To: [email protected]

From: Jon

Date: April 6, 2003 9:38 PM

Subject: rogers rant

I was having cable TV issues and when I called the Rogers people, they said I did not have an account with them on their system. Isn’t that special ….LOL

Jon B Comments

Maybe that’s their new approach to dealing with customer complaints. Think of how much time they can save on customer service…

"So, you have a problem huh?"


"I’m sorry you’re not a customer, thank you for calling ROGERS."

To: [email protected]

From: Kris B.

Date: April 11, 2003 5:08 PM

Subject: Rogers can suck my ass

for over 6 months i was having problems with rogers sending me my bill, on 2 occasions when i phoned they admitted they had a problem sending out the bill, and they sent me new ones, the 3rd time i called btw each time i called it was because they had sent me there notorious "WERE CUTTING OFF YOUR SERVICE" letter, the 3rd time they tell me that they sent out my bill and theres no way i couldnt have gotten it, they also tell me there gonna charge me 3 bucks to send my new bill!!!!! What a LOAD OF CRAP so finally I phone and go to cancel my service after talking to 3 supervisors, being told it was MY FAULT the bills were not getting here and having them tell me they will correct the problem I finally got them to cancel my service, now this is the kicker, when I applied for my wireless phone I gave a 200 dollar deposit, which i was told was for "if I cancel before my contract they will take this 200 to pay any outstanding balances and and the rest for fees for cancelling early." Now  I receive a letter EVERY MONTH saying that they took the 200 deposit for cancellations AND I owe them 126 dollars for outstanding bills.( WHICH I NEVER RECIEVED)  They keep threatening to take it to collections and they can go right ahead I will take it to court along with a printed recollection of all the RANTS on your site and see who the judge sides with.

-Kris the Annoyed. Comments

Kris, I know the frustration you’re talking about. Please don’t tease with me with your promise of going to court with these rants. Let me go with you. We’ll wear I HATE ROGERS T-Shirts and bring an orangutan that answers to the name "Ted" to represent you in court.

To: [email protected]

From: Kevin W.

Date: April 12, 2003 8:40 PM



I hate Rogers too.

I have had a digital box for about 3 years now and lived before in a apartment the lower channels had crappy reception and the movie channels never had digital sound or picture.I ordered movies on pay tv and the digital source light never came on.I called Rogers and they said they knew it was not digital audio only dolby i think.Also i asked how to hook the box to my digital receiver, the tech pretended he knew but did not have a clue.

Another time a tech came to my home and threw the insulation and wires he had cut on the floor and knocked some things over.

Recently i bought a pager from Rogers and they assin=gned me a number for it that never worked.Then i found out it was a wrong number and they had paging problems in Ottawa.

Last week i tried to find out at Rogers plus about cancelling my cell acount.The girl at the desk tells me to call Rogers on their phone on a Sunday to be told by a recording on Sunday they are closed, after i stood in line for over half a hour.Then I emailed rogers and called them again and said last time your computer system was down and the man said someone would call me back in 24-48 hours, no phone call and the rep says there is no record they have that someone was suppose to call me.

Also he said i would have to call Rogers to get a credit for the 6 days my pager did not work due to their problem.

All in all Rogers bites and Skline cable was not as bad when they operated the cable system before Rogers.

I sent Rogers a nast letter and they did not answer my email so i will resend it until they answer it. Comments

Cable problems, cellular problems, customer service problems, digital receiver problems and pager problems…you hit for the cycle! Isn’t it amazing how inefficient they are in all departments? It’s hard to believe they have all that money, technology and personnel and still screw everything up. At least they are consistent…you have to give them that much.

To: [email protected]

From: Newfie Dude

Date: April 18, 2003 3:09 PM

Subject: account processing fee??

Hi Adam, actually I like the Rogers internet service, much faster and more reliable connectivity than the other garbage providers you have listed which I have tried(don't even get me started on Bell!!) However still not as good as Shaw was when they had control of this area(Scarborough.)

