To: [email protected]

From: Bill Melater

Date: June 24, 2003 12:59 AM

Subject: I just got ass raped by Rogers

Ok,  call me stupid, but I've been spending about $2,500 per year on Rogers for the last 3 years.  It used to be more, but I shit canned all of the premium cable channels that I used to subscribed to.

I have no choice but to use Rogers for my cable as I live in a condo and they can't get a satellite feed on the roof.  They won't let us install dishes on our balconies, so I'm screwed there.

I also subscribe to Rogers high-speed Internet service.  It took me so long to get it configured properly that I never wanted to change it (a story in itself... starting with cable monkey guy who couldn't find the feed to my condo unit for over a week... the good thing is that Rogers lost a ton of
money on the cable install and the Hi-Speed moron accidentally left a USB ethernet adapter.  I kept it because those fucks wasted so much of my time that I treated it as a small compensation package).

Anyways, back to the reaming.  Two and half years ago I bought a Blackberry from those idiots.  Unfortunately, at the time, Rogers was the only game in town.  Bell hadn't rolled out the service yet and I needed it for work.  BTW:  You cannot switch between Rogers and Bell with your existing unit.  You need to buy a new one!

So, besides the $500 it cost me for the unit, I've been an unlimited use subscriber with US Roaming for the last 30 months ($80/mth x 30 mths = $2,400 for those bastards).

Well 30 months later, the battery in the unit stops working.  I call Rogers to ask them what I can do. Guess what? When the battery dies in your Blackberry 957, you've got to replace the entire unit.  I say to myself, "what the fuck?  What kind of shit ass engineering is that?  Now I'll need a
new PIN and have to tell everyone I know that my PIN has changed.".  Anyways, the CSR offers me a refurb for $300 bucks.  I say "If a god damn 2.5 year old unit is shit, why should I lay down another $300 for a refurb from you pricks? No thanks."  I ask for a discount on a new unit and they
say "No sir, we can't do that."  I say, "I just spent close to $3,000 on you guys and you can't even give me break?".  The CSR says they can't do anything.

I hang up and call Bell Mobility and say I'm thinking of moving from Rogers to Bell.  They say that if I buy the Kyocera 7135 phone, they'll give me a $500 credit.  Woo hoo.  I pick up the phone... sweet.  Palm OS and 1x ready, so I subscribe to their packet service so that I can synchronize with my Yahoo mail account.   I then phone Rogers to cancel my service.  They say, I need to wait until the next billing cycle, which is a month away.  I think to myself I'm getting screwed for another months subscription for a unit that doesn't even work.  So I tell the CSR to move me to the lowest plan they have ($25) and then cancel my service.  Even though Rogers just ripped me off $25, I figured I just saved myself $55.   I'm not too happy about giving those bastards $25, but at least they didn't steal another $55.  Fucking cheats.

Anyways, my final bill comes in the mail today... $330!!!  I say, "What the fuck!  I just got ass raped."  I call Rogers and talk to the supervisor.  Apparently, even though I didn't actually receive any messages on my unit, there was 825KB of messages queued up at Rogers... which they never
delivered to my unit because the damn thing doesn't even work!.  Those scum bags charged me $330 for 825KB of messages that they never delivered!  That's less than 1MB.  Apparently, I was supposed to notify everybody in the world, including spammers, that they were not to email me or send me messages anymore.  What the fuck is that all about?  Those rat bastards probably spammed me as soon as I downgraded my service.

Needless to say, I laid into the supervisor and her manager about how I was getting ripped off and do they know how much I spend on Rogers every month and that my business was in jeopardy for a measly $330 bucks worth of service that they never delivered.   Well, they wore me down because
apparently they could only credit me half the amount or else they would get in trouble from the revenue department (aka rip off your customer department) and if I didn't like those terms then my invoice would be turned over to a collection agency and affect my credit rating.  What a bunch of
scum sucking bastards.

So what could I do?  Screw with my credit rating?  I ended up taking the half credit, then I bent over and took an extra $165 charge straight up the ass.  Thank you Rogers.

Let that be a lesson to all of you.  Do not subscribe to Rogers for Blackberry.   Try Bell Mobility instead.  They have both Blackberry and 1X packet service... figure out which is best for you.

As for me, I am now going to switch to DSL.  Do you hear that Rogers?  You've already lost my $80/mth Blackberry service with your shitty ass discount policy and you just lost my $44.95 per month... forever!  Do you see what ripping me off for $165 cost you?   As soon as I figure out a way
to reduce my cable bill I'll be losing that too.


Reamed Comments

Once again - penny wise, pound foolish and unbendable policies make this company impossible to deal with. No regard for someone who should be considered a long time valued customer. You were only a DOLLAR SIGN to them. They don’t seem to care if only 1 person cancels their services. But it’s not only 1. It’s 1+1+1+1+1+1+1 and so on and so on. But will they ever learn? No. Good for you and good use of expletives.

BTW, I had the same problem with a dish and a (townhouse) condo a few years ago. Only I said screw the condo board and put up the dish. I secured it between the spindles of my balcony railing so that even if by some miracle it unbolted and fell, it would drop about 18 inches on to my balcony to cover any safety issues. The dish was even the same colour as the brick and really all you could see was the word SONY because it blended right in to the background, so it certainly was not an eyesore. I spoke to my lawyer and he said that policy was established back when dishes were like 20 feet in diameter and has never been updated.

So I received a letter asking me to take it down and I said "NO!". They sent another letter, I said "NO!" again and pushed for this to be brought up at the next convening of the tenants association and blah, blah, blah by the time they got around to voting on the situation I sold my townhouse and was gone. But I put them off for about a year and lived happily — WITH MY DISH and WITHOUT ROGERS!

