To: [email protected]ca

From: Pissed Off

Date: May 22, 2003 3:55 PM

Subject: Read this before you buy a cell phone

How about Roger's phone service, they advertise this great cell phone service, and get everyone with the long distance phone charges.

100 min anytime during the week and unlimited week ends. (does not apply to any calls made out of town). I, still watch everyone going in there and saying, yeah" this is great phone , and i usually say to them, you do know that this does not apply to long distance!!! this is where they get you and trust me , once your in, you can't get out until everything is paid off, i called and told them to cancel my phone , so that i could get it paid off , and she said, I'm sorry sir, we will keep charging you the monthly fee , until it's all paid off and we can't cancel it, till it's paid. Imagine that!, i will be able to pay it, but think of someone who isn't as fortunate and who is on retirement, could go on for ever!!!

So spread the word and be carefull when you buy a cell phone. Big companies like rogers will get you everytime if your not alert!!

Pissed off Rogers customer from sudbury ontario. Comments

Always, always, always read that fine print. That is where they keep all the loopholes. ROGERS of course is not the only company guilty of this practice. Pretty much any body that makes you sign a contract has hidden the most important terms detailing why this "too good to be true" offer really isn’t. Know what questions to ask and read that fine print or you too may end up PISSED OFF!

To: [email protected]

From: Jeannie L.

Date: May 23, 2003 2:40 PM

Subject: My Rant

I came across this morning while surfing to find what recourse I can take against Rogers.  I just had a huge and stressful battle with Customer Service ... again.

Here's my story and I hope you can offer some advice or insight on what I can/should do - or at least I hope it amuses you!

I'm an independent I.T. Consultant and I recently landed some work in Sacramento.  Before my trip, I went to the Rogers website to investigate how much it would cost to use my phone in the U.S.  At that time (it has since changed so I'm screwed in trying to prove this) it said U.S. calls
were $0.25/min.  Cool, I thought.  I also called Customer Service to see if there was anything else involved or to be aware of.  The recorded message says (word for word and in a very happy, friendly voice):

"For information on Roaming in the U.S., press 1"
<I press 1>
"To roam in the U.S. you just need to take your phone with you and use it as you would in Canada!!  There is no special requirment needed to enable the service! To find out about coverage in the U.S. visit us at  Please be reminded that airtime charges may
vary depending on your rogers at&t wireless plan."

Cool. I just bring my phone, and as long as there is coverage (which there should be in the Silicon Valley area! so I don't need to check the coverage on their website) I should be fine.  And oh yeah, since I did check my long-distance charges for my plan - I should be ok because $0.25/min isn't bad - right?  WRONG! (but I'll get to that).

So I go on my first trip to Sacramento and use my cell phone, but not too much - just the usual calls home to say I'm fine.  I get my cell phone bill.  Five calls in the Sacramento/San Jose area.  All charged at $0.25/min.  No airtime roaming charges. Excellent.  No problem.  Total U.S. charges = $11.00

Next month, I have the same work in the EXACT same location.  Stayed at the same hotel, worked out of the same office, drove the same roads. Made similiar calls - but this time talked more because I saw it really didn't cost much from my first bill.

I get my next bill.

Total long distance charges: $28.50 (no problem)
Total airtime roaming charges: $525.83 (problem)

I said... "P A R D O N???!"  I call customer service.  I hit zero to speak to a CSR.  I wait in the queue for about 20 minutes, getting the usual "sorry for the wait" messages every 5 minutes.  Suddenly, I hear a click, click, then I hear "our customer service desk is now closed." and I get disconnected.  This was about 7pm at night.  I thought, maybe you can only get their late Customer Service if you call from your cell phone, so I grab my cell phone and hit *611.  I get the same friendly voice telling me that everyone's busy right now but stay on the line... so I wait in the queue for another 20 minutes or so.  Finally someone answers and I explain my situation.  He starts to investigate my bill but I notice my cell phone battery is low now so I ask him to call me back on my land line since I'm at home.  He happily agrees, takes my phone number and says he'll call me right back.