I can't say much for their customer service, bunch of grade school drop outs I suppose. I once inquired about the "account processing fee," a charge of $25.00 plus gst which appeared on my latest bill. Upon calling, one chick told me that Rogers applies the fee once my account is 90 days late for payment. That didn't jive with me so I hung up and looked through my bank receipts and found a payment to Rogers two month previous, so I called back and spoke with another snotty bitch who told me that unless I could provide her with a "rep number" she couldn't find the same rep I spoke with previously, to quote her smart ass "this is a big company sir, there are many Tanya's here"(she spoke in one of those mono tone voices that sounded like her nose is always clamped with a cloths pin) I could have reached through the phone a clocked her!! So I asked her about the fee, she asks me to hold and did not wait for a response, I am on hold. In my tenth minute of holding I figure, ok this is sick but maybe her pc crashed or something then all a sudden some dude pops on the line with his usual Rogers tag line, I told him I was waiting for someone, he seemed surprised and apologized for her transfer(apparently Rogers front line staff are no more civil to each other than they are to us) So this time I asked him for his name and rep number(a practice I now exercise every time I contact a call centre for any reason & I advise all you do the same too.) This guy tells me that Rogers applies the account processing fee once an account reaches 70 days in arrears, ok so now we have two different stories, but his is more consistent with my situation, so I go with that. Apparently when I paid my bill two months ago I still had one month owing and when I paid my bill the week previous I was at day 84, but instead of charging me on the 70th day, Mr. Burns... ooops I mean Ted Rogers waits for me to pay my bill before charging the fee. The reps explanation for this is(sit down, this is a good one) "sir when your account reaches this level of delinquency there are two things that can happen 1. you pay your bill and you are levied the account processing fee. 2. you do not pay your bill and you are disconnected and have to pay a reconnection fee, so you have taken the better option as the reconnection charge is $54.95(or whatever it is) so this way you save $30.00." Can you believe the arrogance to try to turn this financial raping into a money saving pat on their own back!!! Now this may sound bad but this is not the worst, my internet account is on separate billing than my cable account, my internet is paid for by my company. The above account was my cable tv account which was $20.00 per month, remember I told you the account processing fee was $25.00. that is %125 on my monthly amount. Is this legal? I thought late fees were maximum %10 or something like that, what's up with this account processing fee? Or are late fees only regulated in BC(I know they have a regulation out there, not sure what the deal is here?)

Adam, you must have heard these complaints before, what's the deal with these fees?? Is Rogers breaking the law with this?? Or are they completely absolved just because they print it on the back of the bill in the terms and conditions sections?

Newfie Dude (Keep my email address private please) Comments

Don’t worry; I never reprint any one’s e-mail address. Regarding the maximum for late fees/processing fees, I really have no idea if there’s a percentage cap or maximum allowed to be charged. Concerning internet service, there are a lot of people that would disagree with you when it comes to ROGERS. Regardless, what you have to do is also factor in things like customer service when choosing a provider, or any type of service, for that matter. Especially for something like internet which every now and then requires customer service.

Your advice for dealing with their customer service is bang on. Always get the name(s) of who you’re talking to, their employee number and any reference number(s). You’ll probably still end up getting dicked around, but at least you’ll know by who…lol.

To: [email protected]

From: Peter

Date: April 22, 2003 3:56 PM

Subject: I hate Rogers

Dear Sir,

Never realized there was such a great forum for hating anything Rogers. I started off by getting rid of Rogers Cable TV. Look TV was the alternative I went with and have never looked back.Then I got rid of the high speed cable modem and went with a dialup who shall remain unmentioned because I am waiting for their high speed here in the London area. The final straw was the wireless network. I had the North American plan that included all roaming charges at .30 cents per minute.Until I got my bill that had roaming charges of $4.00 a minute in Laredo, Texas that wasn't supposed to happen.An 8 minute call to my wife cost $32.00, when I phoned Rogers to complain all they said was it sucks to be you in so many words. Now I have nothing Rogers in my house and doing fine without them. Thanks for a great site.

Peter F. Comments

Peter, thank you for calling this forum "great". You get the point. ROGERS is not the only game in town and the way they generally treat their customer base is shocking. So why stay with them? You are a testament to my "ihateROGERS" movement. They can be completely eliminated from your life and you can be incredibly happy and never look back!

Bottom line is you deserve an I HATE ROGERS T-Shirt for stripping yourself of all things ROGERS. I’ll get a hold of you through your e-mail address for the details. WELL DONE!