To: [email protected]

From: Marcel L.

Date: May 25, 2003 6:37 PM

Subject: bell expressview owned by rogers

Check it out but Rogers owns Bell Expressview (YOU’RE SO WRONG —see below) and about 20% of Dish Network and Shaw owns Starchoice and lots of Motorola shares as well as 360 networks Whatever you think of Rogers is true as I have seen billing for service not being received but take that and double it for Shaw. The truth is we do not have any choice 1 monopoly or 2 makes no difference, they are in bed together.  In BC we have dealt with both trading systems and each time getting worse than the last.  As I say the best is to not waste your valuable time watching garbage that our government and corporations EDIT!  There is no truth like that which you observe 1st hand and no sense getting it from them or the so called media.  If you want an option to cell try a long range cordless phone(up to 100km should do) where there are no per minute charges. Wouldn't that piss them off and there puppet CRTC (Canada's Right To Sensor). 


1000 channels, nothing on!!!!! Comments

Are you one of those nuts sitting in a basement wrapped in tin foil with a fiberglass pyramid on your head because the government launched satellites that can read your mind?

First, "Bell Exppressview" is spelt "Bell ExpressVu" and is owned by ROGERS media rival & Canada’s largest communications company BCE Inc.

Second, the Littleton, Colorado based company EchoStar Communications Corp. owns the Dish Network and I can find NO proof of ROGERS owning 20%.

Third, Iron Chef, The Sopranos and the Anna Nicole Smith show are perfect examples of my valuable time WELL SPENT. OK, maybe not Anna Nicole, but I have a thing for big tits.

Fourth, a long-range cordless phone is as plausible an alternative for cellular service as 2 tin cans with a piece of really long string.

Fifth, your paranoia is a waste of your valuable time because we all know where you are and we’re still coming to get you.

To: [email protected]

From: BladeX

Date: May 30, 2003 8:58 PM

Subject: Rant for rogers.

Hey I saw your post up at I have to agree with you strongly. The ONLY reason why I use rogers is because I share a house and I have to use rogers internet. Other than that I dont. Here is my experience.

I have been a longtime rogers customer maybe 3 years now. They have served me well for a year or two (when it was still good) but now they suck ass. I cant believe the survice I am getting, its like paying someone so I can have access to AOL canada (which is FREE!) Really, if rogers want to stop getting hatemails, flames, or sites aganist them they should wake up. Their fucking service internet sucks so much its not funny. Ever since SHAW became ROGERS my internet was ass slow. They need to come fix the fiber optics here so they say but I have complained so many times to get their ass here to do it but they never do! I am so pissed now I just stopped playing, I am now looking for some decent internet service here.

Well I dont know what to do.  

But it would be cool if I had a T shirt, if I do win however I would want it before june so I can wear it at school would be funnnny. But hehe. Comments

So you hate ROGERS and you need an alternative to ROGERS Internet huh? Gee if only there was a website or something that factored in both a disdain for ROGERS and alternatives to their services…that would be ingenious!! Maybe you should check these links, and

To: [email protected]

From: Rene

Date: May 31, 2003 7:16 PM

Subject: Rogers Sucks

Thanks, for posting my story, guess what i have recieved another bill from Rogers and it get's better, they called me when my three months of service was nearly up and said, Rene. Since your such a good customer, we are willing to give you another three months free service , including the answering service, digital call display, enhanced voice mail.ect.. all you have to pay is the 24$ month billing.

I said sure, but make sure that you put a note on the system that once the time is up, i do not want to be billed for these extra services

Well, guess what , time is up and now i have recieved a bill for 49.95 for service charges!!!!

They are charging me for what i told them not to do.

I am now filling a complaint with the better buisness bureau and i am thinking of going to small claims court for being charged for what i don't want.

They are doing this to millions of people and i think it's terrible and it's time to do something.

By the way, my name is Rene. and i was using my wifes email, we only have the one email.

Just wanted to mention that. Also, are they under obligation of to give you a badge number or name if requested?? I want to log stuff, but i can't get any info from them. What's up with that.

thanks and have a good day, Rene. in Copper cliff Ontario. Comments

Sure, I remember your first submission. How couldn’t I? Instead of the name Rene I put it under the name "Pissed Off" because you signed it "Pissed off Rogers client from Sudbury Ontario". Rene’s first rant is posted here

Always get the name and ID number of everyone you speak to. I wouldn’t even start telling them my problem until I had that information. They most certainly should identify themselves if asked. You should have seen trouble coming when they said, "Sure you can have the services for FREE…that’ll be $24 please."

File that complaint with the BBB and anywhere else possible & try to get your money back if possible and then if you’re not satisfied CANCEL YOUR SERVICE WITH ROGERS! There are plenty of alternatives out there (simply check that won’t double talk you and be grateful for your business. And when you call them…tell them sent you.

