To: [email protected]

From: CorSter

Date: May 10, 2003 8:37 PM

Subject: Rogers…the company run by monkeys


I (at one time) was a satisfied Rogers customer. My internet and cable television service was exceptional. The Tech Support people were very helpful, the Cell Phone had constant signal, and food at Blue Jays games were cheap.  Let's fast forward to August 2002. I was at a Blue Jays
game and went to go get a Hot Dog and a coke. It was $25 dollars for a Hot Dog with a small coke. Then in September 2002, Rogers introduced the "Incredible" Rogers Bundles with lite. I signed on to one of them ($89 a month) and was happy. I purchaced the Rogers Digital Cable terminal. I was satisfied. Two Months Later, in November, I was interested in upgrading to the Bundle with full High Speed Internet. But i'd be paying $120 instead of $110 because now they include terminal rental with the bundles. I decided not too. Now let's go forward again to April 2003. I load up my computer, and open Internet Explorer. My browsing is slower than when I had dial up. I decided it might just be congestion and went for a walk to get the mail. I got a letter from Rogers. Can you guess what it said? They were raising the price of my internet service by $5. I waited a week and my speeds were still slow. I called the
Monkies at Rogers and they insisted that my Connection and Modem was perfect. They said to call back later in the week. I called back later in the week, and the guy insisted the same thing, except was trying to sell me High Speed. I hung up and called Rogers Customer Service and threatend to cancel if they didn't do anything about it. They sent a tech weenie over who ran all these new wires. Didn't fix the problem. Took out a Toshiba modem from his truck. Hooked it up. It was extremley fast. But then he said it was on High Speed and put the Modem back in his truck. He brought out a TeraJet modem and hooked it up. Didn't fix the problem.
The monkie just said  that he doesn't know why it's slow and we should upgrade to Hi Speed. Thank god DSL is available in my area. Sympatico is calling my name.


P.S. : Do I win a T-Shirt? Comments

CorSter, one thing at a time. First — ROGERS is run by MONKEYS, not MONKIES. I’m sure that was just a spelling error. Second — clearly you’re not happy with ROGERS so stop wasting time and dump them. If you check you’ll find all kinds of alternatives offering DSL.

Now about the prized I HATE ROGERS T-Shirt, since this is your 2nd rant I may just reward you with the thrill of a lifetime and send you a shirt. Please control your excitement!

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From: *****

Date: May 16, 2022 1:02 PM

Subject: *****

At the request of this "RANTER" we have removed the rant previously located here...and boy oh boy, it was a doozy! Comments

The only comment I have is that I'm going to miss this rant.

To: [email protected]

From: low_ryde

Date: May 19, 2003 9:39 PM

Subject: rant

i swear next time i see some one who i think works for rogers im gonna slap him/her back hand across the face i work seismic laying cables and there service dosent even reach the camps im in and wen i phone them they say i dont have a valid reason to be let out of my contract and want to charge me $200 fee for leaving on top of that my last bill was $86 for what fucking nothing thats what i dident talk 1 second last month i know this cuz the batts been dead for at least 2 so from crew 101 im saying fuck your rogers i hope u got to prison for all the wrong things you have done and a 300lb inmate makes you play balls off chin with him Comments

Now that is the freakin’ definition of the word "RANT". Excellent use of expletives and good imagery with "300 lb inmate". I in no way condone violence but I’ll be damned if I don’t know exactly how you feel!

So from crew 101 and ME, "Fuck you ROGERS!". Ooooh…that felt good.

To: [email protected]

From: Ryan B.

Date: May 20, 2003 3:25 PM

Subject: Rogers Cell Phones

I am only a new customer to ROGERS, and I am already visiting the ihateROGERS website.  What does that tell you?  I have had a few problems with ROGERS so far.

First off they try to charge you for EVERY LITTLE THING!!!!

- On my C333, which I am stuck with for 2 years (out of my own stupidity) I cannot change my text banner on my cell phone to something unique.  It says ROGERS AT&T, and if I want it to say something like "Ryan" anything else like everyone likes to put on their phones for fun... well with ROGERS, you get the joy of adding a charge to your cell phone bill for that!!!

- Next off, they originally charged by the second, which is nice.  But a little while ago they changed to per minute charging.  And not only that, but with most other companies, (including pay phones) you do not get charged for the call until it is connected.  But with ROGERS, you get charged even
for 1 ring, and no answer.  So that is maybe 1 or 2 seconds on the phone that hasn't even connected to the receiver of the call, and you get charged for 1 minute!!! That may not sound like much but WOW does it add up and must burn a hole in ROGERS' pocket.

- Also I bought my cell phone off a 2-year contract.  And where I bought it, they told me "Activation Fee's Would Be Waived".  I agreed to purchase and on my first bill I got charged for my activation fees.  I called the retailer and ROGERS and they said that it was up to the retailer to contact
ROGERS and deal with this problem.  The retailer said, "It will be taken off before your next bill".  I paid my bill all but the $35.00+tax activation fees.  The next month rolls by and it is still on my bill + late charges.  I called both the retailer and ROGERS again and I hear the same story from both of them.  I paid my bill all but the $35.00+tax + late charges. Eventually I had gone through this sickening process for 3 months until ROGERS finally waived the charges.  I know that this may not have been ROGERS fault entirely, but they should also make sure that the retailers they license their products to are not as off beat in the business world as themselves.

- Lastly I have noticed little forms of trickery that ROGERS performs to try to fool customers into paying more than necessary.  I had a ROGERS representative call my phone and ask me if I wanted to sign up for 2-months of free Internet on my cell phone.  I asked him to sign me up for the 2-months and schedule me to cancel it after the free 2-months are over.  He said no I cannot do that, I had to cancel it at the time of, after the 2-months are over if I want to do that.  So I told him don't bother giving me the free Internet.  I would thing that many people would accept this free
2-month promotion and forget to cancel this upgrade after the promotion expires.  Therefore adding an extra $20.00 or so charge to their already over priced monthly bill.  What nice people we have at ROGERS?

This is all that I can think of off the top of my head, but then again I have only been with ROGERS for a few months now.  I'm already eager to loosen the noose that ROGERS has around my neck when my contract is over.

P.S. Also if anyone has any ideas for bad publicity for ROGERS, via newspaper, radio, television. Or anything else, lets get something going, it might be fun.  Also GREAT SITE YOU GOT GOING!

Yours truly,
Ryan Comments

If only you found this site a little sooner…I’m afraid for you the nightmare has only started. But within a mere 2 years you’ll be free and the alternatives will be like a breath of fresh air. Unless of course you buy out of your contract which some people do just to rid ROGERS all together. The choice is yours.

If you have any ideas you’d like to discuss with me, don’t hold back. Good Luck.