To: [email protected]

From: BM

Date: April 25, 2003 9:09 AM

Subject: Alternatives

Like yourself, I have no interest in supporting Rogers, however it is in fact, Bell Canada that has forced me into dealing with Rogers, and I have no respect for Bell either.

I don't know where you are, but I live in a area of the 'new city of Ottawa' called Stittsville, which is a hugely populated area, mostly by high tech dwellers. When we moved here in last November from further out in the country I thought this would be great for options on cable, high speed, etc. etc., however that turned out to be far from the truth.

I had Bell ExpressVu previously, which is certainly more cost effective than Rogers cable, but the trouble started when I tried to get high speed internet. Although Storm, Magma, etc. all provide it, 'nobody' can provide it here because Bell has not updated their equipment to accomodate high speed. Storm's wireless high speed won't work because we can't see the nearest tower from here, so I was F*#ked.

Rogers was my only option for real high speed, and of course if you don't have Rogers cable they charge you an additional $10/month for your high speed, so I ended up getting cable as well.

I hate Rogers, but I also hate Bell Canada because even with the huge amounts of money they are making they won't put some money out to upgrade their equipment. And like Rogers, they are so big that although they promised a reply to my complaints months ago, I haven't heard a word from them.

So stick Bell on your ihate Rogers site too for me.

BM Comments

That is a pretty weak attempt at a "ROGERS Rant", "ROGERS" being the key word. I know what you’re talking about though, but it’s more than just changing some equipment from Bell’s side. If I’m not mistaken it’s adding Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) modems to existing copper phone lines so your phone line can provide high speed service. I’m sure it’s a costly procedure and the market has to be there to make it cost effective. Low populated new developments probably just don’t merit the initial expense. That’s why there are alternatives. The real disgusting fact is that in this situation, if you want high speed, you’re stuck with ROGERS. Dial up’s not that bad…

To: [email protected]

From: Francis H.

Date: May 1, 2003 10:12 PM

Subject: My unfortunate employment

I worked at a Roger's Video for 10 months.  I enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that I got all the free rentals I could shake a stick at.  But after nearly a year of working without a hitch, out of the blue, the area manager pulls me into the back office with my store manager.  They then
proceeded to interrogate me about a few thousand dollars of video games that had gone missing over the last 6 months.  I was completely stunned and so I had no answer to all the missing paper work and other product that had been dissapearing without my knowledge.  I knew about the video games and had been trying to figure out where the used games were dissapearing to, just like everyone else I worked with, but the one thing that seperated me from everyone else I worked with was that I happened to be the only one who absolutely loved to play video games.  Among the evidence they presented against me, they brought up the fact that I had been known to have recently traded in an Xbox with 9 video games and got a gamecube, and surely someone of my low wage shouldn't be able to do that.  I had never owned an Xbox, though I had traded in my PS2 and 9 of the nearly 100 games in my closet to get this gamecube.  In the end, my ex area manager told me that she did believe that I had nothing to do with this, but regretted to inform me that I was fired regardless without any reason and that my 1 weeks severance pay would arrive at my door shortly.  She then very politely asked me if possible to leave my uniform with them, but when I told her I didn't have a change of clothes she said "Oh then don't worry about it, bring it back when
you get the chance."

I left without another word.
I was fired with no reason other than video games had gone missing from the store and I was the only person they figured must have stolen them, because I happened to play video games.

2 days later I phoned my old boss to ensure that she would be a safe reference to put on my resume, considering I was fired without a reason, and she said that's totally fine.  So I put my application in at Blockbuster video.  The manager there looked at my resume and after noticing how short a time since I left Roger's asked why I wasn't there anymore, so I quickly said "well, it's a strange situation, there was some sort of problem on the upper management levels of the store with product and paperwork missing, and unfortunately I turned out to be the one who took the fall, But; your more than welcome to talk to my last boss."
The next day my ex boss phoned to yell at me in her boss voice that she was very dissapointed in me.  She had talked to the people at Blockbuster (I guess they really did phone as a reference so who knows I might end up working there yet *grins*) and they had informed her that I told them that she was to blame in the incident of my firing.  My ex boss said that she thought it might be better that I take her name off as a reference and hung up.

So that was the end of any relationship me or my family had with Rogers on a professional level.  The legal matter of my wrongful dismissal is still under construction *BIGGER grin* Comments

Francis, you’d be amazed how many letters I get from ex-ROGERS video store employees. And this is not the first letter I’ve received concerning a wrongful dismissal either. If you were really fired without just cause, I would do everything in my personal power to stick it to them. No one deserves to be treated like that or punished for something without proof they deserve it. Keep me updated…you’re also one "helluva" good candidate for an I HATE ROGERS T-Shirt.

Good luck with your next job!

To: [email protected]

From: Mitchel F.

