To: [email protected]

From: Mike K.

Date: March 10, 2003 1:19 PM


Ok… I don’t normally do this but today is an exception…

I recently signed up for Rogers pay-as-you-go service and thought "hey, this is nice, If I don’t use it I don’t pay, and no regular service fees" — wrong

I signed up with 40 dollars in my account and to my dismay (after being threatened that my account would go dead if I didn’t use my minutes) I had used up all of my minutes in less than two weeks! How is it possible that a three second call is worth 33 cents? And secondly, how does 20 x .33 cents = $40? I dunno, but Rogers seems to think it does… I have a list of my phone history and it spans about half a page 10 point font and the bulk of the charges are 33 or 66 cents… Now, I don’t have to be Einstein to figure out that I’m getting shafted somewhere when the total history adds up to 20 bucks.

And finally to put the icing on this pedantic rant, I tried refilling my phone using Rogers "easy-as-pie" online banking recharge service… three days, no recharge, no service, and I don’t know where my 50 dollars went. I called up their "interactive assistant" and concluded that was total BS after spending about 30 minutes too long with her. (still no answer)

So here I am, just like the rest, a dissatisfied Rogers user… This even has really disappointed me and has made me look down on another large corporate crapheap. Comments

I’m now using TELUS’ pay as you go and I’ll tell you why. I don’t use a cell phone that often, but you have to have one in this day and age. Their cell phones are really cool looking with all the features, they have great service, tech support, great (regular hour) rates and the kicker for me is for evenings and weekends they charge $25 a month for unlimited local use.

To: [email protected]

From: Tracy

Date: March 11, 2003 12:19 PM

Subject: Thank you!

Thank you for this site!!  I wish I had known about it before I signed 2 years of my life to Rogers crappy company!!  I didn't realize companies that big could survive with total morons running the customer service departments, I was wrong! Comments

We all make mistakes. This site is filled with people who made a choice to deal with ROGERS and soon regretted it, myself included (said shamefully). So believe me, you’re not alone. Their reign over you will end. And when it does, all I ask is that in the future when it comes time to (thankfully) say good bye to ROGERS you remind them of this site.

To: [email protected]

From: Jesse L.

Date: March 26, 2003 11:07 PM

Subject: rogers cable

Hi There

We have this rogers cable internet and we keep getting kicked or timed out.  we call tech support and these clowns have told us its our side, our software , our router, etc.  We have replaced routers, we have replaced computers and it still happens.  Got any insight on this.  Has anyone else
had these problems or is this jut us in the whole world.

Thanks in advance

Jess Comments

If you’re really looking for some input from hundreds of other ROGERS users and a place to commiserate on ROGERS’ pitfalls I would suggest clicking on the following link

From that page simply click on the "Our Forum" button on the left side of the page and you’ll be taken to a page where you can enter an interactive message board for ROGERS hi-speed discussions with some very friendly and helpful users that might be able to better comment on your situation. Good Luck Jess.

To: [email protected]

From: Neal

Date: March 29, 2003 7:42 PM

Subject: I hate Rogers Billing

I pay my bills by the due date electronically.

With the exception of Rogers, I have had no problems doing this for years.

I recently bought a Rogers cell phone and pay my bills electronically to my bank on the due date.

Rogers consistently charges me a late charge, with the explanation "Oh. Well you may have paid the bank on time, but the bank takes a few days to pay us."

You have to pay a week before the due date.

To me this is uncalled for.

I will be switching my cell phone when the contract expires.

-= Neal B. =- Comments

You’re absolutely right, this is uncalled for. How can you have give a due date with the policy that payment is due a week before the due date? I’m baffled by that one. Who could blame you for switching?

To: [email protected]

From: Michel

Date: April 1, 2003 11:03 PM

Subject: rogers suck

They disconnected my internet cable without notice because my daughter was using a p2p client for downloading music.  I told them to shove it up their A$$ and switched to sympatico.  Once I brought the modem back they proceeded to add a second connection charge to my bill because they said that another was available for a tv since the modem was not there anymore.  So can you guess what I told them???  That's right.....I told them to shove it up their A$$.  Ahhh... I feel so much better now.  I still feel bad for all those little old ladies that Rogers is screwing. Comments

First of all, feel free to use the word "Ass" in e-mails to me. I know all the dirty words and am not easily offended. Second of all I must commend you for not letting them screw you around. Too many people just sit back and let themselves get screwed. As a matter of fact for standing up to them and not letting them screw you, you’re a very good candidate for this month’s Free I HATE ROGERS T-SHIRT!