I wait, and wait and wait.  He never called me back.  I'm thinking — if he got my home number wrong - then why wouldn't he call me back on my cell phone since he obviously has the number!!  The whole evening passes and no call.

The next day I call again.  This time she tells me that the guy made a note that he called but no one answered.  Yeah, right.  I was only holding the phone in my hand waiting for it to ring.  So I explain my story to her.  I don't understand why my first bill shows now airtime roaming charges, because if it did, I certainly would not have used my cell phone on my next trip - or even brought it at all!  She says that Rogers is not in control of the prices in the U.S. because I was using U.S. carriers and they just charge back to Rogers.  This doesn't answer my question about why the charges on my first bill came through as only $0.25/min.  After much discussion (and she never did seem to understand my point) she gave me another number to call.

I resisted calling, and just figured I was screwed and that was that. Well today I saw the charge go through on my credit card and it re-fuelled my anger so I called the other number I was given.  I was told that the charges on my first bill was a "mistake" and that I should have been charged much more.  I plead my case that that mistake caused me to be misled on how much it costs to use my cell phone in Sacramento, which is why I used it again on my second trip!

She said I should have called customer service about roaming.  I said I did and the message was equally misleading.  She said I should have spoken to an agent.  I said then what good are your recorded messages if you're telling customers that they need to talk to an agent to get the

She said well, there's nothing they can do, I made the calls so I have to pay.  And in a very snarky voice said "we can correct the mistake and have you pay the extra amount for your first bill if you want!".  I said yes, I would like that, and then have Rogers turn back the hands of time so that I then see how much roaming was going to be so I wouldn't use my cell phone on my second trip!! "Well MA'AM, we both know we can't do that so... is ther anything ELSE I can do for you today?"  I said "apparently not!" and hung up.

I'm fuming.  Of course, I just did a hardware upgrade and committed to another 2 stupid years with them, just before I got my second bill!!

Any advice on what to do about this?

Jeannie Comments

Your rant has ME fuming! The problem is the majority of their customer support people are products of the machine and really have no intention of helping anyone. They don’t even attempt to placate customers.

Advice huh? Aside from going to a lawyer, which probably would be very little help anyways, you could click here and retell your story to an ex ROGERS MOBILITY customer support guy who might be able to provide some aid. If it was me, this is what I would do: Call ROGERS and tell them to stick my contract up their proverbial ASS. I would first cancel the credit card they have (since I have about 11 different credit cards) so they couldn’t charge me anything and wait for their collections department. I had an experience with them in the past. They are weak and never got a dime out of me. That’s only what I would do. I would also suggest finding alternatives for any other ROGERS service(s) you utilize so they can not get another penny from you. Boycott them and tell your friends to do the same. Good luck Jeannie.

To: [email protected]

From: Bruce M.

Date: May 24, 2003 5:28 PM

Subject: Try to get a phone from Rogers

Hello fellow Rogers haters,

As I write this I have been trying to get a new phone from Rogers since December 16th, 2002.

I had called the week before to enquire about an "upgrade" for my wife's poor dead Nokia and was informed this was not available to us at this time.

After finding I could get a Fido 3360 for $90, including 3 months service and convert to a prepaid card for 2 months of calling for $25,  I decided Rogers was going to lose another customer. But magically she "qualified" for the upgrade when i called to cancel and for $25 shipping a new 3320 was on it's way.  During that conversation the exact same offer was made for my equally beat up Nokia and a new one was promised in 10 days.

By mid-February I decided to enquire where my new phone was.  I was told I did not qualify for the upgrade, never did and they would check into it.  I was contacted several days later and promised an upgraded Nokia would be sent out.  They sent the cheapest thing Nokia makes a 5125 and I promptly returned it.  I was told to call back in a week to arrange the proper phone to be sent out.

Rogers have thus far promised and lied 4 separate times to send the replacement phone and sadly here on May 24th, 2003 I still do not have a phone.  No creditable explaination has been offered and they seem offended if you mention that ROGERS HAS THE WORST POSSIBLE SERVICE OF ANY COMPANY IN NORTH AMERICA during any phone conversation.