Date: May 4, 2003 11:27 PM

Subject: New Bill

I don't now about you but do you find the new "improved" Rogers bill just as complicated as the old one ? I won't relate the three different things I asked them to change or correct that they told me they could not (like an address for a second location) . I'll just stick to my beef of primary concern -

Now that they break out the costs of everything I have discovered that I am paying $6.99 for an"Extra Cable Outlet" even though I have VIP service which includes up to 4 FREE (READ THAT WORD - FREE) outlets...except on Fridays, when according to the "knowledgeable (read NO-legible) customer service staff" I actually have to pay for the free outlet because it's part of the package. Actually what the bozo means is that in the original $ 52.78 total billing amount I have been paying for over 4 years it INCLUDES the $ 6.99 as part of the actual VIP package. I am not really paying an additional cost for an "extra outlet". But it seems that this is much too complicated for ANYONE at Rogers to explain. In fact after numerous discussions I finally understood it myself, and then tried to  explain it to them. Upon asking why the new bill shows this as an "extra cable outlet" charge, Einstein and Co. replied, "er, that's the way the programmers designed the bill. You're not the only one to complain." Well, duh. Change it - or give me a credit for the "extra outlet fee" of $ 6.99 which is not in fact an extra outlet at all, and was supposed to be free if indeed it is.

I hate Rogers.

M.F, Thornhill Comments

Let’s see…totally confused customer service reps, acknowledgement that something they’ve "improved" gets repeated complaints, double talk and incorrect billing. Mitchel, my friend, WELCOME TO ROGERS! I have 1 word for you, "SATELLITE". Believe me, you’ll never look back.

To: [email protected]

From: Sean

Date: May 5, 2003 10:41 PM

Subject: To rant or not to rant?

I don't know if this is a rant or not.  So I'm posting it here.

WHY did I post it?  It's really a bitch to configure the cable setup.  Once upon a time they were linked with and gave me the install CD for it (short version of the story).  So Excite goes belly up.  Do they have a new version of the software?  Damned if I know. Anyhow I have a major crash, I reformat my hard drive and attempt to re-install. Hooray! I'm back online. Problem? Downloading is slow. DAMN slow. I feel like I'm on a 2400 baud modem again like back in the good (?) old days.  Actually I started with a 300 baud modem.  Anyhow, for this I pay $40 for?  What EVER.  My info doesn't answer my questions. My manual is ancient.  You'd think that money-eating bugger of a company would offer a new install CD and manual. So, I download the user manual at a crawling speed. Only an hour to download it on a cable modem, maybe I shouldn't complain <g>

I miss Shaw Cable.  They left town a few years agoand Rogers replaced them. Service was good, prices were better, and it got more channels. That was for the Cable TV when I had phone based internet.  Then I see this fancy display at the local mall one day, for Rogers and their [email protected] promotion. FREE installation. My favourite price tag. So I took it. The following month my cable bill comes in and I find they charged me $100 for installation (or was it $150? Hell it may as well have been a thousand bucks for all I care). So I call them up and they deny it claiming that if the goof who came over did any part of the installing other than the cable itself, he could charge for it. BULLSHIT!!!!  I told them that it said explicitly on my signup form "FREE installation" and I was holding them to it.  Begrudgingly they removed the charge from my next cable bill but the nerve of them! Scamming me like that. Thanks for your site. It's needed.

Hey, this may be a little selfish of me, but do you offer email addresses? I used to have a email address until a previous hard drive crash. When I resurfaced I no longer had the address. So I found, a website based on one of my favourite hometown (Hamilton Ontario) shows of the early 1970s.  So that's my current email address.  An / address would be perfect just about now. Other than that, hey, great site!

Barrie Ontario Comments

Sean, I’ve heard your story too many times before. ROGERS just sickens me, so what else is new? I’m going to check out and I encourage anyone else to, if they remember the show. That Billy Van should have won an Oscar! Regarding "ihateROGERS" e-mail addies, I currently do not. I am however looking in to it. I have another company that is a reseller for hosting, so my costs for this site are peanuts. If something changes and I offer "ihateROGERS" e-mail addies I’ll let you know. I miss SHAW too.

To: [email protected]

From: Marz

Date: May 7, 2003 5:35 PM

Subject: rogers_sucks

Rogers sucks (good luck on your monopoly) and I'm looking into Bell Express VU for internet and cable services.

Here's why Rogers sucks:

Previous set up :

Basic cable    $20.00

Hi-speed        $44.95


I decided to switch because I only use internet for email and occassional research.

New set up :

Connection Fee             $50.00 (hello Ted ?, for a couple of keystrokes !)

Hi-speed Lite                $29.95 (same price and speed as Bell sympatico)

New Basic cable fee     $23.00 (Ted, how do you justify $3 more, again Bell has something comparable)

Again...Rogers_sucks Comments

I love this guy/girl! I have Starchoice as a cable alternative and it’s great. My sister and her husband have Bell Express Vu and they love it.

Say it with me, "Bye-Bye Cable Guy!"