To: [email protected]

From: 8654

Date: June 26, 2003 1:30 PM

Subject: rogers with attitude

i just called rogers cable at 905-884-8111 where someone who said her name was nancy answered the phone. i was calling to speak to someone else and she promptly explained that she didn't like my tone of voice and i shouldn't speak to her "like that". thanx for the lessons in mannerisms nancy but believe me when i tell you the problem lies strictly with you. Comments

Nancy is actually someone I pay to be rude to ROGERS customers and piss them off so they cancel their service(s). Just kidding. I have to admit back when I had my big issue with ROGERS I spoke to some pretty rude people there as well, but I outruded them by 10 times. I’m not suggesting you do the same, that was just my natural reaction.

To: [email protected]

From: Glen W.

Date: July 3, 2003 10:03 AM

Subject: Help!?!


I come to you in desperation, seeking fresh ideas. Hear my plea, I beg of you.

Here's the short of it. Location. North Scarborough, below Markam. Stuck with Rogers "high speed". Used to be Shaw. Sold to Rogers before upgrades done. Rogers not doing upgrades because Bell High Speed dragging its heels on entering area. No Bell, no other high speed lines for your alternate services. Rogers oversold. High speed operating as low as 7k! Documented by Rogers support. Trying to get reduction in billing. No go without disconnect and creating "lite" account, which results in further bandwidth loss. Need dispensation from God (or someone in authority at Rogers). Any suggestions? My head is bruised and battered. (That brick wall is hard!)


Glen W. Comments

From what I’ve read of RANTS submitted to me the only way ROGERS really makes any effort whatsoever to rectify a problem is if you threaten them with canceling their services. Then they’ll do anything to keep you. I would suggest escalating your problem and don’t speak to the first two phone monkeys. They would be the customer service rep & the customer service rep’s supervisor. Don’t start explaining anything until you get the supervisor of the supervisor. Then stand up for yourself and demand to be compensated.

Now, if you want advice from someone who doesn’t have as much of a "hate on" for ROGERS (the way I do) pose your question at:

Residential Broadband Users


Or you could click here and get the contact info for an ex ROGERS customer service rep who might be able to help. And if it comes down to finding a dial up service, there are plenty of alternatives available right here at GOOD LUCK!!

[email protected] (But this isn’t HATE MAIL for me)

From: Lucette C.

Date: July 8, 2003 4:01 PM

Subject: Rogers hate mail

Here's my complaint: I "won" a cell phone from Rogers AT&T at a social. When I activated the phone and signed a contract, a $200 deposit was held. For the duration of my service, I usually paid my bills in advance, or kept my bill low. Six months after my contract expired, I had to quit my job because of pregnancy complications. Without the extra income, seeing as I had not worked enough to get maternity leave, or unemployment, and with Christmas quickly approaching, I decided to give my 30 day notice to get my service disconnected. When I called to do so, I was informed that I could not cancel my service as it had been suspended THAT VERY DAY, for non-payment, because I hadn't paid in four months. The bill was less than sixty dollars! I had prepaid quite a bit the last time I had paid, and figured that I would remain in good standing because of that! The operator
informed me that I had to pay each month, and that not only could I not cancel my service, but I also could not cancel features such as voice mail etc.! And that I could not use my deposit to pay them off and cancel my service. So I kept getting billed monthly, even though I was not getting any service and had requested a cancellation a long time after my contract had expired! This kept going on until Rogers decided that they could finally end the service! My bill ended up being over a hundred dollars, so over 240$ for non-service! This is ridiculous, as it should have been over when I requested the cancellation. Now I will not use anything that I know is owned by Rogers.

I'll take my business elsewhere from now on. And I'm telling, and will definitely continue to tell other people about my negative experience so they can avoid it in the future.

Here's what I'd like to see happen: If a customer whose contract has expired wants the service cancelled, it should be honored. I like the convenience of having a cell phone (although the service was often down), and may have done business with them again in the future. There was a deposit involved, which more than covered what I owed. I should have gotten most of it back!  Now my
credit is dinged, because I refuse to pay for non-service. If this is how they treat their customers, especially with so many message boards on the internet, they will lose customers and potential
customers. The way I see it, I should get the remaining portion of my deposit back, my credit rating fixed (it was almost PERFECT before this- I beleive the only thing on it was 2.46$ I owed my phone company for a few years when I did not have a phone in my name, and this was only because I didn't know I still owed them money.) Comments

Do you think ROGERS cares about someone’s situation if it means they can’t pay their bill? Do you think ROGERS cares about your credit history? Do you think ROGERS cares abut anything except ROGERS?

Well, I think you get the point. All you are is $$ to them. Get the money now and let’s not worry about the future. You don’t like our policies…too bad. You’re not going to come back to us…boo-hoo. In essence that is their sentiment. They can survive without your business.

That’s why this site exists. To illustrate that ROGERS doesn’t care. Who wants to support a company that doesn’t care about them? No one. In a year I have received more than 130 ‘RANTS’ from people who got their fill of ROGERS and (most) found alternatives just like you. That adds up. So do what Lucette did. If you’re not happy, find an alternative that will make you happy.

To: [email protected]

From: Calvin F.

Date: July 8, 2003 4:53 PM

Subject: (No Subject)

Hey-first of all your website is great! I actually wanted to know if you have any corporate numbers for AT&T wireless-I cannot find any. I am a current customer however not for long would like to make a few complaints before I cancel.
Thanks Comments


AT&T Wireless Customer Care - 1-800-888-7600

Consumer Sales - 1-888-290-4613

Business Sales - 1-877-882-5256


Cellular - 1-800-565-6009

Paging - 1-800-268-1087

Blackberry - 1-877-226-7243

Pay As You Go (or Go After You Pay…HA-HA) - 1-800-575-9090