I am going to cancel my two Rogers cellphones, Rogers internet, cable services as I rarely watch TV and I have a Satellite Dish anyway.

I spent $3821.11 on Rogers services last year,  they won't miss me, I certainly won't miss them and I hope more people stop taking the crap this poor excuse for a communications company heaps on the Canadian public and cut them off.

Bruce M. Comments

You’re words are music to my ears. Why stay with a company that can’t give you what you want or need? I still believe that ROGERS has bitten off way more than they can chew with all the services they provide. I remember when I was kid and there was no internet, cellular phones, PDAs, digital receivers or VCRs and I watched my 25 channels or whatever it was and mom and dad never bitched about the cable company. This company is just too big and cannot provide quality services.

It’s sort of like this; I can juggle 3 balls very well. I can keep them in the air and won’t drop one. If you throw a 4th ball in there I’m screwed and I’m going to drop all 4 before I can even get them going. It’s just too much for me to do. I just can’t do it. I guess you could say ROGERS can’t keep their balls in the air and it’s no wonder since their customer service people seem to always have their dicks in their hands! Ha Ha!

To: [email protected]

From: Morningthaw

Date: May 24, 2003 11:41 PM

Subject: Rogers Sucks


    Well isn't this a nice little site... anyway why does Rogers suck? Well lets see, here's the whole story.

    It's a good ol' Wednesday evening and I plan to be moving from one house to another one in two days, so in order to prevent any interruption of my email addresses I setup my email accounts onto the account that exists on the account of the place I'm moving to... so far so good. So all accounts are released from old account and I add them to my new account, emails all work a-ok. So since I'm moving in two days and I'm pretty much working allot of hours over the next few days I decide that I'm going to pack up my computer now.

    Saturday Comes along, I'm unpacking my PC and notice that I'll have to get a cable connection put into the room where I want the modem.. so I call up Rogers tell em I need to get a new line installed, while on the phone the rep asks me if I have wireless service with them... and how convenient I do, so of course I take advantage of the 10% wireless deal by making the account in my name instead of the person's name that it's already in. So now I'm off the phone with them, and I go find myself a real long cable line for now to hook up my cable modem while I wait, but of course I never get a chance to finish hooking it up... Rogers calls. "Hi, it seems that you have an email account that someone else is claiming that is theirs", and it wasn't mine (very similar however, 1 letter less than mine), so I tell them go ahead release it, but being that it was my primary account they needed to set another one was the primary, so I go ahead and tell him to set my most used one as primary. Now this is where it gets messy... remember I haven't checked any emails now since Wednesday, and didn't get a chance to hook up the cable modem yet... "Oh I'm sorry sir but all your emails are gone now". The tech blames the sales person for changing the account over to my name (which I don't see why that would affect it), then he also claims that in order to set my new primary he needs to delete it first (which of course I was not informed he would do that first), and then to make matters even worse now they can't even create ANY email accounts for me... so now I've lost 3 days of email that was in the account, plus now any emails that are sent to me are being bounced back. What's Rogers response? I'm sorry, we're cheap pedophiles and we'll give you $12 for deleting your email and not having any email addresses, well that just pissed me off even more told em to shove it. Then they claim they can't recover the "lost" data, which I believe to be a load of crap there's a difference between can't and won't. Did I also mention that for 3 months I've been trying to high-speed lite but everytime I get off the phone with them I still have regular high-speed and regular price charged to me?

Well that's it for my rant, wonder how many weeks it'll take before I can recieve email again... Comments

They should be able to retrieve those e-mails, because they should be stored on a separate server. I have a company that provides web site hosting and POP3 accounts and all e-mails go to a separate server used just for e-mail. But who knows how ROGERS does it? They don’t do anything else normal. Now, on a serious note - as much as I hate ROGERS (and believe me I have plenty of reasons) I would call them every dirty name in the book and I know exactly how pissed off you are, however, the one I would not call them is "pedophiles". It’s your rant and I’ve posted the whole thing, but I don’t think that term is at all appropriate. Next time try something like "monkey robot ass wads" or "know nothing baboons". Any kind of primate term is effective.