To: [email protected]

From: prada 1999

Date: Juune 2, 2003 7:33 PM


Hi there,

Read your post and know that you start this kewl site, I decide to share my un-very-fucking-pleasant experience with Rogers.

We had a couple computers we wanted to get connected to the internet. I was the network dummy at the time. So I called up the CSR at Rogers and I asked if they would help me in setting up my home network. As useless as they always are, the CSR told me to go to their website and there is a link to such problems. Off I went, I realized that I have to pay $10 extra for each additional computer to get connected. Okay, I ordered 3 extra ips. Then again I called to ask for the help how do I set up for other newly-ordered ips. The guy told me that they don't do that for the custormers and it's the customer responsibility to solve such problems. Fortunately a friend of mine heard my story and offered to help. I purchased a computer hardware called router as he suggested. He only spent like 15 minutes in my place and completed the installation and everything started working immediately. All my four computers in our family got connected to the internet. It was to this very moment that I realize I am a complete idiot who listens to Rogers and pay for those extra ips and get no help at all. That's a total rip off! They should not charge anything on people who have more than one computer because no other internet provider has ever done this before! Why the fuck would they do this! Hear me this, ROGERS ARE ALL BASTARDS!

My cable connection was slow and unstable. I always lost the connection around 4 a.m. and on for a couple hours. Yeah they might be doing the maintenance works but why the hell my current connection from another internet provider is never lost and on for 24/7!?! Rogers are not only bastards but they are also gay people. I did't have my cable service with them and so they charged me $10 extra for the internet service. But hell when I really had enough of their bullshit and I decided to cancel the service, the CSR I talked to instantly offered to give me a discount. Oh I see, it's all about their bullshit again then again and again. They decide anything they want, regardless of their suckass policies. I hate myself of not wanting to cancel any earlier. Fuck them straight in everywhere! Whatever I am now a happy user of another isp.

In conclusion, Rogers, I hope to see you down anyday soon. I will work my ass off to share my own experience as well as to promote the with anyone I know.  

Thank you for your time!

Regards, Comments

So many comments, so little time. First off this is not ".com". ROGERS actually owns the ".com" extension. Second, please don’t take this as in insult, but English is not your first language is it? Third, I can’t confirm or deny that "ROGERS are gay people". And even if they were…what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

Now about your problem, all I’m going to say is you did the right thing and cancelled your service with ROGERS because you were mistreated and not satisfied…very smart! That is precisely the point of this site. If you’re not happy, CANCEL your service and find someone else, and good for you for doing exactly that. I definitely agree with your assessment that, "ROGERS ARE ALL BASTARDS!", although I prefer the term "RAT BASTARDS".

Finally, yes this is a "kewl" site and no you can’t have a T-shirt…well maybe. If you win, I’ll notify you by e-mail.

To: [email protected]

From: Stan W.

Date: Juune 3, 2003 2:04 AM

Subject: web site — Good Show!

I'd like to congratulate you about your site.

It is not only a delight to read all of the "rants", but the site itself is impressive and visually striking.

(I spent two years as head of tech support at a Toronto ISP - I had to interact with (spit...) "web designers" whose best effort paled compared to your site. Should I ever put up a similar site I'd like to crib as much of your look and feel as possible, with full credit and apologies to you right up front! <grin>)

re: Video rentals

There are MANY MANY little mom and pop stores in Toronto that have less expensive rentals (though with far smaller inventory) but really wonderful customer service. They are best for people
who don't care about  "New, New, gotta have New!!!!" material and who know what they want.

There are also a number of specialty (read as "fringe") video rental stores in downtown Toronto. I regret that I don't have that info right at hand.

Keep up the good work.

(I suspect that any "utility" type of operation similar to Rogers could easily have associated with it a site similar to yours!)

Stan. Comments

Stan, I hope you don’t mind that I deleted your company and contact information…it’s just a running policy and nothing personal. I really appreciate all the great things you said about the site. It’s been a year like this and I have actually redesigned the ENTIRE site. Today is June 14, 2022 as I’m preparing this to be uploaded and the NEW SITE should be all completed and uploaded in a week or less. So you can have the current look…all of it with my compliments. Hell, I’ll even supply you with a template for it!

Your input on the new look would be greatly appreciated.

Concerning the VIDEO RENTAL section I am really working on that to get it finished for the very near future and you’re right about all the alternatives out there. And I can’t go without mentioning the web design people I work with are F’ING AWESOME! There are links for them in the links section or you can check out their portfolios from here (Nicole Kay Site Design) and (IBS) Both are very talented, confident, reliable and most importantly affordable professionals that don’t stop until you’re 100% satisfied. Their creative genius far exceeds the pages of this site.