To: [email protected]

From: Anonymous — Below I’ll tell you who I think it’s from.

Date: August 29, 2003 9:19 AM

Subject: How does this feel?

Well, I hate your site.  You wonder why? Because i have had Rogers for two years now and haven't run into ONE problem with them.  Not one.  None of my friends have either.  The installation was flawless and quick.  They cable guy cam out in 2 hours of calling and asking to sign up. It is pretty dumb of you to make a site just because you and some other people you know had bad experiences with Rogers.

PS: I made this E-Mail address just to write to you and I will delete it after I send this E-Mail to you.  So I don't get some stupid reply or SPAM from you.

Yours Sincerely,

Someone laughing their @$$ off at your site. Comments

This submission is plain pathetic. I think this was sent in by "Kerry D." who has a HATE MAIL submission on the previous page of this section.

  • In all of the hate mail I have received, I have received only 2 that were sent using "IncrediMail" (, written in "Arial" font type, size 12. The e-mail above and the one from "Kerry D."
  • The e-mail from "Kerry D." says, "I have been with the company for almost 2 years" (referring to ROGERS) and this one says, "I have had ROGERS for 2 years".

Based on this information only, I, the GREAT MYSTERIO have surmised the "Anonymous" sender is "Kerry D." Let’s face it, my sleuthing was more interesting than this e-mail.

I will now point out that I do NOT SPAM anyone — ever and NO ROGERS cable guy in the history of ROGERS has ever showed up 2 hours of someone requesting service. It takes at least 2 hours for the banana that took your order to incorrectly fill in the forms.

To: [email protected]

From: Jim S.

Date: November 3, 2003 6:58 PM


Your all morons.  I started with Rogers High Speed and had speeds of 180 kbps and now all of a sudden, I am getting double that with no extra charge, I would like to see Shaw or Bell Sympatico equal that, if you don't believe me, email me and I will send you a screen shot of my speeds. Comments

I love Hate Mail that starts off with a sentence like "Your all morons." and the submitter misspells the first word.

To: [email protected]

From: David E.

Date: November 4, 2003 6:13 PM

Subject: My Hate Mail

I saw your site for the first time today, and first I thought it was funny, but now I'll give you my professional opinion on it. 

First off, I think you are quick to judge Rogers.  Do I agree with your comments and raves about Rogers? To a point.  You have to realize that Rogers is not all that bad.  I have worked in their customer service department, and I'm telling you that I enjoyed it.  What made it bad was customers calling in trying to get free money.  It works both ways.  I don't agree with all their decisions, all their ways of making money, but if its one thing that I know, is that If I was at the helm of a multi Millionaire company, I'd probably do the same thing.  The worst of the worst at Rogers is the Tech's... They don't care first or last whether your cable works or not.  I know this.  All they care about is their commission, and their paycheque.  The Employees at Rogers Video and Rogers communications are not worth a pinch of crap... They wouldn't help you if your arm were falling off.  They couldn't care less.

I have talked to numerous employees at the Customer service level in the call centers, and they are all loyal employees who do their damnest to help the customers out.  I know I did once upon a time... Rogers gives leaways for customers who have been screwed and they will fix it... You tell me a company that does that more efficiently than Rogers... Nobody.  Bell? Yeah right... that has to be a joke... and Starchoice? Hell no... They are the rudest people in the world.  You see opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one.  I believe that Rogers give great deals, they have experience staff on the phones, and everyone know and then if they screw up, All of a sudden Rogers is a bad company... Well I don't agree with that.  Not for a second... I think the people who created this site and its supporters should grow up, and learn to live with it.  If they paid their bill, maybe they wouldn't hate Rogers... Ted cares about his employee's I know this.  I remember an example where an employees cheque was screwed up, they only got paid for 4 hours and they worked 55, overtime included.  Do you know that this employee never complained, he put in a form to have it fixed, and a letter was in his mailbox with a cheque inside, a personal cheque.  The letter read: Please accept our apology.  Now, do you think you're boss would do that? I think not...

Get off Roger's backs... They are human just like everyone else.  And you're site is correct, there are alternatives, but no equals.  Rogers makes money because customers come to the company... Not all of them have a bad experience... Remember that when you write your next column..

Thanks for hearing me and I hope that you post this so everyone can read my viewpoint..

Mr. E. Comments

You sir are about as mixed up and confused as any one person could be. You know I get criticized for calling submitters to this site names like idiot, banana, moron and occasionally putz or yo-yo. How on earth can I avoid calling this ding-dong an idiot?

First he says, he knows first hand that ROGERS’ techs don’t care if your cable works or not, they only care about getting paid. Then he says the employees at ROGERS video AND the employees at ROGERS Communications are, "not worth a pinch of crap". Then to finish he says, "All of a sudden ROGERS is a bad company…but I disagree with that".

How can you trash 80% of a company and then defend them? How stupid are you? As someone who worked for ROGERS’ customer service you defend that dept. but trash everything else? Everyone knows ROGERS’ customer service is the worst on the face of the planet and you are THE typical dumb ass they hire for that job.

You’re a simple minded lunatic. Read your submission again you pea brain and tell me it makes sense. And you’re concerned about me posting it? I want people to understand that you are the typical customer service rep, a confused, uninformed, double talking nitwit. Why wouldn’t I post it?

To: [email protected]

From: anonymous

Date: November 17, 2003 5:02 PM

Subject: Reply

I ask that you if you post this, you do so anonymously as I work for Rogers.

