the emailer of working for Roger's, thanking them for providing you with such a good laugh or just telling them that they are morons.... ooohhhh.... haha.

Anyway, just want to let you know that I think YOU are  a moron, your website provides me with a lot of laughter and it's a good thing you remember to spell check, because I am sure that for a simple radio d.j. your spelling is probably not very good.  By the way,  I HATE Mojo radio, I think it sucks,  (it went downhill when you got rid of Stern), and I HATE you.  No particular reason why, just my personal opinion. 


Please don't waste my time replying to this email if you are going to give me the same predictable responses you give everyone else.  I actually don't expect this to be posted on your website because of what I have said about you.  Roger's provides me with free webspace with my internet service... I think I will start my own webpage called has a nice ring.... Comments

Misty, thank you for your contribution…you are a moron. Now let’s clarify a few things so you are better informed.

  • All costs incurred for running and maintaining this web site are at my own personal expense. There is no income generated by any of the content found here.
  • I am both vengeful and charitable and would absolutely do this for free, and will continue to do so.
  • I do not correct anyone’s spelling on this site, which you should have been able to gauge, if in fact you yourself could spell. "Grammer" by the way is spelt "grammar" and "Roger’s" is spelt "Rogers".
  • I am neither a disc jockey, nor employed by MOJO radio in any capacity and never claimed to be.
  • I did not get rid of Stern, and neither did MOJO. Stern was on Q-107 and I miss him too.

Why in the world do you think I would be opposed to posting your e-mail? Did you think it was so well written, witty and concise I would recoil, hesitant to respond? Did you believe your personal opinion would have such a titanic affect on me? Come on, you’re so completely clueless, how could I not post this e-mail? As a matter of fact, I’d like to thank you again for sending it…thank you.

To: [email protected]

From: rob

Date: July 12, 2003 12:38 AM

Subject: not a rant or a hate

I dont think this is a rant or a hate, but you don't seem to have a link for general comments or the ability to reply to specific posts or I didn't bother looking, so here goes....

I find it interesting some of the rants on your site. They are amasingly similar to the rants I used to read on an I hate bell group) , I don't know if the site is still around, and frankly, don't care.I used to read it a lot when I worked there.

Oh and to whoever's rant it was about not supporting multiple computer setup's...most ISP's don't support it or will want a fee for doing it, they probably figuring that if you are going to attempt a multiple computer setup, you should know  enough about computers to do it yourself (kinda like buying a car without knowing how to drive). But here's something that may have saved you time,frustation and money had you bothered researching what you were doing instead of just waiting for the world to do it for you, BUY A ROUTER.

And the rant about rogers not removing free services when they would stop being free...boy that would be genius marketing strategy. That is the whole point of giving them free, get people interested, so they want the service. But let's not go into basic marketing 101. If you had decided after 3 months that you did want them, but rogers took them away, I guess you would ranting about that...i can see it now"how dare they take away a service that I wanted to keep"

People are always going to have problems with a service, or a company until the day that everything is free, and when they call customer service they get everything they want plus a 100$ credit for the time it took them out of their oh so busy day to call in. Guess how long that company will be around. I've had services through rogers for quite sometime now and to be honest have had very few problems, compared to friends of mine with other companies, don't get me wrong I've had friends that have had problems with rogers too. but guess what, and this may come as a surprise NOBODY IS PERFECT, NO COMPANY IS PERFECT, MISTAKES CAN AND WILL HAPPEN.

I also notice you have a lot of alternatives to rogers wireless..interesting, I have an updated list for you though

Bell mobility

Telus<-in bed with bell

Fido<-almost broke, brutal coverage(don't belive me?, check their coverage map: )

Mike<-telus, therefore in bed with bell

Aliant<-in bed with bell

sasktel<-in bed with bell

NMI<-I should be cutting and pasting at this point

Thunder bay mobility<-you guessed it, ma bell

now if you're looking up to see if they are owned by bell, not really, but they are all either partners or subsidiaries of BCE, bell's mother ship.

so really when it comes to national wireless, you have 2 choices, rogers and bell, amazing there used to be 4, and there was even rumours about rogers buying fido...I don't see why, but their networks are compatible...

and to Mr. what a shock shock, a disgruntled employee revealing all the company secrets. Funny thing, everyone I know who's been fired from a company...HATES THAT COMPANY and talks about how that company is unfair to it's employees and screws customers!!!!!ohmigoshidon'tbelieveit. sigh

So in conclusion, there are customers out there who fall through the cracks in any company. ANY company, and the bigger the company, the more often it will happen, welcome to don't believe me? go to google and do a search for sites that hate bill gates and/or windows...but yet it is still the #1 operating system in the world. do some people have problems with it? YES, do some think they've been screwed by microsoft, hmmm YES. gimme a break. Companies find mistakes and error's and do ton's of customer satifaction surveys to try and prevent them from happening, but nonetheless they CAN and WILL happen.

oh and to the poeple who post "rogers is just after your money!!" I have something to say.....DUHHHHH!!! amazingly enough that's why company's go into business, to make money!!(again that marketing 101 thing).

And If you do decide to cut and paste any of this, please at least post this part...

Customer service people don't make a whole ton of decisions neither do their managers, they follow policies and procedures that are in place. policies and procedures are put in place from upper management, who answer to the big CEO's and presidents. CEO's and president's answer to their shareholders, who are mainly representatives guessed it, the general public who invest their money. (to get the full effect of the last paragraph, conclude with the chorus from elton johns "Cirle of Life":)

that's my 2 cent's (0.0148$ american)

hope this gets posted.

thanx:) Comments

I read this entire e-mail and it had an honest effect on me. I can’t decide whether I want to poke out my eyes with a letter opener or a steak knife. Because if I ever have to read something this pointless and boring my brain will jump out of my ear and take its own life.

It amazes me how a web site with about 50 pages + of content still manages to be elusive to people like this. They go through the content, read the rants, the alternatives (and 9 times out of 10 they work for ROGERS or are affiliated with ROGERS) and they just don’t get the freakin’ point…

I HATE ROGERS — and I’m not alone.

Please don’t try to be witty and write me excuses because I HATE ROGERS.

I don’t want your explanation for why they do what they do because I HATE ROGERS.

YOU are complacent and accepting of being dicked around, but I HATE ROGERS.

Don’t tell me everyone makes mistakes because I HATE ROGERS.

If 99,999 cellular providers are owned by BELL, that’s GREAT because I HATE ROGERS.

I don’t care if someone hates Microsoft or Starbucks because I HATE ROGERS.

Do you get the basic concept yet? Am I getting through to you yet? Is the theme of this site apparent yet?

Next time, save the 2 hours you spent writing this claptrap and spend it reading to the blind or doing something that will make a difference. You are not relevant, witty or helpful and I think I’ll use the steak knife.