The onous of choosing an appropriate plan is on the customer. A salesperson should try their best to fit an appropriate plan to a customer, but in the end it is the customer's duty to properly inform himself and make an decision based on that information.

If someone tells you your plan is x dollars for x minutes with x services per month, it's up to you, the customer, to compare that to your needs and see if they are being met. If they are not, you must ask questions and see if there isn't something better for you. Don't wait for 4 months until your bill is $7000 and say 'hey, wait a minute, this isn't working!'.

I sympathize with 'firedfromrogers' as I honestly believe he was just trying to do his job and help customers that were screwed, however Rogers as a whole is not to blame for the customers' misfortunes. The blame rests on the sales representatives the customers dealt with, whether over the phone or in person, and with the customers themselves for not using their brains to see if the plan they chose met their needs.

This does not make Rogers a bad company, they offer many good services at competitive prices. I cannot say I agree with all their policies, but they generally offer good service. Comments

Give me a break you jackass. Forget about people who choose the wrong ROGERS Mobility plan. We know they’re idiots…after all look who they chose as their service provider. ROGERS is infamous for over billing, too much "fine print" double talking CSRs that don’t post credits that are owed, deceptive marketing and the list goes on and on.

If ROGERS is such a shit hot company why do they always need to defend themselves against consumer accusations? The Toronto Star has a columnist that is always writing about how they screwed someone else and then ROGERS steps up and says, "Oops you caught us. We’re sorry. It’ll never happen again."

You keep doing your thing and I’ll keep doing mine, but let’s at least be honest about what it is we’re each doing.

To: [email protected]

From: Wishes to be Anonymous

Date: November 22, 2003 12:15 AM


I am not sending hate mail to you the creator of the site because I do feel that you are providing a good service by offering competitive information so others may educate themselves. However am truly embarrassed for how uninformed many of the so called ranters are prior to signing things like a contract or buying a service with not only Rogers products but also with any of their competitors. They seem generally surprised when they cannot cancel their service without paying a cancellation fee after they have already agreed to it by signing the contract. You often talk about the small print.
It is only listed small because if it was in regular print the contract would be 30 pages. The reason everything has to be listed is because people really try to avoid things listed in it. Rogers would have no leg to stand on in the scenario of, Joe Smith buys a phone which he drops in a toilet and
then feels he should not have to honor his end of the agreement. He feels that although he signed the contract and although Rogers subsidized the cost of the phone. He shouldn't be held accountable. I have read rants in which people have just decide to create their own payment arrangements and choose not to advise Rogers of this and wonder why they are sent to collection
agencies. Do these people choose not to take any responsibility for themselves prior to purchasing a service. They just do not seem to look into anything before signing the service agreement. How can you condone such stupid behavior. I am sure you are educated and your issues probably were
very frustrating, however in many cases you are supporting stupid people.

    Many people seem to be upset that Rogers do not fix or warrantee cellular phones. Calling Rogers or any other service provider when your phone is broken will not get you anywhere, it is not the service that these companies are in. It would be the same as calling your satellite provider of
cable provider and asking them to fix or replace your television. Most people probably would not do that but have no problem asking Rogers for a new cell phone when they have dropped theirs in the sink. Does you being clumsy mean that Rogers should fork over $300+ so you can buy another phone? Remember you are buying piece of electronic equipment from time to time it may not work, should Rogers be required to replace something they don't even manufacture. If this is something you are looking for maybe you should have purchased some sort of extended warrantee when buying the phone because in all the contracts I have read all warrantee repairs are done by the
manufacturer ( I.E.: NOKIA, SAMSUNG, MOTOROLA ). However when my phone was broken I was offered a number of options by Rogers that went above and beyond my warrantee agreement with Motorola. 1. I was able to have one of the privately owned franchise stores send it to the manufacture at no cost to me. I would then be able to rent a phone to use during my time without
the phone which was being repaired. If I was not happy with that option that offered me 2. I could purchase a new phone at $50 + shipping or a refurbished phone at $25 or 3. I could take advantage of a hardware upgrade option and recommit to another term but receive a phone at a subsidized
cost. I would like to stress that none of these options would have been required as per the service agreement signed and that my previous provider didn't offer me any of these options when my phone broke during my tenure with them.

    I would just like to say that in many of the cases listed on your site most people should be willing to take some responsibility. Also in many cases you would have run into the same thing with any major company. I am not saying Rogers is perfect but for every story I am sure that there is one
just like it with a Bell, Fido, Look or Telus

Clipped from your rants are some examples of total ignorance on the customers part

Also please do not list my name or e-mail address. Comments

This submitter continues his letter with 6 rants he plucked from the RANTS section and adds his commentary to each. Commentaries from a ROGERS employee (I’m guessing) explaining all the fine print and essentially trying to dissuade ROGERS customers from complaining about ROGERS. His opinion is basically, if you bought a phone from ROGERS and it doesn’t work, you’re problem is with the manufacturer. RIDICULOUS!

If you buy milk and it’s sour, do you go to the farm and complain to the cow? If you buy a book and it’s missing a chapter do you phone the publishing house? If you buy a calculator and it can’t divide, do you write a letter to Texas Instruments? NO, JACKASS! You go to the retailer and ask for compensation or a replacement.

If I’m not happy with something I’ve spent money on, all the fine print in the world is not going to shut me up.